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Tonronda (Reward subscriber)
Just wanted to let everyone know that AC thicker Storage is on Scrapbook steals to...
by Tonronda at 04/03/14 11:01AM, latest reply: 04/20/14 06:38AM by supertoni
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I am needing a "travelling" kit, and I wonder what essentials I might need. I am h...
by suzbnz2013 at 03/03/14 01:52AM, latest reply: 04/18/14 03:54AM by Janeh
8 comments 117 views
I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you this new washi organizer that now houses...
by heavencole at 03/10/14 04:42AM, latest reply: 04/16/14 02:23PM by malou2u
9 comments 275 views
juliee (Reward subscriber)
I posted about this last weekend in the Workspace Challenge thread but am not sure...
by juliee at 04/11/14 11:22AM, latest reply: 04/14/14 09:32PM by Illinimom
13 comments 137 views
Target has some cute little bins for a $1 that are perfect for my scrapbooking emb...
by Amandacase at 01/23/14 01:12PM, latest reply: 04/06/14 03:33AM by sweetie
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Cade387 (Reward subscriber)
My sister came across one of these organizers at a garage sale and bought it for m...
by Cade387 at 02/28/14 09:14AM, latest reply: 04/06/14 03:28AM by sweetie
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