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talktoheather (Reward subscriber)
I've officially made my first card in my let's-make-and-send-cards-to-everyone-i...
by talktoheather at 12/12/14 08:34PM, latest reply: 12/21/14 10:54AM by CeliseMcL
14 comments 157 views
I have only made a couple of these, but I have a problem: the sequins etc always g...
by bejazzled at 11/30/14 09:46AM, latest reply: 12/13/14 07:40PM by Tinkerbeth
10 comments 164 views
Adorable! Who can resist the little bear in Waldorf? He's WAVING hello! :) I ...
by MichelleZ at 11/27/14 06:33PM, latest reply: 12/12/14 07:04PM by artgirlbev
10 comments 240 views
charimoss (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Just wanted to say a quick little good bye to the card chatters. It's been a good...
by charimoss at 11/30/14 01:37PM, latest reply: 12/11/14 07:50PM by charimoss
35 comments 402 views
Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knew of any charities or foundations who coll...
by Klemont at 12/01/14 03:41PM, latest reply: 12/02/14 11:57AM by zippy
3 comments 29 views
pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
… think of that? Well, that's exactly what I felt when I saw this pin from the Mar...
by pixnglue at 11/21/14 07:19PM, latest reply: 11/22/14 10:46PM by Emilytwalker
4 comments 276 views
pinksoup (Reward subscriber)
I am a fairly new card subber. 2 kits so far. I was surprised to find no envelope...
by pinksoup at 11/15/14 12:20AM, latest reply: 11/16/14 09:05PM by carissawiley
17 comments 198 views
I don't know if anyone can answer this... Was there an earlier email about the Hol...
by maryb at 11/09/14 10:06AM, latest reply: 11/13/14 06:21PM by charimoss
3 comments 77 views

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