Technique | Letterpress & Watercolor with Anna-Maria Wolniak

Hi everybody! Did you notice the new Lindsay Letters Monogram Alphabet letterpress set? I had the pleasure to work with it, and I prepared an easy DIY tutorial so you can make your own handmade letterpress Birthday Calendar. This technique would also be beautiful for a set of notecards! Click here to download my step by step tutorial to recreate this project.

Supplies : Lindsay Letters Monogram Alpha Letterpress Set, Letterpress Bundle, Letterpress black ink, Peerless Watercolour Papers, Black Ink Pad, Precision Pen 03, exclusive SC grid stamp, 4x6 Thick Letterpress Paper Pack - set of 10


  1. iscrapmyworld
    iscrapmyworld says…

    I love the look you achieve with your watercolors!

    * edited at 02/10/14 03:23PM
    02/10/14 02:55PM
  2. Linda in Aus
    Linda in Aus says…

    Thanks Anna, i love this idea, i just have to wait for my plates to arrive.

    * edited at 02/10/14 03:23PM
    02/10/14 03:15PM
  3. neetasduggal (Reward subscriber)
    neetasduggal says…

    so lovely!!!

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    02/11/14 09:17AM
  4. NancyM (Reward subscriber)
    NancyM says…

    I tried this technique: I want to take an hour and just play with watercolors. I have trouble getting mine to flow across the paper.

    02/17/14 11:37PM
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