amytangerine says…

2013 PL Week 1

Who's made it a goal to have Week 1 done of 2013 soon?
My week goes from Monday-Sunday (but really Tuesday since it was the 1st) and I am really hoping to finish it up tomorrow evening.



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  1. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    Who's made it a goal to have Week 1 done of 2013 soon?
    My week goes from Monday-Sunday (but really Tuesday since it was the 1st) and I am really hoping to finish it up tomorrow evening.

  2. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    Sunday afternoon here, i think i will try work on mines tonight i go Monday to Sunday too. (Tuesday this week too)
    if i can not i will definitely do it tomorrow

    ETA all my pics are printed for the week apart from a couple i want to add in today

  3. aagirlz (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    aagirlz says…

    Nope, we are away on holiday till Friday next week, so I am starting the year delayed, but it is ok cause I have photos 602 to be exact just from Thursday!

  4. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    I'm waiting on Seafoam to start my weeks, but I have notes down on what I want to document. Hopefully will only need to catch up on two weeks when I can get my hands on the kit.

  5. stephaniebryan (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    stephaniebryan says…

    I've worked a little on and off this week but am planning to wrap it up and finish it tomorrow night. That's my new goal for this try to devote a few hours to PL on Sunday night! Lets see how long that lasts! :)

  6. rowdymama_bellsouth_net

    I 'm currently working on the tilte page. Wellllll....I was until I got online...
    Should be done with it tonight, hopefully. We'll see.

  7. ajfries
    ajfries says…

    I'm hoping to get mind done tomorrow afternoon. :)

  8. smultringunn
    smultringunn says…

    I'm waiting 'til I get my kit! I'm making sure I take more photos than usual though, and grabbing business cards and stuff from restaurants. :)

  9. ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    ginny says…

    i am doing a Sat-Fri week so my week ended yesterday. I pretty much have it all put together, just waiting on the Handbook to get here on Wednesday to slide it in the protectors!!

  10. debduty
    debduty says…

    I might try to finish 2012 first. Or I might go out of order. I haven't decided yet. I think I have 5 weeks left from 2012.

  11. StephBaxter (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    StephBaxter says…

    I would love to get my Week 1 done but I'm still waiting on Seafoam and my PL kit from here! But I might plan mine out and just leave space for the cards.

  12. supertoni (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    supertoni says…

    My goal for this year is to have every week (Monday-Sunday) finished by Monday evening and then photographed and uploaded on Tuesday. Last year for 3/4 of the year I finished it every Sunday night, but never documented it, I hope to be better about that this year.

  13. CharissaM
    CharissaM says…

    My week is Monday (well Tuesday) to Sunday as well, so I plan on sitting down tomorrow night and get it started and have it finished no later than Monday night so it can hit my blog on Wednesdays each week.

  14. mernin (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    mernin says…

    I'm waiting on seafoam too, so I have photos in the slots. I need to finish up 2012 which is the plan for this week (along with my dec daily).

  15. MarthaBonneau
    MarthaBonneau says…

    I'm doing Monday-Sunday too and have been working on it throughout the week and should be finished by tomorrow afternoon as I only need to add 1 more 6x4 picture w journaling. My goal is to move forward working on it throughout the week, i'm not organized enough to sit down at the end of the week and put it all together, I would spend more time looking for lost bits and pieces than working on it lol!

  16. klweber2002
    klweber2002 says…

    I'm still waiting on my PL kit to arrive, but I'm planning on doing it Monday to Sunday. I bought a Selphy wireless printer, so that I don't have to wait for my pictures to arrive. I have quite a few pictures, it's the slow time of the year, not allot going on until at least mid Feb around here.

  17. pumpkinmuffin7
    pumpkinmuffin7 says…

    It was my goal, but my page protectors have yet to arrive. So instead it is my goal to just have everything ready to go so that when they arrive I can just pop everything in the slots! :)

  18. butterflychick
    butterflychick says…

    My week 1 is done! My weeks run Saturday to Friday. So week 1 was a short one.

  19. PaperPixie
    PaperPixie says…

    I considerd juror waking and planning each day, then just slipping pics in after having them printed once a week. But I am not strictly one photo/day and I feel like j want to wait until the end of the week and see what all photos I have. That way I know if I want to do some 3x4s or an insert or what. How do you guys who do it day by day handle that?

    My goal is to put everything together at my weekly scrap group on wednesday because weekends are family time and I usually don't craft during them.

  20. sillypea
    sillypea says…

    Me, me, me! That's one of the reasons I cut my weekend in half. I can work on the prior week on Sunday and get it done before the week really gets going again! So tomorrow I'm planning to blast into it...

  21. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    I do not do mines daily, i just always know when i take a picture if i will use it. For instance Tuesday i had like 4 pics Thursday i have none. I do not care i just mix it all up. For me its the stories not the days.

    Tonight i will just play about with the pictures i have until it fits the page

    im not a planner and it seems to work for me as i am upto date 100%

  22. Jacqui67
    Jacqui67 says…

    I am waiting for my PL kit to arrive. It is due on the 10th. So I will be a bit behind :( I have been taking photos though.

  23. Briana
    Briana says…

    I am doing Mon.-Sun. I am waiting anxiously for my PL but I used the photos of the kit to plan out my spread. I have all my photos printed except for one!

  24. GothamGal
    GothamGal says…

    My album was started in late October, so I'm still going through the same album, LOL.
    I am waiting until I have a Sephy cartridge worth of photos to print again, though. To make it more economical and all. :)

  25. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    i'm hoping to make it my sunday night routine to complete the week prior. hoping i can stick to that...we'll see!!

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