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NancyM (Reward subscriber)
Guidelines for LOAW participants (at the request of several forum members): The LO...
by NancyM at 05/15/14 01:07PM, latest reply: 05/23/14 03:47PM by JoyceC
5 comments 216 views
Hi - I am up with the challenges this month. I have decided to base all the challe...
by allieH at 08/01/14 01:59AM, latest reply: 08/31/14 04:10PM by CristinaC
12 comments 163 views
I loved this layout by Ashley so the second challenge is to use triangles in your ...
by allieH at 08/01/14 02:04AM, latest reply: 08/30/14 05:02PM by rkokes
7 comments 133 views
I love grid designs. This layout by Rockermorsan is fantastic so the final challen...
by allieH at 08/01/14 02:12AM, latest reply: 08/30/14 01:07PM by EvaT
12 comments 177 views
I love the stamps from Studio Calico so the third challenge is to use a stamped im...
by allieH at 08/01/14 02:06AM, latest reply: 08/30/14 12:57PM by EvaT
14 comments 199 views
Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
We're back at it again with some Riddles! These are a teeeeeny tiny bit challengin...
by Kadian at 08/28/14 10:48AM, latest reply: 08/28/14 07:37PM by juliee
80 comments 926 views
Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
I'm happy to say that it's Thursday again and I cannot wait until Friday! :) Fi...
by Kadian at 08/21/14 10:52AM, latest reply: 08/21/14 01:14PM by tracyxo
108 comments 842 views
Michelle Wedertz (Reward subscriber)
Think summer! Your project should evoke the season of summer. This could be th...
by Michelle Wedertz at 07/03/14 11:18AM, latest reply: 08/04/14 05:31AM by juliee
20 comments 184 views
Michelle Wedertz (Reward subscriber)
Be inspired by......a quote! Now this is very much open to your own interpretat...
by Michelle Wedertz at 07/03/14 11:05AM, latest reply: 07/25/14 08:13AM by allieH
13 comments 134 views
Michelle Wedertz (Reward subscriber)
Go BIG with a design element. This could be a picture, an embellishment, a titl...
by Michelle Wedertz at 07/01/14 11:21PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 01:34PM by allieH
28 comments 204 views

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