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Like many of you, my phone has become a main source for taking photos in my day to day life. It has helped me to capture more of the little things each day - the things that I probably wouldn't grab my big camera for. It has also made me more aware of the little things in my life, each and every day, that combine to show the big picture of who we are. This week, I'm here to challenge you with 7 new daily photo prompts. I hope that you will play along and be inspired to capture some new things in your life!

#1: Capture a glimpse of your favorite space

I recently added my colored sewing threads above my apothecary hutch, next to some colored ribbons and it makes me so happy to look at each day as I sit and create in my scrapbook room. Capture a snippet of a place in your home that is making you happy right now.

#2: Are you a 'Foodie'? We all eat, so take a photo of it this week! We tried a new place for dinner last week and I had to capture our fried foods! :) Take a photo of your daily food routine or something new to you this week.

#3: Are you a Pinterest junkie? I am - completely! On your phone, ipad or whatever device you have, go to your profile and to your pins. Take a screenshot. It is inspiring and also will be fun to look back on at what you were 'pinning' at that time.

#4: Take a photo of your art or your kids artwork. My son Jaxon drew this on the chalkboard and I knew that it would be erased soon - capture those moments. What are you scrapbooking or working on? What did your kids draw today?

#5: As we were playing at the park last week at sunset, I captured this photo of my son and hubby playing. The perfect Silhouette shot. Try one for yourself! On a walk, in your backyard, wherever you may be. Or, simply capture the sunset one day this week.

#6: Capture your Child playing. Jaxon is always shy with his creativity during playtime when he knows that I am watching. So, today, I crept up behind him and captured a photo of him playing without him noticing. The room is a mess and it's blurry, but I still love that I captured the moment.

#7: What is your most recent purchase this week? Capture it! Whether it be a big item or apples at the store, take a photo of your latest purchase!

I hope that these ideas inspire you to get your camera out and take some fun photos this week! We hope that you will play along - tag us on twitter or instagram with #SCphotoprompts if you do!

Have fun!


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  2. bunnyTaiL
    bunnyTaiL says…

    Press the middle button and power button on the same time

    08/13/13 09:44AM
  3. nirupama01 (Reward subscriber)
    nirupama01 says…

    These are great ideas, thanks!

    08/13/13 01:59PM
  4. ChantalPhilippe
    ChantalPhilippe says…

    Love these ideas. Thanks!

    08/13/13 06:38PM
  5. esther123
    esther123 says…

    Love the moon in the silhouette shot!

    08/13/13 08:45PM
  6. Tinkerbeth (Reward subscriber)
    Tinkerbeth says…

    Love your ideas, Robin! BTW, my daughter saw your name on the screen as I was reading your post, and she just loves it! She made up this whole story about how you live in this cute house with a pretty garden and shutters, and you are the lady in the neighborhood that always has cookies baked for the kids, and that you are a very classy dresser! She made all of that up just to go with your fabulous name! Too funny, but I thought you'd like to know how much she loved your name!

    08/14/13 03:55PM
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