Die Cutting

DinCA (Reward subscriber)
After many hours of frustration, I have finally mastered it and I thought I'd shar...
by DinCA at 08/24/14 05:45AM, latest reply: 08/26/14 02:03PM by pat9609
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julietaing123 (Reward subscriber)
Has anyone taken Kerri Bradford's "getting to know you" class? I'm not super ne...
by julietaing123 at 08/22/14 10:19AM, latest reply: 08/22/14 11:56AM by jjobst
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Joelaw (Reward subscriber)
Was anyone else notified that their order couldn't be fulfilled with the current s...
by Joelaw at 08/16/14 03:59PM, latest reply: 08/21/14 03:37PM by Theresa
20 comments 452 views
I came home from my LSS with a Big Shot yesterday! I purchased two die kits, tags ...
by lovemyboys at 08/08/14 10:06AM, latest reply: 08/09/14 07:07PM by Kzaban
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StephWashburn (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Did you see these in the shop! I need them so bad! How perfect for ALL crafters- I...
by StephWashburn at 08/01/14 09:07AM, latest reply: 08/07/14 07:35PM by qingmei
14 comments 342 views

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