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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
Guidelines for LOAW participants (at the request of several forum members): The LO...
by NancyM at 05/15/14 11:07AM, latest reply: 05/23/14 01:47PM by JoyceC
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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
@amyscalze is our LOAW challenge winner for September! Congratulations!! I'll be c...
by KelsiA at 10/20/14 11:24AM, latest reply: 10/21/14 07:00AM by amyscalze
4 comments 32 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
High five to everyone who participated in the World Card Making Day challenges! Th...
by KelsiA at 10/10/14 02:55PM, latest reply: 10/20/14 03:23PM by Cris_G
30 comments 204 views
lory (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hey Hey Hey! How are you? Are you ready for the second challenge? So ready - set...
by lory at 10/04/14 07:02AM, latest reply: 10/16/14 10:43AM by AliEdwards
123 comments 854 views
pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hello everyone, how's your WCMD going so far? For my challenge, I thought it would...
by pixnglue at 10/04/14 12:06PM, latest reply: 10/14/14 12:38PM by pixnglue
68 comments 775 views
Babz510 (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Good Morning ladies! I hope you are ready for challenge 3, my challenge to you is ...
by Babz510 at 10/04/14 08:04AM, latest reply: 10/12/14 05:04PM by Cris_G
100 comments 578 views
ShannaNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hiya all!!! Thank you so much for joining me for this challenge today! I hope you ...
by ShannaNoel at 10/04/14 09:59AM, latest reply: 10/11/14 02:57PM by natalieelph
86 comments 577 views
JennPicard (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hi everyone hope you are all finding the time to get crafty today:) For my chal...
by JennPicard at 10/04/14 09:10AM, latest reply: 10/11/14 02:39PM by lindsalita
142 comments 726 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
To kick off our celebration of World Card Making Day and inspire you for tomorrow’...
by KelsiA at 10/03/14 10:00AM, latest reply: 10/11/14 02:31PM by lindsalita
170 comments 1587 views
KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Saturday, October 4th is World Card Making Day, and we want to celebrate with all ...
by KelsiA at 10/03/14 09:04AM, latest reply: 10/09/14 07:26PM by art944
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