aagirlz (Reward subscriber)
… i just ordered the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 ii…. and I am so excited…. I just had to sh...
by aagirlz at 12/08/14 12:20AM, latest reply: 12/18/14 02:20AM by rowie
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Do you have it? What do you think? Pros...cons? Give me the good and the bad. This...
by mrscourtney555 at 11/17/14 02:49PM, latest reply: 11/19/14 02:19PM by Caroline Hancock
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i just wanted to do a quick post to say if you did not sign up but we're thinking ...
by Char at 11/07/14 09:09PM, latest reply: 11/09/14 07:24PM by AliEdwards
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