December Daily® 2012

AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
Just a heads up - save any content, digital files, or images that you want from th...
by AmandaM at 10/23/13 04:11PM, latest reply: 12/14/13 01:34PM by Annie
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qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
to finish my December Daily from last year this weekend! I'm being optimistic and ...
by qingmei at 10/11/13 04:56PM, latest reply: 10/19/13 03:13PM by jenrn
24 comments 187 views
Caroline Hancock
but I just bought myself a second DD, I figured that i love it so much and wanted ...
by Caroline Hancock at 10/17/13 02:13PM, latest reply: 10/17/13 09:59PM by Sasha
11 comments 297 views
qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
This will be my 4th year of doing December Daily! I can't believe I've made so man...
by qingmei at 10/15/13 04:33PM, latest reply: 10/16/13 10:59AM by Lisa H
27 comments 177 views
mem186 (Reward subscriber)
If you've done handbooks or maybe it's like this for PL too, but the 3x4 pockets s...
by mem186 at 10/15/13 11:21PM, latest reply: 10/16/13 07:06AM by pgaray
5 comments 172 views
I can't wait to get started putting it all together. Going to have to wait till th...
by Seester2t at 10/14/13 05:59PM, latest reply: 10/14/13 09:40PM by qingmei
3 comments 79 views
I tried doing a DD one year and I found it to be pretty cumbersome and not super e...
by cccjenn at 09/03/13 08:32AM, latest reply: 10/07/13 09:59PM by cccjenn
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mem186 (Reward subscriber)
I can't believe it, but I finally finished December Daily 2012!! I am so excited ...
by mem186 at 10/02/13 10:12AM, latest reply: 10/04/13 11:13AM by mem186
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Caroline Hancock
So who got theirs? I did, I was not 100% doing it this year but what we see so fa...
by Caroline Hancock at 09/03/13 05:04AM, latest reply: 10/03/13 02:00PM by marilyn t
84 comments 3409 views
durhamml (Reward subscriber)
This is my first year doing December Daily....And I am looking forward to it. I c...
by durhamml at 09/21/13 07:15PM, latest reply: 10/03/13 09:34AM by amyscalze
3 comments 94 views
What about doing an album if you don't have children? Is there still enough to fil...
by Seester2t at 09/03/13 10:44AM, latest reply: 09/21/13 10:20PM by carrielkoch
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