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We’re pretty excited for Reveal tomorrow here at SC! I have now been at Studio Cal...
by KelsiA at 06/26/14 03:33PM, latest reply: 02/26/15 07:33PM by Leashah
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I always thought that I would never ever stitch or sew with my machine on a layout...
by D_Debster at 03/29/15 03:08PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 07:57PM by ATXmom
5 comments 60 views
Brandeye8 (Reward subscriber)
I might definitely cringe and regret this quickly, but I am taking a leap outside ...
by Brandeye8 at 03/27/15 09:47PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 07:42PM by theslowcrafter
47 comments 539 views
I'm not a acetate alpha fan. Enter my RAK and they are yours! I'll pick a winner ...
by KarineC at 03/29/15 01:21PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 06:46PM by Courtney333
24 comments 132 views
Will this be restocked? I missed it at reveal as well
by Joelaw at 03/29/15 08:11AM, latest reply: 03/29/15 03:41PM by Joelaw
2 comments 63 views
laila2207 (Reward subscriber)
I just listed mine in the thread about whether or not people read blogs anymore an...
by laila2207 at 03/07/15 12:04PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 03:16PM by Wilna
24 comments 520 views
Kelly Noel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I just got a chance to go through the Lisse Street CT gallery and wow, I may be a ...
by Kelly Noel at 03/28/15 11:59AM, latest reply: 03/29/15 02:33PM by icequeen
23 comments 330 views
toribissell (Reward subscriber)
So I'm sitting in a work training session in Winnipeg and I was thinking about you...
by toribissell at 03/26/15 02:16PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 02:23PM by maryboys
264 comments 1247 views
chancejordan1 (Reward subscriber)
So after the amazing last call last night/this morning what are everyones predicti...
by chancejordan1 at 03/28/15 10:14AM, latest reply: 03/29/15 02:18PM by lindam
37 comments 989 views
I have two questions, both somewhat related to embossing. 1. Sometimes when I s...
by instantphoebe at 03/29/15 12:37PM, latest reply: 03/29/15 01:23PM by CeliseMcL
4 comments 86 views

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