clippergirl says…

Karen Russell's photography workshop....

I am finally able to take her workshop, reg. is open on Monday, the 4th.... but I was debating on whether I should be a Regular or an Audit student....the difference being, you won't get her evaluation on your photos, Regular students get the evaluation/c



  1. clippergirl
    clippergirl says…

    I am finally able to take her workshop, reg. is open on Monday, the 4th.... but I was debating on whether I should be a Regular or an Audit student....the difference being, you won't get her evaluation on your photos, Regular students get the evaluation/ for those of you who took her class, what is best? I'm just afraid I won't be able to get the assignments done on time to get her critiques and waste the money as a Regular student, assuming I even get a spot....what do you all think?

  2. allieH
    allieH says…

    I took the class as an audit student and learnt loads. Thoroughly recommend the class.

  3. aagirlz (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    aagirlz says…

    Either or, I have done both although when I did auditing you couldn't ask questions but you can now as the message board is the same, it you are going to keep up with the assignments the feed back is good, but you get lots of information either way from reading others feed back.

  4. stinkydudette (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    I was a Regular student, but couldn't keep up with assignments cos life just happened. Guess it really depends on how much time you think you'll invest in it to keep up.

  5. hannal
    hannal says…

    I was in the same boat as Kate above - took as a regular student but didn't wind up posting review for all the lessons. Either way content is amazing and Karen spends a lot of time on the boards so you will still get lots of interaction with her depending on questions you ask.

  6. debduty
    debduty says…

    I was a regular student, but really, you can learn just as much by reading others' feedback. She writes a lot for each one, and thoroughly explains each critique so I think you'll be able to apply what she says to your own photos.

  7. rhondapogo (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    rhondapogo says…

    I took her class back in 2009. I broke my leg right before her class started. I was physically unable todo any assignments because I was in a cast for 9 weeks and then in a boot,PT, etc.

    So, I feel like I missed out on that part, even though I did pay for the full class.

    She did email me a few times to check in on me, since she noticed I was not participating!

    I did feel I gained from the class, but was a bit preoccupied with my situation, so not as much as others.

    Good luck with your decision!

  8. mernin (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    mernin says…

    I'm taking it right now as a regular student. I know she is running a special on an hour skype consultations right now which I believe paired with an auditing spot is still cheaper than regular. Might be an option. I'm loving it so far, but I'm finding it hard to keep up with assignments with life going on. You'll love the class either way.

  9. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    You are going to LOVE this experience. If you can afford to be a regular student, even if you just get a couple of assignments up and critiqued, it is WELL worth it. Enjoy!

  10. clippergirl
    clippergirl says…

    Thank you everyone for your advice....I am super excited about taking this course....I hope to snag a spot as a regular but if I miss it, I'll be happy with being an audit too....I'm depending on my sister to sign up for me as I'll be working and not able to get to a computer. One of my goals this year is to take this Fingers crossed:)

  11. KimberLeigh (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    KimberLeigh says…

    i LOVED taking this several years ago. i missed the last few assignments (b/c of vacation) but the ones that i did get done karen's critiques were sooo helpful!

    also...tell your sister to be there earlier than registration. i registered immediately...and the course was sold out in 2 minutes.

  12. justlisa7
    justlisa7 says…

    I took her class when she was in Orlando a couple of years ago and loved it. She was awesome and I really enjoyed it and meeting her. She is exactly like she is on her blog - such an awesome and honest person. She even stayed way later and worked with us.

  13. mernin (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    mernin says…

    Another tip is to register without filling in all the info. You can go back and edit your profile after you get in. I didn't do this, but I heard others did. It does sell out quickly.

  14. MelanieS
    MelanieS says…

    I really wanted to take this, but I'll be at work at the time registration opens. Does anyone know what the max cap is on auditing students?

  15. cskuse
    cskuse says…

    I took it last August as an auditing student and really
    learned a lot . Not just from the boards, but the lessons and assignments are great. Karen is so awesome and she really is on the board all the time to answer questions. I plan on re-reading all the lessons and doing the assignments again! A really great experience.

  16. clippergirl
    clippergirl says…

    YAY!!!!! Even though my sister wasn't able to sign me up for a "Regular" student....she did get me on as an "Auditing" student....I am still super excited, the information she already sent us via email regarding the course and things we need to know is great....I can't wait to start in March!

    Thank you EVERYONE for your input and tips.

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