tuffcookie says…

first time sil owner here - do's and dont's?

my fiance got me a silhouette for my birthday (which is june 21st - he wont let me open it until then!) and i am super excited to start creating with it. do you ladies have any do's and dont's? i have a macbook and was also wondering how many of you run y



  1. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    my fiance got me a silhouette for my birthday (which is june 21st - he wont let me open it until then!) and i am super excited to start creating with it. do you ladies have any do's and dont's? i have a macbook and was also wondering how many of you run your silhouette on a mac? i cannot wait! :D

    also, thanks for all the free sil files - i have bookmarked them for future use! :)

  2. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    Awww that is our wedding annaversery

    Do, use a sheet of CS and stick and unstick a good few times to unstick your mat, i didnt first time and all my papers curled up

  3. sweetsierra
    sweetsierra says…

    I always use one number deeper than it calls for. Like let's say you are cutting card stock so it tells you to use a 3-I would use a 4. Also, don't use your favorite piece of paper the first time cutting something. Use a different piece to practice and get the settings right and then use your piece of paper.

  4. pgaray
    pgaray says…

    Do make sure you look inside the machine and get out all the little pieces of styrofoam and packing tape!

  5. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    ^^ pgaray - i have heard that several times...apparently there are lots of little bits of tape, styrofoam, etc. in the machine.

    also, just wondering, was yours delivered by UPS or fedex?

  6. Babz510 (Reward subscriber)
    Babz510 says…

    Take Keri Bradford's classes over at Jessica Sorague. They were awesome, I took the first two. Perfect for new owners. Lots of tips and tricks, plus lots a free cut files too. Have Fun!

  7. Bettiescrapbook
    Bettiescrapbook says…

    I am hoping to get one in the next month. Thanks for this thread! :)

  8. mrsnosab
    mrsnosab says…

    I just got mine earlier this week and find it easy to use. I agree with using one number higher then it calls for. I find that sometimes it does not cut all the way when I use the number it says. Also as mentioned use a thicker paper that you don't care for the first cut. The mat is pretty sticky and my papers were curling when I took them off after cutting. Wish this thread was here before I got mine, although I am the type to just jump right in without reading directions =)

  9. emkay5
    emkay5 says…

    I just got one too this week. So excited to try it out. Haven't started cutting yet but I am happy to read all of these tips!

  10. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    mrsnosad, im the same way - i rarely read directions! ;P

  11. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…


    heres a link to the jessica sprague classes - thanks for the recommendation, these classes look great!

  12. stinkydudette (Reward subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    I run it on a Mac, and it's easy as! I watched a few videos on youtube before I received mine, and it was simply pug in and play for me!

  13. alisonmcguinn
    alisonmcguinn says…

    American crafts card stock cuts better than Bazzill. I ruined 2 blades trying to get good cuts on Bazzill, and finally just went out and got American Crafts in some basic neutrals just to use in my Cameo.

  14. swissmama (Reward subscriber)
    swissmama says…

    I run mine on a mac without a problem. Just start playing around and enjoy it!

  15. heygillian (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    heygillian says…

    @sweetsierra--do you find that your blades dull quickly by using a deeper setting than the paper calls for? I've considered doing this, but didn't want to be burning through blades every other week, you know? How often are you replacing blades?

    @tuffcookie--if your papers curl when you peel them off the cutting mat, you can place them under a heavy book or something similar for a little while, and they'll flatten right out. It's kind of a pain if you're wanting to use something right away, but patience is a virtue they say. ;) And I'd recommend storing your cutting mat by replacing the non-stick sheet on it every time you put it away. I keep mine in its original plastic bag, too. To keep any dust and pet hair off it and whatnot.

    I also run mine on a Mac. You'll do great. :) Have fun with your cameo!


  16. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    thanks so much for all your suggestions! i am so eager to start cutting - only 11 more days! im not too excited about turning 27 though...im closer and closer to 30 each day!

  17. mrsnosab
    mrsnosab says…

    Maybe I shouldn't use Bazzill because that is what seems to not cut all the way through for me. Tuffcookie, I know what you mean! I am a year behind you with two kids that make me feel like I am an old lady =)

  18. Margrethe
    Margrethe says…

    I run it on a Mac and have no trouble doing so. The software is really intuitive :)

  19. kphike (Reward subscriber)
    kphike says…

    I just got one this week for my birthday! I haven't been able to play with it yet but I did spend a couple of hours going through the die cutting threads for everone's tips, favorite downloads etc. I think the Kerri B classes sound awesome too - I was toying with the idea of playing with it for a bit, learning the basics and maybe jumping into the second Kerri B class?? Have fun!

  20. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    ^^ you too kphike! :)

  21. elisa
    elisa says…

    Congrats tuffcookie! As far as I can remember you install the Silhouette Studio and download the freebies now - you don't need the machine. There's a new freebie every week (updated on Tuesdays) so you'll have them when your birthday comes.

  22. pgaray
    pgaray says…

    Kerri's classes are great--I took the first one and am signed up for the second one but haven't started it yet. I do NOT recommend cutting Bazzill (really on any machine) as it is very fibrous and makes for more difficult cutting. Don't get me wrong, you CAN do it, I just don't think it's worth it. I use AC cardstock on setting 3 and have had no issues. Not sure about the effect on your blade, but it will dig up your mats quicker when you use a deeper setting than you need to (don't ask me how I know this;)
    Just jump in and have fun! Oh! Not sure if the shipping question was for me, but I bought mine from Oh My Crafts and I think it came UPS....

  23. tuffcookie
    tuffcookie says…

    my sil will be here on monday :D :D :D

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