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ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
2 of the new Goldie Handbooks are on their merry way to my house! I decided on 6x8...
by ginny at 11/25/15 09:36AM, latest reply: 11/27/15 01:27AM by clippergirl
16 comments 185 views
lirathea (Reward subscriber)
I'm so excited right now as I finally received my Canyonlands PL kit (Australia. I...
by lirathea at 11/25/15 10:32PM, latest reply: 11/26/15 11:02PM by juliee
9 comments 91 views
ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I did 9x12 this year and I really liked it, but I am really drawn to the 6x8 Handb...
by ginny at 11/21/15 08:48AM, latest reply: 11/25/15 08:36AM by JilC
49 comments 285 views
tracyxo (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Has anyone thought about what colour albums they are going to use? I've been think...
by tracyxo at 10/21/15 10:45PM, latest reply: 11/24/15 01:47AM by tararice
43 comments 447 views
Does anyone know where I can buy 12x12 size that has 4x4 sections in album refills...
by Kylamae at 11/14/15 03:34PM, latest reply: 11/23/15 04:25PM by Kylamae
6 comments 65 views
I was looking at my 2015 album (I'm almost caught up, 3 weeks behind yay) and real...
by JustMel at 11/19/15 07:35AM, latest reply: 11/22/15 03:38AM by qingmei
28 comments 276 views
Hello! I really want to start Project Life for 2016. I've looked at this before...
by xchelsae at 11/20/15 10:34AM, latest reply: 11/21/15 11:47AM by tracyxo
16 comments 118 views
When do they usually restock the albums? Pickings are pretty slim. I'm looking for...
by casandraonline at 11/13/15 07:41PM, latest reply: 11/19/15 11:31PM by lirathea
6 comments 147 views
Hey there! I started prepping my 2016 Album today. I have been doing PL for 3 yea...
by mgphoto89 at 11/09/15 10:36PM, latest reply: 11/13/15 11:13PM by mgphoto89
33 comments 304 views

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