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So I was just thinking about the new handbooks. I would think it isn't too absurd ...
by gh0stmustard at 09/16/14 04:23PM, latest reply: 09/17/14 04:21PM by pennypumpkin
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Hi all, Just wondering how you stick transparent letters to your images without t...
by Bellaa75 at 09/17/14 11:54AM, latest reply: 09/17/14 02:46PM by teacupfaery
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KarineC (Reward subscriber)
to get photos into a 2x2 format with a border? Does it have to involve photoshop?...
by KarineC at 09/16/14 11:42AM, latest reply: 09/17/14 01:01PM by pipapo
21 comments 155 views
clickclick (Reward subscriber)
Ok, I know there are some super-organzied people on this board - do any of you hav...
by clickclick at 09/17/14 01:45AM, latest reply: 09/17/14 11:52AM by clickclick
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There is something wrong with me. I hardly can keep up with my regular scrapbookin...
by jessi0310 at 09/16/14 11:38PM, latest reply: 09/17/14 11:35AM by Adow
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