sagruss says…

Holiday Smash book

Has anyone checked out the holiday Smash book? I flipped through it at Craft Warehouse this weekend and wondered if anyone else has considered using it for their DD album.

With only the pets, hubby, and myself, my DD is more like the 12 most awesome things about the holiday season. :)



  1. Triciaromo1123 (Reward subscriber)
    Triciaromo1123 says…

    I saw it at Michaels, it's cute! I got the DD kit this year, but I think it would be perfect for what you need

  2. sagruss
    sagruss says…

    Wait! you saw the one with the gold designs on the front at M's? I'll have to keep my eye out for it + a coupon. :)

    I think I'm easily influenced by coupons. :)

  3. sweetie (Reward subscriber)
    sweetie says…

    It's gorgeous in photos. The new holiday stamp I'd love to get too. My trouble with the smash books in general is they need to be flat, & I tend to rip out lots of pages for more memorabilia room. My BFF had major issues with her beloved smash book coming completely undone & ripped up from its binding.

  4. sagruss
    sagruss says…

    I have actually bought multiple smash books only to resell them later on. I initially thought the idea was stupid, changed my mind, and then realized that it didn't fit in any of the projects I was actually working on.

    The fact that I actually have a purpose this time is like 100 steps in the right direction.

  5. angcreates4u
    angcreates4u says…

    yes, i love the gold! i just bought it a few days ago, i'm shopping my own stash and creating my own kit for dd. it was 14.99 on sale and the cashier let me use a 50% coupon, major score!

  6. beamer26 (Reward subscriber)
    beamer26 says…

    I bought it! I wasn't interested in any sort of DD, but the Smash album changed my mind. I LOVE that it has some 4x6 photo pockets in it, too. I had bought a whole bunch of Smash books when I first got back into scrapping but found I hated covering up the cool paper with all of my photos. This solves that. :)

  7. LuckyJava
    LuckyJava says…

    I think it sounds cute! I love Smash Books!

  8. bethbrown
    bethbrown says…

    saw it and bought it!

  9. abragg79
    abragg79 says…

    I'm strongly considering it. I've been thinking about turning one of my stashed, unused Smash books into my DD but I saw the holiday one and am reconsidering. If I use what I already have on hand, I have to do more work with the covering of the pages that don't really "go" with December. Where the Holiday one is already themed perfectly.

    Luckily, I tend to scrap & smash rather "flatly" - I don't use a lot of bulky embellishes (I'm a tad OCD about that style - I like looking at it but don't feel like I can pull it off and if I try, it just feels wrong so I stick with flat layouts), so I rarely have a problem with them being too thick.

  10. abragg79
    abragg79 says…

    So, I didn't get this particular smash book (though, I'll be keeping my eye out for sales and may try and get it on clearance when the time comes and stash it for next year) but I am using a Smash* book for my DD.

    I wanted to use up items I already have on hand - use up my stash a bit. It's another new project and I promised my husband I wouldn't spend too much extra money on it (just a few new embellishments and, of course, printing the pictures). Anyway, I'm excited by it - I've done my cover (I used a red smash album and painted the cover gold and wil add a few chipboard elements to the front ...and I'll add a picture if I can figure out how to upload out here :))

    But now I'm trying to figure out how to add pages - I want to attach Christmas cards and such into it without pasting them down. I see now why handbooks are popular for this project and kind of wish I'd done a bit more research but, alas, I didn't and now I have to work with what I have.

    So, Any suggestions for adding elements into Smash* books without ruining the binding but will allow the items to stay in and turn as a page? I've figured out some accordion style elements with washi tape but really want to be able to add "pages".

  11. abragg79
    abragg79 says…

    Here is my book : I'll be adding some chipboard element to the cover - I have one that perfectly covers up the Smash* logo in the bottom right corner.

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