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dah9099 (Reward subscriber)
Just created my 2015 PL title page. I am thrilled with the way it turned out and w...
by dah9099 at 02/26/15 03:39AM, latest reply: 02/27/15 09:30PM by awesomegabi
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***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 10:04PM, latest reply: 02/27/15 06:10PM by imarxscrapper
725 comments 5139 views
jenniferd (Reward subscriber)
I need to get my PL mojo back. I really miss it, but I struggle to put together a...
by jenniferd at 02/25/15 08:23PM, latest reply: 02/27/15 04:24PM by abragg79
9 comments 115 views
I am in the process of sharing my son's school albums as I get the pages uploaded ...
by tammyb. at 02/23/15 03:12PM, latest reply: 02/27/15 10:00AM by sweetie
5 comments 63 views
Lately, I've been seeing these "Pocket Letters" out on the web. Have you seen them...
by MichelleZ at 02/13/15 09:07PM, latest reply: 02/24/15 10:14PM by kholman1180
19 comments 440 views

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