kennon (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi everyone, the CTO of Studio Calico here. As you might have heard, a few days...
by kennon at 04/10/14 02:39PM, latest reply: 10/06/15 01:55PM by Chicca75
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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
In order to ensure a swift delivery of your Studio Calico orders, we are now requi...
by AmandaM at 11/22/13 10:15AM, latest reply: 01/12/14 06:04PM by alicea123
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AprilFoster (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
This is a placeholder. Don't mind me :)
by April Foster at 05/10/13 10:09PM, latest reply: 06/27/13 10:15AM by LindseyM
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SaraV (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Yes, another thread from me!!! I'm a bad shopping influence ;) Or maybe an enabler...
by SaraV at 05/22/15 03:51PM, latest reply: 05/23/15 11:49AM by ginny
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SaraV (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Oh man. It's that time again! Sneak Night is tonight, so join us to get a Sneak Pe...
by SaraV at 05/13/15 01:10PM, latest reply: 05/14/15 07:58AM by Joelaw
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SaraV (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy Monday everyone! Just wanted to let you know the winners have been posted on...
by SaraV at 05/11/15 11:37AM, latest reply: 05/12/15 01:37AM by MaySuzuki
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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
... Is starting today!!!! In just about an hour or two, to be exact. Hope you all ...
by AmandaM at 05/04/15 09:29AM, latest reply: 05/06/15 07:06PM by juliee
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