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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
Guidelines for LOAW participants (at the request of several forum members): The LO...
by NancyM at 05/15/14 02:07PM, latest reply: 02/02/15 07:28PM by penny
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juliee (Reward subscriber)
I have a challenge (with a prize) on my blog today - I want to see what you see ev...
by juliee at 07/18/15 08:28AM, latest reply: 07/28/15 06:52PM by juliee
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MichelleWedertz (Reward subscriber)
Sorry I am late on this of the symptoms of summer vacation is that I o...
by MichelleWedertz at 07/22/15 10:36AM, latest reply: 07/28/15 03:24PM by penny
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MichelleWedertz (Reward subscriber)
For this week I want to go SEASONAL. I want you to document something that you lov...
by MichelleWedertz at 07/06/15 12:12PM, latest reply: 07/24/15 12:48PM by katiecops
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MichelleWedertz (Reward subscriber)
This week is a pretty big one in terms of celebrations with big events happening s...
by MichelleWedertz at 07/02/15 10:55AM, latest reply: 07/23/15 09:32AM by CeliseMcL
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Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Helooo Riddlers (yes I made up my own word)! Unfortunately due to being busier tha...
by Kadian at 07/02/15 12:02PM, latest reply: 07/02/15 02:29PM by Brinkleyboy
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
When searching for an image for LOAW4, the birthday challenge, I came across this ...
by NancyM at 06/25/15 02:46AM, latest reply: 07/02/15 10:06AM by penny
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
The second LOAW challenge for June is to use a pattern of some sort on your projec...
by NancyM at 06/11/15 02:24PM, latest reply: 06/29/15 10:09PM by amyscalze
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
For the third LOAW challenge use something with the word 'fly' in your project. I'...
by NancyM at 06/17/15 01:14PM, latest reply: 06/28/15 10:36AM by CristinaC
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
The fourth LOAW challenge for June is not very original, but still fun I hope. My ...
by NancyM at 06/25/15 02:25AM, latest reply: 06/26/15 01:00PM by penny
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Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
This is not scrapbook related, but it was too funny to pass up! Welp! It's almo...
by Kadian at 06/25/15 11:55AM, latest reply: 06/25/15 02:08PM by Kadian
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
As I am typing up this first challenge, it is a cold, rainy and dreary day outside...
by NancyM at 06/02/15 03:15PM, latest reply: 06/21/15 12:55PM by juliee
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Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Soooo very sorry for the delay in Riddles all! But yes, they are still on and the ...
by Kadian at 06/11/15 12:20PM, latest reply: 06/12/15 06:32AM by Kaybree
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