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KelsiA (Studio Calico Staff Member)
We’re pretty excited for Reveal tomorrow here at SC! I have now been at Studio Cal...
by KelsiA at 06/26/14 09:33AM, latest reply: 10/28/14 10:22AM by bethanywmi
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Just a note to say that I wish that the surveys asking us what we like about our l...
by scrapally at 10/30/14 11:36AM, latest reply: 10/30/14 09:12PM by LauraEvangeline
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stephm (Studio Calico Staff Member)
You all probably have noticed that the 4 ring handbooks are in last call! **This i...
by stephm at 10/30/14 04:13AM, latest reply: 10/30/14 05:45PM by anniefb
17 comments 499 views
laceyweeks (Reward subscriber)
Trying to get on the website with my iPhone and im not able to access it... Is any...
by laceyweeks at 10/30/14 03:36PM, latest reply: 10/30/14 05:14PM by clickclick
1 comment 32 views
jiffy99 (Reward subscriber)
Am I missing something? Isn't last call supposed to happen today? Or did SC stop d...
by jiffy99 at 10/29/14 08:07AM, latest reply: 10/30/14 04:28PM by jiffy99
40 comments 1144 views
Feeling very angry with the decision to effectively DELETE previous classes on the...
by Kiwifarmer at 10/23/14 09:57PM, latest reply: 10/30/14 03:25PM by laceyweeks
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large or personal?? do they both fit a5 size pages?? someone plse let me know ...
by bonitarose at 10/29/14 10:24AM, latest reply: 10/30/14 08:12AM by bonitarose
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