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caitlingwell (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Congrats to @terriblygreat! Look for a personal message from me with the promo cod...
by caitlingwell at 11/03/15 10:51AM, latest reply: 11/04/15 11:43AM by shirlc
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caitlingwell (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Hi, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking over the duties ...
by caitlingwell at 10/13/15 10:00AM, latest reply: 10/27/15 10:48AM by CeliseMcL
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SarahKH (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Growing up my mom and I always participated in local monthly craft challenges. I w...
by SarahKH at 10/02/15 05:34PM, latest reply: 10/26/15 08:09PM by kathleen
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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
Guidelines for LOAW participants (at the request of several forum members): The LO...
by NancyM at 05/15/14 02:07PM, latest reply: 02/02/15 07:28PM by penny
7 comments 586 views
Make a project with a patterned paper background. No cheating and adding cardstock...
by Rockermorsan at 11/03/15 03:54PM, latest reply: 11/27/15 02:35PM by pinksoup
35 comments 246 views
Find a project from someone who used to be on the CT here at Studio Calico, but no...
by Rockermorsan at 11/03/15 03:28PM, latest reply: 11/26/15 09:56AM by tpgirl
21 comments 273 views
Pull out your punches! With so many awesome diecutting devices around I'm sure man...
by Rockermorsan at 11/03/15 03:33PM, latest reply: 11/25/15 10:26AM by pinksoup
8 comments 132 views
I love to use Pinterest for inspiration when my mojo is low. Pick a pin and draw i...
by Rockermorsan at 11/03/15 03:21PM, latest reply: 11/21/15 07:07PM by Teresakay
12 comments 153 views
Please join me in a new challenge I'm starting this Saturday on my blog and Instag...
by mem186 at 08/10/15 06:23AM, latest reply: 11/21/15 04:19PM by mem186
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CeliseMcL (Reward subscriber)
NEVERMORE In honor of Halloween, Incorporate a raven, black cat, witch,...
by CeliseMcL at 10/15/15 12:45PM, latest reply: 11/02/15 03:05PM by penny
18 comments 139 views
penny (Reward subscriber)
I just started a challenge today for myself, which was to make as many layouts as ...
by penny at 09/16/15 03:57PM, latest reply: 11/01/15 08:58PM by jenniferd
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CeliseMcL (Reward subscriber)
make the perfect witches brew. Eye of newt Wing of bat And don't forget t...
by CeliseMcL at 10/23/15 08:50AM, latest reply: 10/31/15 12:06PM by tpgirl
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CeliseMcL (Reward subscriber)
I cannot believe it is already October. Almost a year has passed since I signed ...
by CeliseMcL at 10/02/15 03:06AM, latest reply: 10/29/15 11:43AM by Brinkleyboy
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CeliseMcL (Reward subscriber)
Lift a Walden My favorite kit from a year ago was Walden. The kits were immersed...
by CeliseMcL at 10/08/15 07:01AM, latest reply: 10/27/15 04:01PM by CeliseMcL
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penny (Reward subscriber)
Or just my sketches? I usually check out the Sunday sketches early on Sunday, t...
by penny at 10/25/15 10:01AM, latest reply: 10/26/15 09:30AM by dawnnikol
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juliee (Reward subscriber)
There is lots of talk about challenges in the thread about inspiration in the comm...
by juliee at 09/19/15 08:42PM, latest reply: 10/16/15 05:55AM by MandieLou
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