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cbsplace (Reward subscriber)
Have you made any Easter cards yet this year? I am trying to get me...
by cbsplace at 04/15/14 08:47PM, latest reply: 04/18/14 12:16AM by zgagi
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KateKennedy (Reward subscriber)
Just wanted to share a technique video used to create this card! https://www.youtu...
by KateKennedy at 04/16/14 12:50PM, latest reply: 04/16/14 08:59PM by tori.bissell
2 comments 55 views
I'm selling cards at my first craft show May 3. Any tips or tricks from people who...
by KatInBooks at 04/13/14 03:38PM, latest reply: 04/16/14 06:55PM by KatInBooks
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tori.bissell (Reward subscriber)
I love making cards but I think I struggle the most with making cards for kids. I...
by tori.bissell at 04/07/14 05:29AM, latest reply: 04/15/14 01:54PM by tori.bissell
30 comments 101 views
charimoss (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I personally love, love, love to color! My go to medium is copic markers. I have ...
by charimoss at 04/07/14 06:52PM, latest reply: 04/09/14 04:34PM by @my
24 comments 112 views

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