Digital Scrapbooking

princetonhouse (Reward subscriber)
I hope it's ok for me to share these with you guys! I picked up a used silhouet...
by princetonhouse at 02/22/15 02:40PM, latest reply: 02/23/15 12:11PM by mem186
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JennilynFT (Reward subscriber)
What programs can you use to add the digital elements to photos besides Photoshop?...
by JennilynFT at 02/21/15 03:30PM, latest reply: 02/23/15 09:44AM by jjobst
3 comments 53 views
Help please, I typed two lines of text in PS & they were too far apart. I tried t...
by WhamBamPam at 02/05/15 11:24AM, latest reply: 02/06/15 07:40AM by maggie massey
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Hi does anyone know of a site that is similar to papercoterie for making photobook...
by jiles at 01/27/15 12:00AM, latest reply: 01/27/15 12:00AM by jiles
Hi, I have a question :) I have really loved using the Far Far away PL kit in digi...
by giadaR at 01/21/15 06:22AM, latest reply: 01/21/15 07:46AM by ginny
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