Sneak Peeks

beckynovacek (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Even though it's just been a couple of months, I've missed being a part of the gal...
by beckynovacek at 02/26/15 11:56AM, latest reply: 02/27/15 02:50AM by bckueser
18 comments 338 views
just g (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I am so excited to be contributing for the March kit! The blues and yellows are t...
by just g at 02/25/15 11:31AM, latest reply: 02/26/15 07:41AM by jiffy99
28 comments 320 views
qingmei (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I'll be posting my sneaks in this thread as the month goes along :) I've been shar...
by qingmei at 02/18/15 03:15PM, latest reply: 02/25/15 08:06PM by Lisa H
37 comments 499 views
ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
This is another great month you all :) I love the greens & blues with pops of red ...
by ginny at 02/19/15 12:50PM, latest reply: 02/25/15 01:06PM by Lisa H
48 comments 494 views
I have been watching Instagram, but there's not sign of the card kit. PL. Scrapbo...
by asasko at 02/19/15 07:23PM, latest reply: 02/24/15 06:20PM by stephieboots
45 comments 704 views
messervy4 (Reward subscriber)
Can we see some sneaks of the stamps in the 3 main kits, please? The stamps are al...
by messervy4 at 02/19/15 01:35PM, latest reply: 02/24/15 05:23PM by abragg79
59 comments 1508 views
dah9099 (Reward subscriber)
Did any of you see the hash mark paper in the Card Kit and Card Kit Add-Ons sneaks...
by dah9099 at 02/15/15 10:30AM, latest reply: 02/18/15 02:29AM by Esk
21 comments 205 views
OMG...I want everything. Quick Look before bed and I'm in love. The colors...t...
by abragg79 at 02/13/15 11:22PM, latest reply: 02/16/15 10:32AM by Scrap2day-Barb
90 comments 1284 views

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