NicoleH says…

Becky Higgins + Studio Calico: Join the Waiting List for our Project Life Kits!

You can catch all of the info here in the SC Blog post announcement:

We're SUPER excited to partner with Becky on this new venture!!



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  1. NicoleH
    NicoleH says…
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    You can catch all of the info here in the SC Blog post announcement:

    We're SUPER excited to partner with Becky on this new venture!!

    ***Nik here...editing with answers to your questions as we go :) ***
    -Yes there is a 6 month commitment, just like the scrap/card kits. A cancellation fee of $15 will apply if you choose to end your subscription prior to that 6 months.
    -First Kit will be a January kit
    -The PL Kit will coordinate with both the Scrap Kit and the Card Kit. Manufacturers are eager to collaborate with us in the same way they do now for our other kits.
    -The Journal Cards that come in your PL Kit each month will coordinate with the papers in the other 2 kits.
    -There will be an exclusive stamp set each MONTH!
    -yes, we plan on stocking PL albums and page protectors :)
    -the price is $19.95/month for subbers, $24.95 for non-subbers
    -Shipping cost will definitely be less, however we are waiting on specifics so that we can quote you a price. It will defiitely be competitive though ;)
    -journal cards will be 3x4 and 4x6, with rounded edges.
    -there will be at least 30-31 DOUBLE-SIDED cards per month
    -Sneak Images of the first kit will be on Dec. 14 @midnight EST
    -there will be NO OVERLAP of embellishments between kits.
    -the journal cards will be professionally printed...they are not digital/print-at-home variety
    -We aren't able to 'switch' a card sub for a PL sub due to quantities that have already been ordered. If you would like to cancel your Card Kit sub prior to the 6-month commitment, you will incur a cancellation fee.
    -we are sourcing stamp designs from many in the industry to add variety to all of our kits
    -Pre-order is likely to sell out quickly. We may be able to increase our numbers due to demand, but the best way to insure you receive the January kit is to join the Wait List/pre-order.
    -If you already subscribe to the Scrap Kit, the PL Kit will ship to you at no extra cost, just as add-ons do now.
    -embellishments will vary from month to month, including alphabet stickers (not Thickers)
    -we aren't planning (as of now) to have additional digi offerings specifically for PL...although the monthly ones we offer will work nicely for any of our kits
    -the only place to purchase the PL kit contents will be via the PL kit.
    -the PL kit stamp sets will be similar in size to the sets offered in add-ons...which is reflected in the cost of the PL kit.
    -journal cards each month will be non-themed, to accommodate all PL members
    -once you subscribe, you are guaranteed a PL Kit each need to do anything as it is reserved for you
    -there is no patterned paper/cardstock included, only journal cards
    -Studio Calico kits are not interchangeable. You are welcome to cancel a current subscription and start a new one to a different kit, however cancellation fees will apply if you have not fulfilled the 6 month commitment. Also, current Rewards status is non-transferable from one type of kit to another.

  2. danielle1975
    danielle1975 says…


  3. BethAnn64
    BethAnn64 says…

    Quick question - is this a minimum 6 month comit with the usual fee if cancelling early? Is the first kit considered a December 2012 kit - shipping in first week of January with the December scrapbook kit?
    Oops guess that's 2 questions.....

  4. CristinaC (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    CristinaC says…

    So excited about this!! :)

  5. MariClaudi
    MariClaudi says…

    I joined! Yipee! So excited!
    BH has been very busy.

  6. carylhope (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    carylhope says…

    Hi Nicole. How much is the kit if we don't subscribe? Or is it exclusive for subscriptions only?

  7. azelizabeth
    azelizabeth says…

    I am so excited for this!

  8. carylhope (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    carylhope says…

    Also will SC sell the albums and different sizes of page protectors in the shop?

  9. blurcrazyuk (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    blurcrazyuk says…

    I want to know too Beth Ann. I think my card kit will be canceled since I joined this one. so excited!

  10. mollymoo951 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    mollymoo951 says…

    eeek! I signed up. LOL.

  11. blessedqueen
    blessedqueen says…

    What will the shipping cost it reduced? Also, what will be standard for the kit (ex. Number of cards, stamp, paper?)

  12. KarenSImes
    KarenSImes says…


  13. PunkyBear8210 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    PunkyBear8210 says…

    I am so very excited for this!!! I have been waiting to join the list all morning. :)

  14. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    great questions beth ann as i too was wondering these same things! can't really make up my mind till i know :-)

  15. Jackie40
    Jackie40 says…

    Yeah !!!

  16. camile (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    camile says…

    Hope SC can sell the page protectors from Becky Higgin's Project Life!!!

  17. klrmullins
    klrmullins says…

    Love this one!! Signed up right away! LOVE that Becky is involved! Great price point!

  18. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    hey guys - we are compiling your questions and will run them past SC HQ staff to make sure we're getting you 100% accurate answers. hang in there!!

    ps : we're glad you're as excited as we are!

  19. BethAnn64
    BethAnn64 says…

    Thanks Lisa - I have the waitlist window open!

  20. ptidofin
    ptidofin says…

    so cool!

  21. agomalley
    agomalley says…

    The ad says it will coordinate. Does that mean it will be overlapping like the card kit is? Or truly just coordinating?

  22. mollymoo951 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    mollymoo951 says…

    Thanks Lisa!

  23. marias (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    marias says…

    Just to make sure - I clicked on the link in the email. It ONLY adds a subscription if you click the little box at the bottom, right? I do not want to add a subscription at this time.

  24. elaine_scotland
    elaine_scotland says…

    Sounds fab. I've signed up!

  25. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    Maria - right, you can look at the preorder page without committing!

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