Mini Album Template Video | Shanna Noel

A digital template is the perfect way to start a super simple yet adorable mini album! In this video I take you step by step from Photoshop to assembling and pulling your mini album together! It is my hope that by the end of this video you will feel inspired to not only make your own accordion mini album but to take it to the next level by adding your own twist on it! I can't wait to see what you create!

Supplies : Sandlot Scrapbook Kit, Sandlot Project Life Kit, Yeah Yeah, Jet, Smalls, Repeat, Non Stick Snips, Sandlot Mini Book Template


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  2. Debbie Gibson (Reward subscriber)
    Debbie Gibson says…

    Such a fun mini. I loved the things that stuck out the top. Thank you for sharing.

    08/18/14 10:41AM
  3. purorchids (Reward subscriber)
    purorchids says…

    Will the template be available in the future again?

    09/04/14 12:34PM
  4. (Reward subscriber) says…

    I'm looking to buy the template, but can't find it anywhere!!! It's SO good, why is it not for sale?!

    11/29/14 08:52PM
  5. Northrigg (Reward subscriber)
    Northrigg says…

    Oh please please bring back the template?

    01/03/15 01:05AM
  6. jaklena
    jaklena says…

    great idea! I should do the same:)

    03/12/15 01:59AM
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