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findingnana (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I know it's a little too early to bring this up but I've started thinking about my...
by findingnana at 10/10/14 10:01AM, latest reply: 11/28/14 10:58PM by ATXmom
70 comments 623 views
I just recently got into Project Life. I wanted to originally do a simple scrapboo...
by Kmalott at 11/27/14 05:26PM, latest reply: 11/28/14 10:47PM by anniefb
10 comments 115 views
Lilou (Reward subscriber)
Hi all, I need some expert advice, how do you guys keep on track with your PL a...
by Lilou at 11/26/14 03:13PM, latest reply: 11/28/14 04:13PM by marcypenner
17 comments 131 views
My brother & I have been looking for males into Project Life. He started getting i...
by smokkis at 06/29/14 03:44PM, latest reply: 11/28/14 12:41PM by pipapo
14 comments 324 views
***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 03:04PM, latest reply: 11/26/14 02:33PM by Zitronenfalter
539 comments 3645 views
So, if I sign up today for $1, will the first kit I get be November's, or December...
by rachelkrutsch at 11/24/14 02:02PM, latest reply: 11/25/14 08:38PM by tgemme
17 comments 348 views
Does anyone know if SC or ABM will have 9x12 albums available before the first of ...
by rockprincess2010 at 11/20/14 03:53PM, latest reply: 11/25/14 07:13PM by melzie2121
6 comments 184 views
Hello all! I've been struggling a bit making my own project life cards. I purchase...
by SmithAaronA at 11/23/14 08:19PM, latest reply: 11/24/14 08:17PM by jessicadzl
5 comments 144 views

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