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Uhm... Yeah! I just opened my card kit that arrived on Friday and I see that the p...
by LauraEvangeline at 07/13/14 11:12AM, latest reply: 07/26/14 05:32AM by Max.O
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I hope it is ok to post this here. A local little boy named Danny Nickerson, h...
by christi at 07/18/14 01:36PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 02:58PM by christi
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Lynsey (Reward subscriber)
I had a friend ask me to make a dozen cards for her, and I said I would include ma...
by Lynsey at 07/17/14 02:11PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 08:01AM by Dani
5 comments 90 views
JennPicard (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Do you have a particular style of cards that you gravitate towards when making car...
by JennPicard at 06/22/14 07:17PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 07:58AM by Dani
11 comments 107 views
I really wish there was a purple color theory ink. I'd buy that in a heartbeat! It...
by Sparkliie at 06/17/14 05:23PM, latest reply: 07/14/14 02:03AM by bejazzled
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