a look at the new SC offices

Our new offices are finally starting to feel like home. We moved just down the road into a big, enormous warehouse which feels a little too big right now. I used to just roll out of my little office to holler at Matt or April. Now, I have to get up and walk upstairs to see Matt or across the office to see April. But, knowing how cramped we were in our little space on Lover's Lane, it feels good to see the growth happen the way we've all felt it happen this past year as the company has grown.

We kept the same aesthetic of white with chalkboard walls from our other offices. Matt's wife, Sarah, spent a great deal of time settling us in and filling the empty spaces on walls or shelves with fun items she seems to find at the most random places.

Catherine is settling in to her new role with us - here she is popping into Christine's office to work out some logistics. It's so nice to see her smiling face around the office and talk shop with someone who loves this industry so much.

My office is covered with prints from artists we have worked with like Elise Blaha-Cripe, Lindsay Letters, Ashley Goldberg and Kal Barteski. I love looking at the incredibly talented individuals we've been able to work with in our past kits (and some in our future too).

We tried to incorporate many areas in the new office where we can gather and collaborate. The stand-up desks upstairs are a perfect example and often you'll find someone up there working just to take a break from their normal surroundings.

The work fridge somehow is already filled with food. At least some things feel the same from our old home.

Though some of the walls are still bare and there isn't that "lived in" feeling yet, the new office represents so many things to me, but mostly I feel excitement for all the things to come and memories we'll make here. I hope you enjoyed my little tour!


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  2. GinaPonce (Reward subscriber)
    GinaPonce says…

    looks awesome! :)

    05/16/14 11:26PM
  3. kathyb
    kathyb says…

    I wonder how many of us are wishing our 'office' looked like that? It looks wonderful. Thank you for the tour.

    * edited at 05/21/14 10:48PM
    05/17/14 02:52AM
  4. DinCA (Reward subscriber)
    DinCA says…

    So fun to see! It looks terrific!

    05/17/14 04:53AM
  5. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Love seeing this!

    05/17/14 11:13PM
  6. natalieelph (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    natalieelph says…

    How exciting! I'm sure it'll feel like home in no time!

    05/19/14 07:48PM
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