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I'm sure this is a super long shot, but if anyone has an extra stamp set from the ...
by Sparkliie at 04/23/15 07:12PM, latest reply: 04/25/15 04:13PM by josmary
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Klemont (Reward subscriber)
I have seen quite a few projects that people have what looks like a stitched line ...
by Klemont at 04/12/15 08:41PM, latest reply: 04/22/15 08:02AM by Dani
17 comments 278 views
Megan Liane
I really need to make some more masculine cards - mainly birthday, thank you and t...
by Megan Liane at 04/19/15 08:33PM, latest reply: 04/21/15 06:25AM by toribissell
10 comments 94 views
sideoats (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hey hey! Hope you all are having a great weekend and had a little time to make som...
by sideoats at 03/08/15 11:24AM, latest reply: 03/31/15 04:01PM by pixnglue
30 comments 387 views
LauraEvangeline (Reward subscriber)
Did you see all the envelopes in the sneak? Lots of colors & shapes. Love that! ...
by LauraEvangeline at 03/15/15 02:15AM, latest reply: 03/21/15 06:58AM by LauraEvangeline
21 comments 253 views
How long does it take you to make one card, or how many cards can you make per h...
by kathyb at 02/14/15 12:33PM, latest reply: 03/08/15 04:14PM by sideoats
10 comments 145 views
I hope it's not a stupid question. In Odyssey card kit, there is a sentiment stamp...
by art944 at 03/01/15 01:30PM, latest reply: 03/03/15 07:00PM by jiffy99
31 comments 482 views
sideoats (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
You guys! Did you see that there are 2 envelopes included in the Odyssey main card...
by sideoats at 03/03/15 06:16PM, latest reply: 03/03/15 06:48PM by Lisa H
9 comments 149 views
Anyone want to do a card exchange? Mail to be person above you. Let's say mail wit...
by asasko at 02/02/15 04:32AM, latest reply: 03/03/15 10:23AM by Carolly
27 comments 203 views

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