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Carson (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I was just making another card with my Pop Art supplies and I applied a scratch of...
by Carson at 08/02/15 10:35PM, latest reply: 08/03/15 12:10AM by Carson
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flashysoupcan (Reward subscriber)
Looking through my stamps today and realized I don't have a cute "Congratulations ...
by flashysoupcan at 07/30/15 04:18PM, latest reply: 07/30/15 09:24PM by CristinaC
2 comments 110 views
I don't mean to complain, but was anyone else disappointed with this kit? I though...
by Rfairy713 at 07/27/15 07:13AM, latest reply: 07/30/15 06:44AM by MonicaBella525
24 comments 609 views
1. Do you re-ink or do you just buy a new ink pad? 1a. How ink from those little ...
by WhamBamPam at 07/23/15 09:52PM, latest reply: 07/30/15 12:24AM by Karilynn
12 comments 180 views
stahija (Reward subscriber)
Just curious how everyone is feeling about the long skinny (it was referred to in ...
by stahija at 07/01/15 11:35AM, latest reply: 07/22/15 04:17PM by Briana
20 comments 256 views
Carson (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I can't believe I finally did it! I would love some honest feedback if anyone is ...
by Carson at 07/09/15 02:15PM, latest reply: 07/12/15 02:49PM by Carson
17 comments 176 views
michell (Reward subscriber)
does anyone know which set/month the cute bunny and kitty, Let's Party stamps was ...
by michell at 07/07/15 01:25PM, latest reply: 07/07/15 01:37PM by michell
2 comments 108 views
CharissaMitchell (Reward subscriber)
I always see such beautiful handmade cards, but never pictures of the inside. So, ...
by CharissaMitchell at 05/07/15 01:49PM, latest reply: 07/02/15 04:52PM by zineth
10 comments 193 views
I am considering making cards and trying to sell them. I am currently a SAHM and s...
by mrscourtney555 at 06/26/15 09:15AM, latest reply: 07/02/15 04:45PM by zineth
11 comments 148 views
So I have my farm animals all stamped out with the outline and perfectly filled in...
by Leah at 06/07/15 06:49PM, latest reply: 06/10/15 01:50PM by Christine_Kelly
22 comments 362 views

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