Digital Scrapbooking

Christy Harris (Reward subscriber)
I don't know if anyone else mentioned this already but the Project Life App is onl...
by Christy Harris at 11/29/14 11:41PM, latest reply: 11/30/14 10:24PM by abragg79
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Shauna (Reward subscriber)
I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm using Ali Edwards' layered template set f...
by Shauna at 11/14/14 10:04AM, latest reply: 11/14/14 12:56PM by icequeen
2 comments 45 views
DeeDee87 (Reward subscriber)
I have some of my own designs that I want to tweak, and I'm looking for a software...
by DeeDee87 at 11/13/14 08:58AM, latest reply: 11/13/14 12:26PM by sweetsierra
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Do you know what for a vector mask is used? Thanks
by ana_marta at 10/29/14 06:22PM, latest reply: 10/31/14 03:20PM by ana_marta
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MindyH (Reward subscriber)
When are the digital elements from the prior month removed from the shop? I notice...
by MindyH at 10/30/14 08:25PM, latest reply: 10/31/14 08:33AM by MindyH
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