kennon (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi everyone, the CTO of Studio Calico here. As you might have heard, a few days...
by kennon at 04/10/14 01:39PM, latest reply: 04/11/14 11:53AM by Monica B
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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
In order to ensure a swift delivery of your Studio Calico orders, we are now requi...
by AmandaM at 11/22/13 09:15AM, latest reply: 01/12/14 05:04PM by alicea123
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April Foster (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
This is a placeholder. Don't mind me :)
by April Foster at 05/10/13 09:09PM, latest reply: 06/27/13 09:15AM by LindseyM
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stephm (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi All! Below are the kit prices for December's kit: Park Ave. Thanks! Sept...
by stephm at 11/20/14 10:26AM, latest reply: 11/24/14 10:54PM by NancyM
43 comments 831 views
SaraV (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hello all! Did you see our Instagram or blog this morning? We're giving away som...
by SaraV at 11/20/14 01:37PM, latest reply: 11/23/14 08:00PM by SaraV
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stephm (Studio Calico Staff Member)
September SB Kit – Walden- $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1 - Concord- $42.99 SB Add-on...
by stephm at 10/20/14 08:18AM, latest reply: 10/23/14 02:43PM by stephm
12 comments 816 views
SaraV (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hello everyone! Have you checked out our blog yet today - http://www.studiocalico....
by SaraV at 10/13/14 11:26AM, latest reply: 10/14/14 02:47PM by SaraV
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samanthas (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hi! We announced this new promotion today and I wanted to post for those of you wh...
by samanthas at 10/03/14 09:17AM, latest reply: 10/11/14 02:00AM by natashacrookey
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Happy October, everyone! October shipping began bright and early this morning, ...
by KelsiA at 10/01/14 08:58AM, latest reply: 10/04/14 01:37AM by Leanne1965
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stephm (Studio Calico Staff Member)
September SB Kit – The Underground- $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1 - Piccadilly- $26.9...
by stephm at 09/18/14 08:56AM, latest reply: 09/19/14 12:55PM by Christy Harris
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
September shipping is officially underway! Our shipping team began packing orders ...
by KelsiA at 09/03/14 08:35AM, latest reply: 09/09/14 05:14PM by labecher
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ChristineJ (Studio Calico Staff Member)
September SB Kit – Poet Society - $34.50/$29.50 SB Add-on 1 - Dickinson- $27.99 ...
by ChristineJ at 08/14/14 09:05AM, latest reply: 08/31/14 12:03PM by ShellyJ
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Subscribers should be receiving the following announcement about Presale today in ...
by KelsiA at 08/27/14 10:03AM, latest reply: 08/29/14 07:57AM by icequeen
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Good morning, and happy Reveal day! Some of you may have had a little trouble w...
by KelsiA at 08/27/14 09:15AM, latest reply: 08/27/14 01:51PM by rachelkrutsch
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