TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
TaraElias says…

January LOAW Week 1

Happy New Year everyone!

Since it is January 1st, the challenge this week will be to scrap your resolution! I want to see what your goals are for 2013 and be inspired!

Here's mine :)


  1. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Since it is January 1st, the challenge this week will be to scrap your resolution! I want to see what your goals are for 2013 and be inspired!

    Upload your layout to this thread for a chance to win an SC Gift Card!

  2. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Here's mine :)

  3. Rockermorsan (Reward subscriber)
    Rockermorsan says…

    Wow, Tara! I love this layout!

  4. Kerri-Ann
    Kerri-Ann says…

    That's fantastic! I love it!

  5. julie weis
    julie weis says…

    love the page,tara! hope to play along. :)

  6. SandrainSweden
    SandrainSweden says…

    So when is deadline for this? Sunday? Fun! And I love your LO TaraElias! Will try to join in every week this year!

  7. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Thank you girls for the sweet comments! :)

    @SandrainSweden - let me get back to you on that!

  8. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    I'm doing an insert of my resolutions for my first week of PL that I'll upload as soon as I get it done. Using a divided Handbook page for the insert!

  9. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    I love that jar Tara! ;)

  10. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Thanks @Marcy! Hopefully the view of the picture will get smaller and smaller as the change builds up :)

    Just popping back in to let you know you have all month to complete the challenges for January! I will be back on Monday the 7th with Week #2's challenge :)

  11. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    Here's my PL insert. This is the front page and I'll do the back in a separate comment. TFL!

  12. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    And the back.

  13. michellescraps (Reward subscriber)
    michellescraps says…

    @Sarah - Love the divided pockets for yours and great goals for the year too!

    @Tara - love love love that layout - and that picture in the jar looks really cool!

  14. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Love it, Sarah! And love your resolutions!!

    Thank you, Michelle :)

  15. callelillycafe
    callelillycafe says…

    Love those PL inserts! Also the fact she shared her personal resolutions w/us all!

  16. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    Aw, thanks guys! I figure if I put it out there, I'm being held responsible for them....hopefully. ;)

  17. alinor
    alinor says…

    My 2013 resolution is to be happy. As simple as it gets but i do need to work on it. Here's the layout i made:

  18. apileofashes
    apileofashes says…
    2013 title page

    So this year I am mixing "one little word" and resolutions together. We will see how it goes but I'm in love with my title page for our 2013 Project Life book!

  19. TaraElias (Reward subscriber)
    TaraElias says…

    Love love love @alinor and @apileofashes!! Great job!!

  20. senoritascrapper
    senoritascrapper says…

  21. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    Alinor! Gorgeous!!! And I need that badge! lol

  22. bh_dallas
    bh_dallas says…

    WOW Loving all the pages. Gotta work on mine.

  23. alinor
    alinor says…

    @swannprincess The badge is from A Flair for button, she's sem long through her etsy shop and on Two Peas

  24. allieH
    allieH says…
    Img 8263 edited 1

    Great layouts. This is my take.