Happy Valentine's Day from SC

Valentine's Day is just around the corner - why not say "I love you" with these modern designs from Studio Calico? We're sharing these 3x4in and 4x6in printables and card templates as a gift to you. We've even put together some die cut files to make envelopes to match!

(Valentine's Day Printables)

(Valentine's Day Card Templates)

(Valentine Envelope Cut Files)

For those looking to DIY a card, tag or gift for the sweethearts in their lives, we have a new 1x6in stamp set and gold puffy heart stickers in the shop. If you're a subscriber, order today so they'll ship with your kit. Both of these designs will be perfect to share a little love no matter what time of year it is!

(Valentine's Mini Stamp)

(Puffy Stickers - Gold Hearts)


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  2. djroe (Reward subscriber)
    djroe says…

    These are perfect to use for my kids. Thanks!

    02/02/14 03:14AM
  3. DjC
    DjC says…

    Thank you!!!

    02/02/14 05:06AM
  4. Vegas Mom
    Vegas Mom says…

    Thanks so much. Perfect for my girls.

    02/02/14 02:21PM
  5. neetasduggal (Reward subscriber)
    neetasduggal says…

    thank u!!love this :)

    02/02/14 06:13PM
  6. carrie640
    carrie640 says…

    Oh my goodness! Thank you! Just a question..the envelopes....the studio files are showing there are no cut lines? V2 is prompting me to define the cut lines. I did import both actual studio files vs the others included.

    06/15/14 10:51AM
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