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penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
What the heck do you do with this card? Would a single girl send it on Valentin...
by penny at 01/13/16 05:32PM, latest reply: 02/06/16 10:53AM by cdon2k
20 comments 558 views
I have quite a few guys that I send cards to and am always looking for some inspir...
by craftychicgirl at 01/18/16 08:47AM, latest reply: 01/23/16 12:56PM by pixnglue
17 comments 106 views
jnly (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
What do you recommend to glue pieces of cardstock paper together and making sure i...
by jnly at 10/08/15 12:31AM, latest reply: 10/10/15 01:59AM by 1craftychkn
15 comments 133 views
flashysoupcan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Thank you SC Team for hosting WCMD challenges. It's rare I get an entire day for c...
by flashysoupcan at 10/04/15 12:01AM, latest reply: 10/05/15 11:13PM by ribosome13
7 comments 65 views
bonitarose (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
tell me what you love about it.. thinking of subbing for this one. tks girls...
by bonitarose at 09/17/15 04:08PM, latest reply: 10/01/15 07:41PM by carissawiley
3 comments 149 views
Does anyone know if there is anything planned this year? Last years challenges wer...
by marysiad at 09/27/15 02:14AM, latest reply: 09/28/15 07:35PM by ATXmom
44 comments 493 views
penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
So yesterday was my anniversary, and I made this card for my husband with scratch-...
by penny at 08/21/15 01:08PM, latest reply: 09/14/15 12:13PM by Leashah
25 comments 329 views

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