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qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I took several weeks off re: working on my Project Life, but got back into it toda...
by qingmei at 04/22/14 02:32AM, latest reply: 04/23/14 02:45AM by JoEades
15 comments 108 views
So yes, I am weeks behind on PL but regardless of this, I invested in a smaller 8x...
by AmaliaKay8 at 04/12/14 04:37PM, latest reply: 04/21/14 06:40PM by donyaluana
8 comments 125 views
StephWashburn (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I just started a thread in the Card forum for card inspiration and thought it migh...
by StephWashburn at 04/15/14 02:17AM, latest reply: 04/18/14 10:26AM by magda_m
16 comments 187 views
I am completing my PL pages each week and I am enjoying the process but I am feeli...
by wannaberebel at 04/14/14 09:01AM, latest reply: 04/17/14 08:38PM by IAmMikki
11 comments 125 views
Lilou (Reward subscriber)
Hi all, I need help and advice.... I'm ashamed to say that I haven't started m...
by Lilou at 04/12/14 09:46AM, latest reply: 04/14/14 02:39PM by marcypenner
12 comments 156 views
Square (Reward subscriber)
Hi, everyone. I have a lot of memories to catch up I came up with a meth...
by Square at 03/31/14 01:59AM, latest reply: 04/14/14 10:14AM by *paperandglue*
14 comments 177 views

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