jenwozab says…

Is the Studio Calico Project Life Really Worth It?? I've Been Waiting 4 Months For My Kit!

I subscribed to the Project Life kit back in DECEMBER but was told that the January kit was sold out and that I didn't make the list for the February kit. I questioned whether this was the company that I wanted to spend my hard earned money for the projec



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  1. jenwozab
    jenwozab says…

    I subscribed to the Project Life kit back in DECEMBER but was told that the January kit was sold out and that I didn't make the list for the February kit. I questioned whether this was the company that I wanted to spend my hard earned money for the project life, since there are some great options out there like Becky Higgins, Kelly Purkey, and other company kits. I decided I would wait to get my hands on the March kit to make a decision. I finally made the list for a March kit but then there was some major shipping errors, which resulted in the package being returned to Studio Calico days before my April kit was shipped. Now I'm waiting for both my March and April kit and I'm STILL WAITING!! Studio Calico shipped it USPS and it was delivered to a holding center on April 6 and I've been informed that it could take 8-14 days for the package to be released from the center and delivered. WHAT!?! I may not get any of my kits UNTIL the end of April. I don't know how long I can wait for these kits and am really questioning whether this company is worth it. Has anyone else had SHIPPING ISSUES? Has anyone else been WAITING this long?

  2. hannal
    hannal says…

    I have been a member since 2008 and have never had a shipping issue. Ultimately it is a personal decision but I think SC has the best service hands down and seems like there have been several free extras like digi downloads that they have shared to help make the wait a little better. I loved Shann's post on using the digi downloads and maybe you could create some of your own jornaling cards w/ those in the meantime. I know that isn't perfect but might be an option at least.

  3. MadSky
    MadSky says…

    I haven't had any shipping issues but I can wholeheartedly say YES this is the best kit out there. I've received every SC PL kit since January and LOVE every single item in each one. It will definitely be worth the wait. Hang in there!!

  4. bh_dallas
    bh_dallas says…

    I agree as well that this is the BEST PL Kit out there. This is coming from a person who has tried another company's PL Kit, has bought BH core kits before and other kits. The Value for Money, the quality of items, the matched up embellishments and the creative team inspiration. For me this is the best for sure. I would advise you to wait till you get both March and April kits and then decide (because these two were the best of the best so far for me).

  5. sweetie
    sweetie says…

    I adore PL by SC. I've been able to compare the core kits & others. This is BY far the kit. Quality is outstanding. Even the core kits (which I received later) are not close to how great SCs kit are!

  6. ISing
    ISing says…

    Definitely the best kit, in my opinion, out there. The stamp sets are absolutely wonderful and TOP notch! You cannot buy the designs or the cards anywhere else. Sorry you have had to wait so long. I have never had any issues with shipping, but I have only had UPS. I find that USPS service is weird lately.

  7. IAmMikki
    IAmMikki says…

    I signed up Dec 14th, my sub was active for the Feb kit. I haven't had any shipping issues, this past kit had a couple missing pieces and SC was wonderful in taking care of me.

    Is PL worth it? Absolutely. After 3 years of using the core kit only, the SC Project Life kit has been SO much fun and so worth it. I have barely touched my Seafoam kit. It's great to have variety and to have my PL spreads looking more fancy without a lot of work. In the past I'd tried dressing up my pages here and there, most of the time it was more trouble than it was worth, in the case of the kit, I already have beautiful cards (that I don't have to make myself) and those embellishments are so nice but don't require work to add to my spreads.

    Stick with it! I'm sorry to hear you haven't had a good experience so far, but I would wait it out until you get a kit and use it to see if it is really something you're unhappy with.

  8. petitenoonie
    petitenoonie says…

    I'm sorry for the shipping issues! Sounds like that is the post and not studio calico though. I hope you get them soon.

    Studio calico is totally worth it. I truly think their kits are the absolutely best out there- both scrapbook and pl! It's totally worth the wait!

  9. 1Djc
    1Djc says…

    This is my 4th year doing project life. I love that Becky Higgins has given her blessing to SC supplying a PL kit. The quality and variety are awesome and allows creativity and "fun" in doing PL. As hard and frustrating your wait has been, I really think you will find it worth it. To me, the fact that the creator of this system, is happy for SC to provide it in her name, means a lot! I feel it's an honor to her to purchase from those who respect her creation.

