Important Announcement About Reveal

Subscribers should be receiving the following announcement about Presale today in an email, but we wanted to post here as well in case you missed it:

Due to an unfortunate incident with a bulldozer, our site is running slow. Everything is currently working on the site, but we anticipate with heavy traffic that experience will be compromised for some users. It is our mission to provide the best experience for all of our customers, and especially our subscribers at presale. We have decided in order to provide this experience, we will be delaying Subscriber Presale until tonight at 11pm Eastern, one hour before our regularly scheduled public reveal. The Live Chat for Presale will start at 10 pm EST.

The full reveal will be as scheduled at midnight eastern.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It is the only choice, however, when we consider any customer having a bad experience. We have been assured by our team and our data center that they are working as quickly as possible to get our site performance back to 100%


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  2. toribissell (Reward subscriber)
    toribissell says…

    Well I appreciate you trying to make sure we all have a great experience. Thanks.

    08/27/14 12:44PM
  3. Janeh
    Janeh says…

    Thanks for letting us know :)

    08/27/14 01:42PM
  4. Sparkliie
    Sparkliie says…

    I have to say...I really appreciate everything that everyone does at SC. It had to have been a difficult decision to postpone reveal, but as you said, it is the best thing to do. Thanks for being so awesome to us!

    08/27/14 05:35PM
  5. Lschreck
    Lschreck says…

    Will the new ink pads be available at reveal?

    08/27/14 07:10PM
  6. Sherusso
    Sherusso says…

    and I woke up at 1.45am for reveal, oh well, I will try at 1pm today. The fun of living in Melbourne, Australia, lol

    08/27/14 09:06PM
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