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tracyxo (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Hey ladies, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions about putting together sm...
by thegirlx at 02/25/13 04:06PM, latest reply: 05/27/15 09:08PM by tracyxo
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EHStudios (Reward subscriber)
The sample image for cards is showing 2 of the "D is for" cards...I hope this isn'...
by EHStudios at 05/27/15 11:16AM, latest reply: 05/27/15 08:38PM by tracyxo
27 comments 329 views
I recent have purchased a canon selphy to make my project life pages better. The p...
by ohai_ckah at 10/28/13 12:01PM, latest reply: 05/27/15 09:12AM by heatherfeather72
27 comments 563 views
Does anyone know if these are available in stores? Or is it only online here and A...
by Flo at 05/21/15 10:06AM, latest reply: 05/27/15 08:36AM by Flo
7 comments 184 views
qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
How is your Project Life going? I finished three spreads this past weekend so I...
by qingmei at 05/18/15 06:53PM, latest reply: 05/26/15 03:16AM by LuvLiv
31 comments 196 views
shayneb (Reward subscriber)
I haven't yet tried the Fuse tool (have one on pre-order!), but I just got a wood ...
by shayneb at 04/03/15 10:18PM, latest reply: 05/25/15 10:16AM by bsnyder
18 comments 376 views
Kelly Noel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
What's the key for you staying caught up on Project Life? For me, switching to 2 w...
by Kelly Noel at 05/21/15 06:58AM, latest reply: 05/22/15 09:08AM by Divinemsq
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flashysoupcan (Reward subscriber)
Hi, all - Does anyone have some examples of how they incorporated wine labels ...
by flashysoupcan at 05/16/15 09:46AM, latest reply: 05/21/15 04:38AM by Saralovesducks
21 comments 189 views
***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 03:04PM, latest reply: 05/20/15 02:50PM by Becs
841 comments 6193 views
Hi, can we talk a little bit about just how freaking awesome this class is going t...
by Adow at 05/13/15 11:52PM, latest reply: 05/19/15 12:56PM by CeliseMcL
13 comments 354 views
I love watching process videos, who are your favorite YouTubers that I need to be ...
by natalieejoy at 05/04/15 03:26PM, latest reply: 05/18/15 10:05PM by Happy Wife
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