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brittfuller (Reward subscriber)
How many pages have you stuffed into 1 album? I'm totally caught up and only have ...
by brittfuller at 09/22/14 01:50PM, latest reply: 09/22/14 03:14PM by kaycee__
3 comments 26 views
Any advice for printing panoramic shots using my Selphy? I don't have Photoshop. ...
by kateskelton at 09/22/14 02:03PM, latest reply: 09/22/14 02:24PM by kaycee__
1 comment 18 views
***This swap is still open!*** I bought the Midnight kit (and maybe a few other...
by JamieBohBamie at 06/27/14 03:04PM, latest reply: 09/22/14 12:56PM by JamieBohBamie
333 comments 2200 views
Hi, I've just set up my Studio Calico profile and I'm new(ish!) to Project Life. I...
by paparali at 09/16/14 11:13AM, latest reply: 09/20/14 12:01AM by penny
7 comments 154 views
qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Now that we've hit 3/4 through the year, how is your PL? I have a few missing ...
by qingmei at 09/14/14 05:29PM, latest reply: 09/16/14 06:35PM by Djuna
29 comments 123 views
Does anyone else miss the little sticker that has the name of the kit and the mont...
by grandmaof5 at 09/14/14 04:06PM, latest reply: 09/15/14 06:47PM by icequeen
19 comments 234 views
A while back I think we got some really cute BG alphas in a PL kit Dies anyone ...
by Kiwifarmer at 09/14/14 11:57PM, latest reply: 09/15/14 08:23AM by AmyBugCrafts
6 comments 111 views
juliee (Reward subscriber)
Just wanted to make sure you knew there was a secret santa sign up here http://...
by juliee at 09/14/14 09:37AM, latest reply: 09/14/14 09:37AM by juliee
So, you know those cool paper clips that came with the Poet Society PL kits? The b...
by somethingbeautiful at 09/11/14 12:17AM, latest reply: 09/13/14 06:35AM by charimoss
19 comments 346 views
hi everyone, i know i am late to the party... but do you know where i can find th...
by jiles at 09/10/14 09:10PM, latest reply: 09/12/14 04:38AM by piecesofme
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