5 ways to keep busy & inspired while you wait for Bluegrass Farm

(photo source : 1 - @andreacollects | 2 - @sweetsteph612 for @studio_calico)

Our warehouse team is hard at work getting all of the Bluegrass Farm kits out the door and into your hands. Here are some ideas to help you pass the time until your Studio Calico box lands on your door step!

1) Resolve to use up your Office Hours kits. Why not try lifting a layout from the Creative Team gallery, or participating in our weekly challenge or Sunday Sketch?

2) Do a workspace clean up. A clean desk means you'll be able to open your box and start crafting right when your kits come! Check out our Organization & Storage Tips message board or Pinterest board for awesome ideas on making your workspace inviting and inspiring.

3) Print our your photos, jot down your card ideas, plan out your Project Life® spreads - and while you're at it, pin some color schemes for inspiration.

4) Bookmark your favorite Bluegrass Farm projects from the Creative Team gallery and go through our past tutorials to find a technique you'd like to try.

5) Check out the Bluegrass Farm printables, digital die cut files and stamp brushes - and take a little time to get them ready. Having the printable journal cards and accents printed and your favorite cut files cut (use white cardstock or grid paper and they'll match anything!) will save you time once your kit arrives.

What are your favorite "while you wait" rituals? We'd love to hear them!

(Once your kit comes, don't forget to Instagram it with #mySCkitishere like @andreacollects did - we love to hear that your kit has arrived!)


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  2. wendymorris
    wendymorris says…

    great ideas!!

    04/04/14 08:49PM
  3. remerck (Reward subscriber)
    remerck says…

    Thanks for this post!!!

    04/05/14 02:28AM
  4. pinksoup (Reward subscriber)
    pinksoup says…

    All great ideas. I especially like #4.

    04/05/14 11:54AM
  5. toribissell (Reward subscriber)
    toribissell says…

    I'm still waiting for mine (oh Canada) and I'm so sad... but these are all great tips, thanks.

    04/06/14 04:50AM
  6. lory (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    lory says…

    amazing ideas:)

    04/08/14 01:11AM
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