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We’re pretty excited for Reveal tomorrow here at SC! I have now been at Studio Cal...
by KelsiA at 06/26/14 03:33PM, latest reply: 01/26/15 02:53PM by pipapo
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clickclick (Reward subscriber)
I wanted to share what happened yesterday and how it has handled. Everyone knows t...
by clickclick at 01/28/15 09:39AM, latest reply: 01/28/15 04:07PM by ATXmom
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...I have been posting my non-SC pages here for a bit but finally placed my first ...
by jodywenke at 01/28/15 12:16PM, latest reply: 01/28/15 04:04PM by amberhousley
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juliee (Reward subscriber)
I want them all but that's just not doable this month. So what colors for this mo...
by juliee at 01/27/15 06:43PM, latest reply: 01/28/15 02:07PM by Square
8 comments 184 views
LuckyJava (Reward subscriber)
I LOVE pink and never tire of it. I have all girls but scrap about all kinds of th...
by LuckyJava at 01/27/15 05:14PM, latest reply: 01/28/15 12:28PM by abragg79
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marto_gal_30 (Reward subscriber)
I finally opened my January project life kit and two of the white cards have black...
by marto_gal_30 at 01/28/15 04:39AM, latest reply: 01/28/15 12:24PM by Ghislaine
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CharissaMitchell (Reward subscriber)
I sub to PL and I am LOVING the main. I have mixed opinions when it comes to the g...
by CharissaMitchell at 01/27/15 04:35PM, latest reply: 01/28/15 11:59AM by Djuna
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