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Last year JamieBohBamie started a Project Life swap. I am doing a thorough cleanin...
by teabiscuit at 01/18/16 05:47PM, latest reply: 02/06/16 02:12PM by ondine
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pinksoup (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
If your a subscriber you have the choice of choosing a white rubber word embellish...
by pinksoup at 02/01/16 12:08AM, latest reply: 02/04/16 12:21PM by tmjordan
48 comments 641 views
Have you ever printed a Facebook status to put in a pocket of your PL? If so, how...
by familyofm at 02/01/16 09:04PM, latest reply: 02/02/16 01:38AM by lirathea
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tracyxo (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
I've taken on the task of sorting through all of my Project Life cards - 3x4 and 4...
by tracyxo at 10/21/15 09:04PM, latest reply: 01/30/16 08:41AM by Tamibr
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For those that print in 8x8, what size font do you use? I do my family albums in 1...
by lackerson82 at 01/20/16 05:02PM, latest reply: 01/21/16 09:18AM by Cfmerri
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cica313 (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
This is not fun topic, but I'd like to ask your advice how to document really sad ...
by cica313 at 01/15/16 06:30AM, latest reply: 01/18/16 05:57AM by cica313
22 comments 318 views
I'm thinking of changing things up this year and use the PL app like BH did on her...
by Bellaa75 at 01/04/16 08:29PM, latest reply: 01/14/16 09:22AM by Cfmerri
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