sweetie (Reward subscriber)
sweetie says…

Design Team- PL handbook (6x8) size

With Shannas move to 12x12 PL LOs, is anyone in the design team using a 6x8 PL?

If not, please share yours in our gallery any of your PL LOs that are 6x8; I'd love to see more!

And I will be posting more of mine, soon!


  1. sweetie (Reward subscriber)
    sweetie says…

    With Shannas move to 12x12 PL LOs, is anyone in the design team using a 6x8 PL?

    If not, please share yours in our gallery any of your PL LOs that are 6x8; I'd love to see more!

    And I will be posting more of mine, soon!

  2. pennypumpkin
    pennypumpkin says…

    Great idea! I love handbook size PLs! I have some of mine in my gallery and on my blog:
    It's not DT quality but hey, I'm doing my best, lol. I recently did some spreads with the SC PL kit, need to upload those, too :)

    Would love to see more of them, let's hope everyone shares theirs :D

  3. BeckyCreates
    BeckyCreates says…

    I do PL in the handbook too. I will post some to my gallery this weekend.

  4. NicoleH
    NicoleH says…

    I noticed Geralyn used a Handbook for a layout this month...I think she may have done so in past months as well?

  5. Catherine Davis (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    Catherine Davis says…

    I've been doing some the past couple of months along with my 12x12 pages. Testing the waters for changing things up!


  6. TamiG
    TamiG says…

    I noticed Maggie is using a handbook for a baby album, you could check that out for inspiration. I am doing my project summer in a snap album, similar to handbook and will hopefully be able to post soon

  7. makeaface (Reward subscriber)
    makeaface says…

    I use it too so I'm hoping to see more on the design team. I know Kelly Purkey uses one but since she's not on SC's design team, the products are different.

  8. tracyxo (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    tracyxo says…

    I'm so torn about how I want to do PL next year. I love the smaller look (especially KP's in the Snap album) but I'm also loving all the new 12x12 binders that are coming out. I know it's only August... but I like to plan ahead haha.

  9. debduty (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    debduty says…

    I know I'll eventually go to a handbook size but not sure when.. Once my boys are grown which I know is coming much too soon I'll be switching over, maybe sooner.

  10. PaperAddict
    PaperAddict says…

    @Penny Pumpkin - oh wow! Loving your PL! Thanks for linking. Totally DT quality!

  11. ShannaNoel (Reward subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the simplicity of the Handbook but got in the mood to add more of my kids art work, theater tickets etc. Both takes on PL are just so much fun!

  12. pennypumpkin
    pennypumpkin says…

    @PaperAddict Wow thanks for the compliment :D

  13. plasticlight (Reward subscriber)
    plasticlight says…

    @Penny - she's totally right! I love your PL too! Totally have me inspired to switch to a smaller format next year :)

  14. scrapally (Reward subscriber)
    scrapally says…

    I'm not on the DT either, but all of my Life Documented pages are in 6x8 format this year because I am using a SS Snap album. I have a couple of spreads in the gallery.

  15. AllisonWaken (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    AllisonWaken says…

    Would you like to see more Handbook spreads added to the gallery? I love the handbook size and could definitely add some spreads into the reveal gallery if people are looking for inspiration! I'll still do the 12x12 because, like Shanna I have a lot of bits to add still but have some ideas I could put into play for a handbook size.

  16. pennypumpkin
    pennypumpkin says…

    I'd totally love to see more Handbook spreads! I'm always looking to get inspired what others do with theirs :)

  17. Boo
    Boo says…

    I'm using that size for my son's baby-kid album (It holds a lot more than I thought!) It's nowhere near finished but I could grab a few of my favorite spreads. :) 6x8 is a great size, it'd be really nice for PL, especially if you did a seasonal one, with one book for Spring, one for Summer, etc. You could keep each one within a theme.

  18. pennypumpkin
    pennypumpkin says…

    @AllisonWaken I'd totally love to see your handbook size spreads in the reveal gallery if you feel like creating some :D

    Uploaded a few of my more recent spreads into my gallery that I put together using the Valley High and the Marks & Co PL kit. I think one of the points that some people criticized was that the colors weren't coherent, and I thought so too at first, but then I found that inside the kit there are several groups of cards that fit together (but somehow didn't fit the other groups) know what I mean? I think these card groups work really well in a 6x8" album because you don't actually have to include too many other cards, so you can really showcase the ones you like. At least that's what I thought. ;)

  19. sweetie (Reward subscriber)
    sweetie says…

    Yes, please, if you'd like to share your work, please post it! I love eyecandy, especially 6x8 PL! Thanks, everyone (DT & members), for replying! I hope you will post your smaller size stuff.

  20. wendymorris
    wendymorris says…

    I use the 6x8 format.
    More to come on my blog....I'm just diving more into PL.

  21. Msaula (Reward subscriber)
    Msaula says…

    Loving all the Handbook layouts! Thanks for starting this thread sweetie! Here's one I just did using Amy Tan's stitching templates from the Toolbox class.
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

  22. Msaula (Reward subscriber)
    Msaula says…

    LOVE your Blog Wendy....so much inspiration! Especially love your "About Me" statement!

  23. cbsplace (Reward subscriber)
    cbsplace says…

    I just got home from a retreat and did a TON of layouts for my Handbook! I will post them ASAP and link here :)

  24. qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    qingmei says…

    Thanks for linking mine, Nik! I'll try to include some Handbook spreads every once in a while :) I love using the handbook for travel mini-books!

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