Organization & Storage Tips

I realize that this is entirely trivial, but I can't come up with a good way to or...
by gh0stmustard at 08/27/14 09:46PM, latest reply: 10/25/14 11:36AM by Babz510
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scrapally (Reward subscriber)
by scrapally at 06/21/14 08:40PM, latest reply: 10/25/14 09:32AM by scrapally
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How do you organize your patterned papers? It feels like i've tried everyway (by m...
by veronicat at 10/23/14 06:36AM, latest reply: 10/24/14 12:54PM by veronicat
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Years ago, I used to have an entire Crafting studio... then we moved here to FL to...
by bonitarose at 10/10/14 08:56PM, latest reply: 10/12/14 05:24PM by bonitarose
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I switched from scrapbooking kits to PL and no longer need my crop bags. Anyone in...
by dparries at 09/25/14 01:10PM, latest reply: 10/10/14 09:26PM by dparries
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Hi dolls! I'm moving across the pond and need to pack up my craft room. Any ideas ...
by tararice at 09/17/14 03:34PM, latest reply: 10/06/14 04:34PM by supertoni
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dah9099 (Reward subscriber)
I wanted to invite you all to take a look at my scrap space, including my Raskog c...
by dah9099 at 09/06/14 05:53PM, latest reply: 09/13/14 03:34PM by dah9099
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glory0404 (Reward subscriber)
Hi all! I just wanted to share with everyone a new app I found. It is great if yo...
by glory0404 at 08/27/14 08:05AM, latest reply: 09/13/14 09:47AM by carissawiley
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