So, my sweet husband wanted to surprise me with a new phone (my toddler smashed mi...
by BrynnFontes at 07/25/14 03:52PM, latest reply: 07/26/14 02:11PM by Rachel A
7 comments 118 views
Hi Everyone! I'm looking for tips to take better pictures of my layouts. I don´t...
by ancler at 07/19/14 08:50PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 07:54PM by ancler
7 comments 118 views
debduty (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I use Picasa to organize my photos, and like most programs tagging photos with key...
by debduty at 07/24/14 12:33PM, latest reply: 07/24/14 03:28PM by Zitronenfalter
3 comments 30 views
I was watching a rebroadcast of Becky Higgins on Creative Live over the weekend. ...
by ACGMachi22 at 07/01/14 10:18PM, latest reply: 07/17/14 06:50PM by tbergeson
18 comments 137 views
clippergirl (Reward subscriber)
I've been wanting a new camera bag for a while now and today went into Bestbuys wi...
by clippergirl at 06/14/14 11:06PM, latest reply: 07/16/14 03:46PM by christi
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pixnglue (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I've been taken photos of my BFF's little boy almost every month of his life since...
by pixnglue at 07/07/14 10:58PM, latest reply: 07/08/14 03:33PM by GailC
11 comments 128 views
soonermama (Reward subscriber)
Hello all, my old D40 has finally started giving me a few problems and I'm thinkin...
by soonermama at 07/07/14 12:21PM, latest reply: 07/08/14 10:49AM by soonermama
4 comments 27 views
Can anyone tell me how to get the very pale photos in layouts by @marcypenner amon...
by Laraco at 07/05/14 03:26PM, latest reply: 07/06/14 02:05AM by Sasha
6 comments 417 views
So I want to show off some photos of my PL organization, but I have no idea how to...
by quartzmoon at 06/19/14 09:19PM, latest reply: 06/20/14 10:31AM by quartzmoon
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