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qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
With Robin Williams' sudden death this week that has affected so many of us, I tho...
by qingmei at 08/14/14 02:57PM, latest reply: 08/20/14 11:28PM by justem
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Kelly Noel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
i'm looking for ideas on how to include more of the videos we take of our boys int...
by Kelly Noel at 08/20/14 12:48PM, latest reply: 08/20/14 08:11PM by nicolelaha
8 comments 44 views
***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 03:04PM, latest reply: 08/20/14 08:02PM by JamieBohBamie
188 comments 1233 views
I do not like the flimsy new box. I like the sturdy box and the magnetic closure o...
by christi at 08/11/14 03:50PM, latest reply: 08/19/14 08:28PM by Cllapham
9 comments 342 views
I just received my Sandlot PL kit today and was surprised to see that it came in a...
by grandmaof5 at 08/09/14 02:40PM, latest reply: 08/18/14 03:19PM by Sophiesticated
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icequeen (Reward subscriber)
I'm hoping someone can seriously bail me out. I just completely messed up a card I...
by icequeen at 08/15/14 11:17AM, latest reply: 08/15/14 02:08PM by icequeen
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