jojobeth1 says…

PL corner punch

Does anyone have a recommendation on what punch to use to match the rounded corners for BH Project life?

And what is the corner radius for the cards?




  1. jojobeth1
    jojobeth1 says…

    Does anyone have a recommendation on what punch to use to match the rounded corners for BH Project life?

    And what is the corner radius for the cards?


  2. Boo_
    Boo_ says…

    The best one in my opinion is the Corner Chomper with the blue handles, on the 1/4 side. :)

  3. debduty (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    debduty says…

    The 1/4" side of the corner chomper by we r memory keepers matches the ones in the kit.

  4. pgaray
    pgaray says…

    I use the blue corner chomper. Love it.

  5. jojobeth1
    jojobeth1 says…

    Thanks all!

  6. jojobeth1
    jojobeth1 says…

    Does anyone know if it is sold at Michaels or Joann's?

  7. TamiG
    TamiG says…

    yes at Joanns, just bought mine finally this week (I had a gift card, score!) And you can use a coupon too

  8. ShannaNoel (Reward subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

    I don't know if you can wait, but if so We are Memory Keepers has a fun tool coming out!!

  9. ShannaNoel (Reward subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

  10. NicoleH
    NicoleH says…

    i just punch all of mine with the same corner rounder...that way they match ;)

  11. Jennsdoodles
    Jennsdoodles says…

    I use the corner chomper too. But not liking the corners :-(
    Can't wait for that punch! Wish we didn't have to wait till June.

  12. scrapmariner92
    scrapmariner92 says…

    Leave it to WRMK - they have the best tools! OMGosh, can't wait for that punch!!

  13. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    I agree. Corner Chomper.

  14. stinkydudette (Reward subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    I love my EK Success Corner punches..

  15. spagirl (Reward subscriber)
    spagirl says…

    love this one... i have it in two sizes, small and large ... the large looks more like PL is, i'm guessing it's roughly 1/4" vs 1/8" ... i like both.
    i guess it looks like a CM one, but i bought mine at my lss years ago!

  16. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    I like the EK success ones, I have the small green one and the larger purple one. I love that you can take the guides off and use it as a scallop punch :)

  17. jaimiez
    jaimiez says…

    I bought 2 different corner chompers. I don't find the cut with a smooth clean edge at all. Really bothers me. Does anyone else have that problem? Maybe I should email them and they'd replace them.

  18. amiep (Reward subscriber)
    amiep says…

    I have several of the Creative Memories corner punches that are just the right size.

  19. katiehaugland
    katiehaugland says…

    The yellow WRMK Crop a Dile is exact

  20. jenniferswilson
    jenniferswilson says…

    OMG @JenniferT - I have the green one and had no idea you could do that!

  21. aggiebonfire00 (Reward subscriber)
    aggiebonfire00 says…

    the corner rounder i have is too big. i am on the hunt for a smaller size tomorrow. love the kit. i appreciate those little calendar cards, but i hope all future months have the same style of calendar card as the january one. :)

  22. Bethany
    Bethany says…

    The WRMK punch looks awesome!

  23. amytangerine (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    amytangerine says…

    looks like i will be needing a new corner chomper soon!

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