  10. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member)
    AprilFoster says…

    @DjC - You said that so well and I am so glad you noticed that part of the equation. Very astute of you!

    @everyone - you all have made me smile from ear to ear. Now, I need to go to bed and have sweet dreams. It's almost 2am....yikes!

  11. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    I have to agree it is the best PL kit on the market today, i have had a couple others and they are not even close to the quality of the ones you will get here.

    So much so i get 2 of the PL kits, i love them THAT much

    Also they make my PL so so easy, it takes me 1 hour a week as the spreads fall together

    Sorry you have had to wait, it will be worth it though

  12. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    i will have to agree that it's the best PL kit out there!!! i'm sure you'll agree when you receive your kit. so far, march and april's kit have been my favorite!!! hang in there!!

  13. stephaniebryan (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    stephaniebryan says…

    I couldn't agree more!!! So awesome, so worth every penny, so wonderful!!! I think it's a must have!!! :)

  14. kayler00
    kayler00 says…

    Once you get past the frustration I think you'll find it worth it. I understand where the frustration comes from. I'm waiting on an order from Stop And Scrap from the end of January. =( But I'll wait some more.

  15. ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    ginny says…

    so sorry you have had to wait so long :( but yes, it is so worth it when you get it!! march was my first month and i was blown away at the quality and all of the goodies in the kits!!

  16. snowbirds
    snowbirds says…

    I can't wait to be able to buy PL kits individually... Only SC could convert me to PL and although I will not subscribe I just love being able to buy a PL from time to time, they are lovely!

  17. CatherineDavis (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    CatherineDavis says…

    I'm speaking purely as a design lover here....YES.

  18. Lisainok
    Lisainok says…

    I can certainly understand your frustration! Waiting for something that you should have had days or even weeks ago is just a pain, and there is nothing you can do but wait more!
    I was on the waiting list for a bit, and even wondered myself a time or two if it would be worth it. For me, it is, and I wish I'd just gone ahead and signed up from the first. I really like the quality of the product and having a kit each month ready to go for me saves a lot of time in this busy world.
    I hope your kits arrive soon and that you discover as most of us have that the wait was indeed worth it!

  19. bronte124
    bronte124 says…

    I have been subbing here for a couple of years and SC has converted me to start up PL and I am loving it. The PL kit is the best one at the moment and that is really saying something.

  20. meheandtheeis3
    meheandtheeis3 says…

    I get all three subs and can definitely say the PL one is my fave. Well worth the wait! (oh and when you mention other kits you say Kelly Purkey - if you're talking about the SSS kit that came out - it was such a rip off! I was so disappointed when I got mine.... Never had that feeling with the SC ones!)

  21. Meerfrau (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    Meerfrau says…

    You know what? After reading all these posts, I am now on the waiting list for PL! Yeah!

  22. Djuna
    Djuna says…

    I subscribe to the PL kit and really like it; the quality of the cards is nice, the stamps are cute and versatile, and I like getting a variety every month. I get other things so mine ships UPS. It's usually fairly slow (I live in the western US and get my kits on the 14th or 15th), but completely reliable and I have never had an issue with shipping.

    When I have had CS-type issues here, they always have addressed them quickly and reasonably.

  23. TaraElias
    TaraElias says…

    Glad to read this! I've only been on the way list for a month, but it makes me all the more excited to receive my first kit in June!

  24. paperaddict410
    paperaddict410 says…

    I have only been subscribing to SC since last June. I signed up for the PL kit immediately and I'm so glad I did. I LOVE the kit. I get both the scrapbook and project life kits and the PL kit is by far my favorite of the two. I love all the cards, I love the's really helped me stay on track and stay inspired having new stuff every month. I'm sure once the shipping issue is sorted out and you get the kits you're waiting on you'll think it's worth it. I blessed enough to not live far from SC so I always get my kits the day after they're shipped, but when I did have issues with an order, it was handled promptly and went above what I would have expected. I don't post a lot but I do love it here!

  25. hnoel
    hnoel says…

    Yes! The kits are great. The stamps are amazing. The price is such a bargain. Once you get your kits you will forget all about the frustration ;)

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