KayRogers says…

Help a New Cameo User

I'm trying to trouble shoot some issues I am having with cuts that don't go all the way through, therefore the image (word) rips when removing it from the mat. I have tried to remove some of the stickiness from the mat, removed and reset the blade, change



  1. KayRogers
    KayRogers says…

    I'm trying to trouble shoot some issues I am having with cuts that don't go all the way through, therefore the image (word) rips when removing it from the mat. I have tried to remove some of the stickiness from the mat, removed and reset the blade, changed the cut settings, and contacted SIL and should get a replacement blade. In the meantime, would those of you having luck mind answering a few questions?

    1) Do you double cut? Always?
    2) Do you have a preferred brand of cardstock?
    3) Do you set your blade at 3, 33 or have you changed the depth?
    4) Anything else that helped?

    I just know this thing is going to be awesome, but right now not so much. Any help is appreciated!

  2. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member)
    AprilFoster says…

    1) i don't double-cut
    2) I use whatever i have
    3) my blade is at 3, 33

  3. amanda2106
    amanda2106 says…

    i agree with April blade speed 3, thickness 33 and I do double cut.

    I cut all sorts of cardstock - whatever I have on hand.

    I found the stickiness of mat calmed down pretty quickly.

    Sometimes I find the cuts aren't as clean if I make the images too small - like if I want to use it for PL for example.

  4. plasticlight
    plasticlight says…

    I found that if the cut is really intricate then slowing the speed down to 2 seemed to help. I use the test cut feature all the time with cardstock just to make sure it's going to work right. And I always double cut - I just find that when I don't bother, then it doesn't work. I mostly cut cardstock though, but the few times that I've cut patterned paper, the double cut doesn't seem to have been necessary.

  5. mgener1
    mgener1 says…

    3, 33 and I always double cut. I find that bazzill does not cut as nicely as American Crafts. Bazzill is more fibrous. (does that make sense) It seems to fall apart more and the fibers from the paper stick to everything. American Crafts cuts lovely. I have found the same fibrous problem when cutting Crate paper patterned paper. Not the new non-textured ones, but the older textured lines.
    One other tip. If you are still not gettting a great cut, flip the paper over and cut on the smooth side. You have to flip your images in the software so that they are the right way on the textured side when you flip it back over. I have found that this helps for those really stuborn cuts.

  6. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    i had issues with my SIL SD and i followed the Kerri Bradford Tut and it worked like a dream


    I had to change a setting and that was it

  7. Vee_
    Vee_ says…

    I love these tips! I will have to adjust mine to the 3,33 formula! I used mine for the first time last night and I a few images that didn't cut well.

  8. butterflychick
    butterflychick says…

    speed at 3, pressure at 33, blade at 5.

    When I lowered the blade number to 4, it didn't cut all the way through. I've used bazzill and AC cardstock at those settings above. I don't double cut.

  9. KayRogers
    KayRogers says…

    For what it's worth, if anyone is experiencing problems for me it was 100% the blade. It was trapping the little paper scraps, and I had to clean it every time. It was one of the faulty original ones. I contacted CS, and they sent out a new one. Now I see why everyone loves this machine! LOL! Before that? Not so much. I cut at 3, 33, with the blade set at 3, no double cutting, and it works like a charm. WHEW. ;)

  10. pgaray
    pgaray says…

    So glad to hear that you got a new blade! I only had trouble my first batch of cuts. Now I cut at 3, 33, and use almost primarliy AC cardstock which cuts so well.

    I DO however, clean my mat with a baby wipe when I am done cutting for the night. I let it air dry then put the cover back on it. I don't know if this helps or not, but it was something I always did with my Cricut mats and they lasted so well.
    Patty G. in NJ

  11. KayRogers
    KayRogers says…

    I need to try that, Patty! Thanks for the advice!

  12. SuzMannecke
    SuzMannecke says…

    I use 3 @ 33 and never double cut unless very intricate design.

  13. Vee_
    Vee_ says…

    good to know, you always keep at this formula, 3-33 for both pattern paper and cardstock?

  14. Susantodd
    Susantodd says…

    I got my cameo two weeks ago and am scared to turn it on! I think I may try today.....aak

  15. KayRogers
    KayRogers says…

    Always keep it at that formula. And don't be afraid to take it out of the box! It's fun!

  16. pgaray
    pgaray says…

    Susantodd, once you get going with it, you will love it! Break that baby out!

  17. Susantodd
    Susantodd says…

    I am going to try these settings as mine wouldn't cut through :(

  18. SheriTwing
    SheriTwing says…

    I just received my Cameo yesterday and got it set up. When you're talking about your blade setting, that means where you actually take the blade out and turn the dial correct?

    I thought I had read somewhere that many had set it to "6" and had no trouble cutting. Now I'm not sure if I have the info right or not. And I'm talking about just cutting on smooth cardstock.

    Any help?

  19. SheriTwing
    SheriTwing says…


  20. KayRogers
    KayRogers says…

    Sheri the blade itself I have set on 3.

  21. SheriTwing
    SheriTwing says…

    Thank you Kay!

  22. jenrn (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    jenrn says…

    I set the blade itself at 6 and have never had any problems cutting. :)

  23. jenkinkade
    jenkinkade says…

    i was having issues with clean cuts.
    after posting pics and asking around, several ppl have said that set the blade depth to 4, 5, or even 6.
    i upped my blade depth to 5 and it cuts better.

  24. cdnmom
    cdnmom says…

    I changed my blade to four and I don't have any problems! Beautiful cuts!

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