ChristineJ (Studio Calico Staff Member)
September SB Kit – Poet Society - $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1 - Dickinson- $27.99 ...
by ChristineJ at 08/14/14 09:05AM, latest reply: 08/31/14 12:03PM by ShellyJ
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kennon (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi everyone, the CTO of Studio Calico here. As you might have heard, a few days...
by kennon at 04/10/14 01:39PM, latest reply: 04/11/14 11:53AM by Monica B
32 comments 1319 views
AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
In order to ensure a swift delivery of your Studio Calico orders, we are now requi...
by AmandaM at 11/22/13 09:15AM, latest reply: 01/12/14 05:04PM by alicea123
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April Foster (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
This is a placeholder. Don't mind me :)
by April Foster at 05/10/13 09:09PM, latest reply: 06/27/13 09:15AM by LindseyM
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Subscribers should be receiving the following announcement about Presale today in ...
by KelsiA at 08/27/14 10:03AM, latest reply: 08/29/14 07:57AM by icequeen
122 comments 3558 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Good morning, and happy Reveal day! Some of you may have had a little trouble w...
by KelsiA at 08/27/14 09:15AM, latest reply: 08/27/14 01:51PM by rachelkrutsch
12 comments 484 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Say hello to the newest addition to our Customer Experience team: Sara! @SaraV ...
by KelsiA at 08/14/14 10:49AM, latest reply: 08/22/14 07:54AM by AmandaM
61 comments 235 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy August, everyone! I can't believe that it's almost time to say farewell to s...
by KelsiA at 08/04/14 10:50AM, latest reply: 08/06/14 07:50AM by jess8869
19 comments 552 views
ChristineJ (Studio Calico Staff Member)
July SB Kit – Sandlot - $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1 - Hercules- $26.99 SB Add-on 2...
by ChristineJ at 07/14/14 09:58AM, latest reply: 07/20/14 08:09PM by nyanko
26 comments 1188 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Good morning and happy July! July shipping began bright and early this morning, an...
by KelsiA at 07/01/14 09:03AM, latest reply: 07/03/14 11:05AM by Elissap
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ChristineJ (Studio Calico Staff Member)
I want to apologize for the LONG WAIT you had to endure to see these prices. I to...
by ChristineJ at 06/24/14 09:49AM, latest reply: 06/26/14 09:50PM by coastiewife07
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ChristineJ (Studio Calico Staff Member)
June SB Kit –Hello, Hello $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1-Hola - $29.49 SB Add-on 2 –...
by ChristineJ at 05/15/14 09:03PM, latest reply: 06/23/14 12:48PM by TerrieAllison
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hello, Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that shipping has officia...
by KelsiA at 06/04/14 08:42AM, latest reply: 06/10/14 02:31PM by julimaniago
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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Can you believe it is already May?? I'm a little late at starting this thread, but...
by AmandaM at 05/01/14 04:06PM, latest reply: 05/07/14 07:49AM by myealexis
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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Don't forget to check out your dashboards 10-15 minutes before pre-sale begins! Yo...
by AmandaM at 07/26/13 09:51AM, latest reply: 05/02/14 06:41AM by mugsie
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