Right Now | Behind the Scenes at Studio Calico

Whenever I spend time at the Studio Calico offices, I'm always struck by just how much goes on in any day here. Keeping those kits coming every month takes a lot of work! Here's a peek into this week at SC :

April and I spent a lot of time checking colors and spreading product out on every surface in her office... it must be kit planning time.

Matthew (one of our graphic designers) adding a little note to self to Jenna's wall.

An outing to grab lunch and name papers for an upcoming collection. Christine drove and we got to sneak in an episode of Bubble Guppies on the way.

Shipping aftermath! As soon as one kit is out the door, it's time to start prepping for the next one.

It's been snowy all week here in Bowling Green - Jenna brought a little spring to the offices with new plants in everyone's planters.

Coming soon - a move to a bigger and better space! We took a quick tour to check on the progress in the new offices and warehouse.

An everyday reminder - beautifully lettered by Matthew Wilson.


We have a new sketch winner - CONGRATS!! You'll be getting an email from us with info about your prize. Thank you again to all who take part in our challenges and giveaways!

2.23 Sketch | michelle wedertz - today she is four


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  2. JoyceC
    JoyceC says…

    You could have taken the photo from above so we could have an early sneak peak!

    03/08/14 02:39PM
  3. neetasduggal (Reward subscriber)
    neetasduggal says…

    how fun. thanks for sharing!

    03/09/14 06:23PM
  4. Roberta (Reward subscriber)
    Roberta says…

    So fun to see this!
    Matt really has talent! You should get him to design some cards. I loved his note to self: be awesome!!

    03/10/14 12:32PM
  5. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    @roberta - matt does a lot of our PL cards and papers and other design work - he's definitely a talented guy!!!

    03/10/14 04:24PM
  6. peggy1958sue (Reward subscriber)
    peggy1958sue says…

    you all look like you have very FUN jobs!! I want to work at SC!!

    03/27/14 03:35AM
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