Die Cutting

Do any of you ladies have one of these yet?, if you do what do you think of it?, w...
by audreysmum at 03/07/14 08:24PM, latest reply: 04/24/14 11:22PM by fairkid
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nirupama01 (Reward subscriber)
Hi guys! I just wanted to share an Easter-themed free cut file I made for my blog....
by nirupama01 at 04/16/14 04:50AM, latest reply: 04/16/14 10:24AM by julietaing123
1 comment 54 views
lifeinprint (Reward subscriber)
I have not bought one yet, mainly because I am not sure I wanted one but I know no...
by lifeinprint at 03/26/14 04:15PM, latest reply: 04/16/14 01:48AM by charimoss
26 comments 213 views
veronccl (Reward subscriber)
I will definitely buy nesting dies of hexagons and diamonds ... even triangles if ...
by veronccl at 04/11/14 04:54AM, latest reply: 04/14/14 03:20AM by veronccl
13 comments 147 views

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