marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
marcypenner says…

Studio Calico card sizes (February and on) - plus a little early sneak.

I couldn't find the original thread that was about the concern in sizes for the Project Life cards, so I'll address it in this thread.

The cards from February onward we measured to be identical to Becky Higgins grid and core kit cards. The only differ



  1. Magoosangel
    Magoosangel says…

    In the past I know BH had some page protectors for sale that the sizes were a bit off on vs her own cards. I know that it stated that in the description when I bought them. Wonder if maybe someoen mixed them in and didn't realize they were those ones. I think it was the 4 by 4 sheets though. I got them and just adjust my card sizes.

  2. supertoni (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    supertoni says…

    I appreciate you showing us this Marcy. Btw my January PL cards fit perfectly in my BH plastics. I am excited to see the reveal!

  3. cccjenn
    cccjenn says…

    Thanks for the pics!

  4. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    looking good to me! thanks for sharing marcy.

  5. Leahbear1
    Leahbear1 says…

    I agree, samanthalanday. I'm a newbie to SC, but I've been doing PL for several years and love Becky Higgins kits. I've been watching people's comments here about their PL SC kits to see if I want to subscribe. I agree with you about the tone of some of the responses from SC. Several people have commented on other threads that the cards in the kit (not the FREE cards) have bad corners. Yet most if the SC responses seem pretty flip about the issue. Considering how much a monthly kit costs, I would expect a more professional response.

  6. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    I am not as worried about the size of the PL cards as I am the corners, do the new corners look like they were professionally done, or are they still random and appear hand cut?

  7. shannonaj
    shannonaj says…

    Thanks for Pic!

  8. rosie_d
    rosie_d says…

    I'm freaking out because I'm concerned that I'm paying for a product that is flawed? If I buy a tshirt at Target and one sleeve is longer than the other, and I'm disappointed, am I "freaking out"?

    I'm incredibly offended by your response, April.

  9. MadSky
    MadSky says…

    I'm a newbie to SC so I was getting concerned reading some of the reactions to this kit. Well, I received my SC PL Kit and absolutely LOVE it. I don't have any problems with the size of the cards. They all fit in my BH page protectors without any trimming. I measured them against the BH PL cards and the SC cards are 1/16" bigger. Not much at all.

    The free calendar cards corners were a bit rough, but it took me less than 2 minutes to use my corner rounder on them. Not a big deal.

    I'm really looking forward to Feb's PL Kit. Looks amazing!!

  10. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    Still wondering if the quality of the corners has improved, from some,of the sneaks I am wondering. Any word?

  11. Lorie
    Lorie says…

    @ms.snickerdoodle - we are rounding all of the corners in-house. Amy and I experimented with several different techniques until we came up with a way to cut them so that they look more uniform. Last month, we took all of one type of card and cut the corners about 25-30 at a time. When we put all of the different types of cards together into one kit, the corners all looked different, because they were all cut at different times and on several different machines.

    This month, we sorted all of the cards into kit form first. Then we cut each group of cards as a kit all in one cut. This way all of the cards are cut at the same angle on the same machine. They come out of the corner rounder looking like a deck of cards. The cuts are very neat and the packs look more even because they are cut as a set.

    I personally cut cards for a while today to make sure that the cuts looked cleaner and more uniform. They looked great to me, so I took each person on my staff and trained them on the new cutting procedure. I also went and spot checked their work on the hour. I can tell you that not all of the packs made the cut and some were rejected. We are serious about getting these cards right this month!

    I hope that this will ease some of your fears and I thank you for your patience as we outgrown some of the growing pains of starting a new kit like this.

  12. ShellyJ (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    ShellyJ says…

    Oh my.. You guys are chomping those corners in house? You guys should really think about straight corners ;) what a job! So which corner rounder are you using? I can't seem to find one that matches Becky's corners exactly. Yes, I am a little bit OCD.

  13. magsmomky (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    magsmomky says…

    Wow, you are chomping each card?? Seriously, please consider square corners!! :)

  14. kinsey
    kinsey says…

    what shellyj said...i've been re-rounding everything whether its from a kit, cards i've ordered online, or stuff i cut on my silhouette because my ocd is in full swing with this project. i've been using the bind-it-all brand heavy duty corner rounder- its the pink one and it works really well. i love detail and i think that's why i love this project so much- lots of little details to keep me occupied :)

  15. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…


    Thank you! What is SC going to do without you? I am so happy for you and your soon (fingers crossed on the soon!) to be growing family, but man, you are going to be missed! Thank YOU for all the things you do!!!!

  16. nessa9116
    nessa9116 says…

    Wow, I cannot believe that all of these are being rounded in house! Wouldn't it be more logical to sell them with square corners, then people could choose?
    Why spend money on labour for that?
    I thought the reasoning behind having round corners was to match the cards from Becky Higgins?
    Aren't Becky Higgins products going to be manufactured by American Crafts? Can't they provide you with the same round corners? If not...STOP doing it? They don't match perfectly, and many people would be happy with square corners!

    This just seems so crazy!

    Thank you Lorie for telling us the truth. I wish we could expect the same from the owner here.

  17. brendawalter312
    brendawalter312 says…

    That seems like so much work! I seriously wouldn't mind doing it on my own, especially since a few people have spoke up saying they'd prefer they not be rounded.

    Do we have a February subscription update? Any idea if more people would be added to the active list, or is it done for the month?

  18. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    I would be happy with square

  19. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    I say we go square too, that is just silly doing them in house when so many people want them square in the first place. What a waste of time and resources!

  20. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    Well this makes me kinda nervous to know that the cards are being done this way. I always expect the best from studio calico when it comes to quality but this seems unprofessional. They cannot possibly all be coming out exactly the same with different people sitting around doing them by hand :-/. As an example, there have been many people whose cards didnt fit their page protectors and just as many whose did. mine had to be trimmed to fit in the slots. no biggie, BUT not what i expect from SC. I really do hope things can get sorted out here. And while I know this isn't the end of the world, it is something that I'm choosing to pay for with money hard earned.

  21. Boo_
    Boo_ says…

    Also happy with square, for the record! :)

  22. PaperPixie
    PaperPixie says…

    The exacts radius of the BH cards is 3/8". The yellow handled Corner Chomper is an exact match. At least, as of the Cobalt kit. For those detail oriented folks out there. :). Becky has said she uses the 1/4" on her personal project, but when Persnickety Prints started doing their Project Life size/style prints, they stated the radius and it does match up!

  23. Lorie
    Lorie says…

    @nailgirl - we are using a large corner rounder and cutting each kit together. Trust me, the cards look much better this month.

  24. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    I am happy as long as SC are sorting it all :)
    thanks ladies

  25. Taniesa (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Taniesa says…

    Thank you for all the detail you guys put into our kits every month. I have no complaint, except maybe Lori leaving because she's amazing! I see a few people getting snarky or angry here from time to time and I just don't understand. I guess it's just a case of you can't please ALL the people ALL the time.