carissawiley (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
So it's that time of photos are coming up. I have to say, I love ha...
by carissawiley at 09/24/14 05:33AM, latest reply: 10/22/14 08:17PM by petitenoonie
8 comments 107 views
marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I haven't looked into it too much but the Ilford pearl is being discontinued?? I ...
by marcypenner at 10/03/14 11:14PM, latest reply: 10/22/14 07:18PM by itsmeamanda
10 comments 157 views
neroliskye (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I've been looking for good articles about lenses and which are good for which type...
by neroliskye at 10/13/14 11:50PM, latest reply: 10/14/14 09:33PM by kphike
3 comments 67 views
natalieelph (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
So I'm doubly excited..... First, because I'm about to go on holidays with my fam...
by natalieelph at 09/19/14 12:03PM, latest reply: 10/04/14 05:24AM by neroliskye
10 comments 238 views
Does anyone have this lens, and if so, any endorsements?
by keshet at 09/03/14 06:03PM, latest reply: 10/01/14 11:21PM by briemarie
15 comments 123 views
beckynovacek (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
What is your preference? I use 8 GB for senior and newborn sessions, but just rece...
by beckynovacek at 09/29/14 09:23AM, latest reply: 10/01/14 08:35AM by qingmei
4 comments 44 views
Joelaw (Reward subscriber)
Does anyone own a portable printer that prints photos directly from an iphone? If...
by Joelaw at 09/27/14 11:54PM, latest reply: 09/29/14 07:46PM by Joelaw
8 comments 49 views
amytangerine (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
So I have been going back and forth with buying a new lens, and I really want a go...
by amytangerine at 09/05/14 02:02AM, latest reply: 09/24/14 07:57PM by christi
44 comments 449 views
I just picked up my early birthday gift! A Sony A6000! I'm soooo excited, but feel...
by gh0stmustard at 09/19/14 06:30AM, latest reply: 09/21/14 09:49PM by gh0stmustard
5 comments 72 views

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