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Hey everyone, I just bought a PL Gold 6x8 album to use for a trip I took a few mo...
by msfuhlhage at 08/01/15 10:39PM, latest reply: 08/03/15 12:31AM by rachelanderson
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I've just downloaded my digi-pl-cards and OMGOSH, I'm in love. The colors are grea...
by giadaR at 08/01/15 07:25AM, latest reply: 08/02/15 11:41AM by clickclick
12 comments 225 views
I discovered a photo on Pinterest that was originally from a blog titled cherishev...
by Square at 07/27/15 11:31PM, latest reply: 07/28/15 03:08PM by mrscourtney555
5 comments 147 views
I'm a project lifer, but I also do a travel journal & traditinal scrapbooking page...
by lasteve1 at 07/27/15 09:39AM, latest reply: 07/28/15 11:21AM by Ainoko
1 comment 78 views
After reading @nicolereaves post on Instagram, I started thinking about my plans f...
by giadaR at 07/21/15 03:28AM, latest reply: 07/24/15 02:03AM by goldenblind221
57 comments 643 views
Hi Ladies! I'm sure this is already posted somewhere but.... I am contemplatin...
by mrsnicolasflores at 06/23/15 12:41PM, latest reply: 07/24/15 01:01AM by Boo_
31 comments 341 views
Hello all! I've been struggling a bit making my own project life cards. I purchase...
by SmithAaronA at 11/23/14 09:19PM, latest reply: 07/22/15 07:13AM by Nori14
6 comments 180 views
***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 04:04PM, latest reply: 07/21/15 06:54PM by teabiscuit
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