IAmMikki says…

WRMK 3x4 punch

I have heard nothing but really terrible reviews about this punch. I have heard it is SO hard to use and ruins more photos and it punches.

Has anyone here used it?



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  1. IAmMikki
    IAmMikki says…

    I have heard nothing but really terrible reviews about this punch. I have heard it is SO hard to use and ruins more photos and it punches.

    Has anyone here used it?

  2. knownasemj
    knownasemj says…

    Good to hear this feedback, I had a feeling it might be ineffective

  3. sprain
    sprain says…

    Read the same thing about the punch. Heard that their envelope maker is great though!

  4. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    oh what a bummer! will try and see if i can test it at CHA next week.

  5. melissah3
    melissah3 says…

    Too bad! I saw there is a squared corner one now too, which I'd like. Maybe I'll just wait until the kinks have been worked out.

  6. Emilytwalker (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    Emilytwalker says…

    Is there a good alternative? I've been waiting to see it in stock online. I'm tired of cutting down my photos with an Exacto knife, but I don't want to invest in a big die cutter or anything.

  7. Inkspots
    Inkspots says…

    This is so sad to hear. I've been waiting for this, but hadn't seen anything.

  8. StudioM
    StudioM says…

    I have used it and it took several tries to get it "rubbed" up. Practice first with scraps & follow the instructions.

  9. wombat76
    wombat76 says…

    Where can you buy it? I haven't found it available anywhere yet.

  10. GothamGal
    GothamGal says…

    What about the 3x4 die? I have heard you can run it through a cuttlebug or sizzix and that should work?

  11. maureen97
    maureen97 says…

    My Favorite Things has a 3x4 die as does Your Next Stamp. The difference is that the MFT die is solid and the YNS die is open so you can see what you're cutting. The YNS version also comes with some other dies and is slightly cheaper. I hope you'll check it out at Your Next Stamp - I am an actual Project Lifer and I helped design the dies! :)

  12. neetasduggal (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    neetasduggal says…

    thats so dissapointing!! i was looking forward to getting both the square and round 3x4 punch :(

  13. cmod
    cmod says…

    Does the Your Next Stamp die fit into the PL pockets without trimming? Or is it a true 3X4? So excited to hear about this die since the punch seems to be such a disappointment.

  14. maureen97
    maureen97 says…

    The YNS die fits the BH pockets perfectly - no trimming!

    BTW - here's the post I just did using the dies: http://mycasestudies.blogspot.com/2013/07/yns-july-new-release-blog-hop.html

  15. deannacorinna
    deannacorinna says…

    Anyone have a follow up on this that actually tried it?

  16. AprilFoster (Studio Calico Staff Member)
    AprilFoster says…

    Yes! Good news. Both amy tan and I tried it at Cha independently of one another and had the same review....IT WORK GREAT! The key is to punch using two hands. Just one and you'll get a wonky cut so I think the verdict here is user error.

  17. deannacorinna
    deannacorinna says…

    Awesome! Thanks @april!! I hope I can get one if it gets back in stock in the SC shop!

  18. spagirl
    spagirl says…

    A friend has one and likes it.
    She said at first she couldn't figure it out... because its magnetic. lol ;)
    I think she was looking for a place to slide the paper as in a more traditional punch!!

    Why would you choose this instead of using a trimmer?
    Are you using it for paper? Pictures?

  19. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    I have one and I like it. Never any issues at all - but you do have to use two hands (which I don't mind)I have used it on pattern paper and photos.

    I say buy one!

  20. slhamby (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    slhamby says…

    I've got the rounded corner one and it works great; no problems at all.

  21. cgoodner
    cgoodner says…

    I have tried both the rounded corner and the square corner and neither will cut through a picture or card stock. It works fine on thin patterned paper, but $30 seems a little steep for a punch that only cuts through thin patterned paper. Anything heavier than light weight patterned paper just cuts partially and jams the punch. I have tried punching it several different ways with the same poor results. I am very disappointed. Glad that others are having better luck, but I think potential buyers should be warned that the results are hit and miss.

  22. melissah3
    melissah3 says…

    I have the rounded corner one, and it works beautifully. I like to put it on the floor, lean over it, and punch with both hands. You really have to make sure you push it all the way down... you'll want the top flush against the base of the punch. You may even want to press down, then rock the top down and side to side to make sure it fully punches. Hope that makes sense!

  23. cgoodner
    cgoodner says…

    @melissah3 - that is what I resorted to last night but the punch jammed on me when I did that. I guess mine is just a lemon.

  24. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    I really loved trying it at CHA.
    I just got mine (rounded corners) and agree that it's a two hand, stand up kind of tool. didn't have any issues with patterned paper or cardstock and LOVE that it fits just perfect.

  25. melissah3
    melissah3 says…

    @cgoodner - Sorry to hear. :( Maybe contact WRMK? I've tried thick cardstock, patterned paper and photos. My little one liked holding his punched photo, hehe. I was surprised at how cleanly the cardstock punched after reading all of the reviews.

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