thecolster (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
thecolster says…

New Cameo just arrived - and think it's defective :(

Unless I'm missing something, but it makes a sound that I don't think can be right and the blade must not be reaching the page on my test cuts....I was so excited to play with it!



  1. thecolster (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    thecolster says…

    Unless I'm missing something, but it makes a sound that I don't think can be right and the blade must not be reaching the page on my test cuts....I was so excited to play with it!

  2. AliClaire155
    AliClaire155 says…

    I was really surprised by how loud it is, too. It's crazy loud! So I'm betting that part is normal. I'd try taking out your blade and installing it all over again, just to be sure it's in there right.

  3. sweetsierra
    sweetsierra says…

    It makes some REALLLLLY crazy sounds with round cuts and intricate patterns! It cracks me up!

  4. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    this makes me sad :( that was what made the decision for me to go to the Cameo as it was said it is silent, i was sick of the SD noise, ah well such is life im sure i will still love it

  5. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member)
    AprilFoster says…

    Uh it's far from silent. Sounds like it's playing a tune while cutting. I was surprised. As for the blade length just make sure you are choosing the right setting when you go to print on the software. That should match what you choose on the hardware. I was missing that at first but once I knocked myself in the noggin the machine worked perfectly albeit loudly :)

  6. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    You know when i was first using my SD i didn't notice the noise, until Gary moved his desk into my scrap room to be closer to me(men lol) anyway i started cutting it as he was talking and i was like wow this thing is loud. Im sure i will be happier with the bigger size anyway so im not complaining lol, just sounds like a plane taking off every day in my scraproom ha!

  7. Mandyb
    Mandyb says…

    caz it IS quieter then the SD and earlier model (i think) but is still noisy cos its a machine

    dont worry you will love it

    and yes does make other noises as it goes around those corners!!!

  8. rachface
    rachface says…

    I upgraded to the cameo from an old blue wishblade...they seem to make about the same amount of noise when cutting. Sometimes the cameo makes a weird grinding-like noise when the blade is returning to origin after cutting or if it is going from one side of the mat to the other. It seems normal!

    Congrats on the Cameo! You will love it!

  9. stampsalot
    stampsalot says…

    I upgraded from the original Silhouette. This is definately quieter!!

  10. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    My cricut was really really noisy and i thought it was normal until a friend was round who had one and was like, what is that noise? she said hers was quiet?

  11. GAmes56
    GAmes56 says…

    Thecloster, have you double checked the slide rollers, blue locking tab and that the blade is seated properly? These are a couple items that are easy to miss that can cause the cutting to not work. Customer Service is usually really good at helping trouble shoot. Best of luck!

    Caz, if you had an SD than you will think the Cameo is quieter. I thought my original Silhouette, the one before the SD, sounded like R2D2. Hehe. The Cameo is not as loud, but it is not silent.

  12. Scrappydo
    Scrappydo says…

    I think it is speaking in some weird alien lingo!! LOL

  13. mizzm
    mizzm says…

    My bf heard it for the first time last night and thought it was 'singing' a tune! LOL!

  14. plasticlight
    plasticlight says…

    Mine sounds like a really loud organ. My bf makes fun of me whenever I use it. It's SUPER loud compared to my cricut and it makes strange sounds that I didn't think were normal, but apparently they are!

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