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pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I made a fun project with the jar stamps from Poet Society to make it look like it...
by pixnglue at 09/14/14 05:49PM, latest reply: 09/16/14 06:12PM by asasko
6 comments 149 views
juliee (Reward subscriber)
Just wanted to make sure you knew that there was a secret santa sign up here ht...
by juliee at 09/14/14 09:39AM, latest reply: 09/14/14 12:52PM by dptuffy
3 comments 60 views
charimoss (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hello fellow card creators! I was just curious how people liked the add-ons last m...
by charimoss at 09/13/14 01:45PM, latest reply: 09/14/14 11:32AM by emym
18 comments 281 views
Have you seen any fun Christmas paper designs this year? I love non-traditional co...
by KatInBooks at 09/11/14 09:38PM, latest reply: 09/14/14 07:15AM by KatInBooks
15 comments 172 views
Am I the only person struggling to use that clear vellum alpha from this months ca...
by Klemont at 09/10/14 01:02PM, latest reply: 09/11/14 10:16AM by toribissell
6 comments 143 views
pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Just realized that the card kit launched in September two years ago and I subbed f...
by pixnglue at 09/07/14 07:47PM, latest reply: 09/09/14 08:11PM by Leah
7 comments 203 views
pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I unplugged for a few days and just came back to browse the gallery for a bit. Woa...
by pixnglue at 09/07/14 06:11PM, latest reply: 09/09/14 07:18AM by scrapally
12 comments 86 views
BranchOutDesigns (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
When making cards what pet peeves do you come across, and how do you fix them? ...
by BranchOutDesigns at 08/14/14 05:07PM, latest reply: 09/03/14 06:22AM by scrapally
24 comments 190 views
charimoss (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hello! I have a tutorial on my blog showing how I made the quilt square card simil...
by charimoss at 08/30/14 07:06AM, latest reply: 08/30/14 11:13PM by supertoni
1 comment 44 views

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