Die Cutting

Notenschluessel (Reward subscriber)
Hi Ladies, is it right, that there will be a new version of the CAMEO on October 1...
by Notenschluessel at 10/02/14 02:00AM, latest reply: 10/02/14 09:10AM by TaraElias
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I came home from my LSS with a Big Shot yesterday! I purchased two die kits, tags ...
by lovemyboys at 08/08/14 09:06AM, latest reply: 09/29/14 07:56AM by lovemyboys
31 comments 324 views
Do I remember right that this is the only glitter paper that we can use with our S...
by tammyb. at 04/07/14 07:33AM, latest reply: 09/24/14 10:09AM by christi
18 comments 227 views
DinCA (Reward subscriber)
After many hours of frustration, I have finally mastered it and I thought I'd shar...
by DinCA at 08/24/14 04:45AM, latest reply: 09/15/14 02:12AM by DinCA
10 comments 163 views
asasko (Reward subscriber)
I just used my new Cameo to print and cut labels! Amazing! I can't wait to see wha...
by asasko at 09/13/14 05:49PM, latest reply: 09/13/14 05:49PM by asasko

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