December Daily® 2013

I haven't finished my 2013 DD album. I have all my journaling done, half of my pic...
by abragg79 at 10/31/14 04:51AM, latest reply: 11/03/14 06:07AM by abragg79
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jessicadzl (Reward subscriber)
I just bought the kit on Ali Edward's website!!! Last year I had just started PL i...
by jessicadzl at 10/18/14 09:43AM, latest reply: 10/20/14 04:30PM by jessicadzl
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I finished my DD! I'm missing one picture I want, but it's on some one else's ...
by Noella.G at 01/30/14 11:00PM, latest reply: 01/31/14 09:51PM by Msaula
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