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I thought the last call this time was great. I was sad to miss out on a few thing...
by durbaa at 08/04/15 11:35AM, latest reply: 08/04/15 01:35PM by anniefb
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denisea (Reward subscriber)
When is last call? Sorry if this has been asked before, I just can't keep up with...
by denisea at 08/03/15 12:16PM, latest reply: 08/04/15 12:03PM by gracielou
58 comments 1488 views
denisea (Reward subscriber)
I don't own a die cutting machine, so I am looking for a recommendation for a circ...
by denisea at 08/04/15 10:45AM, latest reply: 08/04/15 11:56AM by Emilytwalker
2 comments 41 views
I love the concept of the Color Theory line of products. I am in the process of so...
by Square at 07/31/15 07:53PM, latest reply: 08/04/15 11:27AM by JilC
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aagirlz (Reward subscriber)
Did the creative team not get the diamonds in the sc main…. cause I can't find the...
by aagirlz at 08/01/15 06:36PM, latest reply: 08/04/15 10:33AM by CatherineDavis
21 comments 690 views
1craftychkn (Reward subscriber)
Oooh. There's a small leaf die in the shop. I wonder if this the same one/same...
by 1craftychkn at 08/02/15 08:49PM, latest reply: 08/04/15 09:02AM by Msaula
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