Organization & Storage Tips

Leashah (Reward subscriber)
How are you storing them? And more importantly, how do you know which color is ...
by Leashah at 07/21/14 02:56PM, latest reply: 08/01/14 01:21PM by neroliskye
11 comments 177 views
agomalley (Reward subscriber)
I am so excited about my new washi tape storage system. I was cleaning out my mom'...
by agomalley at 07/31/14 05:17AM, latest reply: 08/01/14 11:36AM by agomalley
34 comments 246 views
I found these super cute mason jars at the grocery store today and plan on using t...
by lovemyboys at 07/24/14 05:49AM, latest reply: 08/01/14 10:35AM by maggie massey
16 comments 273 views
sweetie (Reward subscriber)
I'm posting some photos for moral support. I am recovering as this hobby can be ov...
by sweetie at 07/28/14 03:56PM, latest reply: 07/30/14 08:30AM by KarineC
8 comments 224 views
Hey Everyone- This is my third year doing Project Life (along with 2 albums for...
by BrynnFontes at 07/22/14 11:22PM, latest reply: 07/25/14 07:11PM by sweetie
6 comments 127 views
heavencole (Reward subscriber)
Please allow me to gush over my RÅSKOG cart... Look what I got over the week. ...
by heavencole at 06/21/14 01:20PM, latest reply: 07/19/14 06:22AM by bytesprite
57 comments 708 views
angymuse (Reward subscriber) So it's 2 a...
by angymuse at 07/16/14 03:26PM, latest reply: 07/17/14 05:40PM by heavencole
16 comments 253 views
So upon watching Jennifer McGuire's Card Stock storage system the other day, she r...
by joy131275 at 06/28/14 03:11PM, latest reply: 07/09/14 08:48AM by daisy1
19 comments 253 views

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