WaiSam says…

Project Life Core Kit

I have not start subbing the new PL kit from SC nor purchased any PL kit from Becky higgins.
Just wondering, is it a must to get the PL core kit to start doing a PL? I have some Echo PArk Photo Freedom photo sleeves to start doing it now.

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  1. WaiSam
    WaiSam says…

    I have not start subbing the new PL kit from SC nor purchased any PL kit from Becky higgins.
    Just wondering, is it a must to get the PL core kit to start doing a PL? I have some Echo PArk Photo Freedom photo sleeves to start doing it now. Lets say i start subbing the SC PL kit, do you think the core kit from Becky higgins is still a must?

    I am actually eyeing on the Baby Edition for Him Core kit since I am expecting a baby boy in April. But I m just worried it might not be versatile for day-to-day memory keeping. What is your favorite core kit? Have read that most of the ppl waiting for their sea foam so far ;)

  2. butterflychick
    butterflychick says…

    In my opinion, you don't need a core kit or any kit to start doing project life. When I started out last year, I didn't have a kit until later. You can use what you have. I bought the cobalt core kit last year and I still have lots of it left. Some weeks, I used the core kit. Other weeks I used my scrapbook kits and stuff I got free off the internet. Search pinterest for project life stuff. Here's a link to my pinterest board. Lots of free stuff there.


    Hope that was helpful!

  3. chocolate_ee
    chocolate_ee says…

    It's so NOT a must ! But I can understand why you might feel that way as there's so much temptation to buy exactly the right stuff !! AS it happens I have subbed to the SC kit which I'm still awaiting so my PL will probably not start until half way through the month but I'm not going to get anything else apart from page protectors and only a few as I have some already that will do.
    There's the most amazing quantity of lovely free stuff out there , you almost needn't buy a thing provided you've got a decent printer. in fact butterfly chick - thanks so much for the link to those freebies on your Pinterest board , they're delightful - I've just downloaded and printed a whole bunch . I reckon you could do a year's worth of PL on freebies alone ! People's generosity is boundless in sharing their work and putting it out there for everyone to enjoy - Thank You freebie providers !!

    Check out the PL Freebies thread on this board too where everyone posts their own and other people's work to share .

  4. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    you definitely don't need the core kit, but i do love having all of the plain grid cards. plus i love that they are already cut to the perfect size...so easy to just slap a photo and some journaling on them.

  5. MadSky
    MadSky says…

    Here is a great blog post about how to do PL without a kit. She just uses her stash and some 6x6 pads.


  6. invisimom
    invisimom says…

    It is certainly not necessary to have a Core Kit. But it is nice to rely on it when you have a lot of catching up to do (happened to me all too often this summer) or when you are not feeling particularly *creative* but just want to get your pages *done*.

    I'm subbed to the PL Kit here, still have about 1/2 of my Clementine Kit from last year, and will nab a Seafoam Kit as soon as they are available. I use Snap albums to make childhood albums for each of my four kids (plus one for me and my husband), so I can tear through the precut journaling cards at a pretty quick clip. ;-)

  7. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    No way. You can totally do PL with your stash, scrapbook kits or even a combination of kits.

  8. nicolereaves
    nicolereaves says…

    I was doing my PL with the card kit and the printables at the end of last year. It's totally do-able without a core kit. :)

  9. CatB22 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    CatB22 says…

    I don't have a core kit and have been doing PL since July. I do have some of the grid 3x4 cards which I love personalising - but that's what I love to do :) I mostly use my scrapbook kit from here :)

  10. StephBaxter (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    StephBaxter says…

    Have you seen the new core kits, just announced on Becky's blog and social media feeds?! You may *need* one or two or three core kits now :p

  11. maryboys
    maryboys says…

    i'd highly recommend getting the 4x6 and 3x4 basic grid cards for sure, which you can buy separately or download and print. i've not bought a core kit yet and am on my 3rd year. but i did sub to the SC PL kit and am eager to see how that works for me - i like minimal, simple.

  12. heatherkeesee
    heatherkeesee says…

    I was on the fence about the Baby Edition core kit for Him but got it and LOVE it. More versatile than I thoguht it would be!! Only a small portion of the kit are specific baby journaling prompts. I had planned to use it to go back and do 2010 (second son) but am going to mix alot of it in for 2013. I adore the chevron cards and the "etc." cards especially!! :)

  13. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    Like many have said, it's not a must. If you have a HUGE stash - use it! I personally get a kit because I like what's in it and I used some cards on other projects as well. One of my goals this year is to use MORE of my kit in my actual PL album. I tended to stray and use scrap paper for cards. This time around, I want to use a majority of the kit in my album. I also print quite a bit of 3x4 pictures, so those take the place of cards, which is why I end up with so many left over. It's your call, but don't spend the money if you don't think you absolutely need it. Hope that helps!

  14. hannal
    hannal says…

    I barely touched my core kit last year. This year I have mostly been using my B sides of the cards to design my own w/ my left over stash. If anything I would just get a pack of the 3*4 grid cards and use those.

  15. ajmcgarvey
    ajmcgarvey says…

    I have to say though, you might want one of Becky's new kits -- they truly look amazing -- I don't think I've felt that way yet!

  16. MollyFrances (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    MollyFrances says…

    I'm not getting a core kit this year. It's too much stuff for me on top of the SC subscription (I have the regular scrapbook kit sub). I have been thinking about downloading the AC Digital journaling cards from the Seafoam kit if I come across a need for it. Then I can just print the ones I want and it's less expensive for me.

    And now that there are so many new editions I'll probably be downloading a few different ones once they are available. I've got my eye on Honey & Midnight (& Seafoam).

  17. WaiSam
    WaiSam says…

    thanks everyone for the tips. I finally broke down yesterday and went to our LSS to check out the core kit. Then i decided to make my own kit with the monthly SC subscriptions and also my stash. I am so in love with the latest Midnight edition, its by my favorite designer Paislee Press!

  18. cbsplace
    cbsplace says…

    I have a core kit and haven't touched it cause it's totally not me...I don't feel it is customizable enough. If your one that needs more structure then I would say go ahead and get one, but definitely not a must.

  19. cbsplace
    cbsplace says…

    And Paislee Press is one of my favorite designers too!

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