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AmandaM (Studio Calico Staff Member)
HEY EVERYONE - when initially planning the site, we ran analytics on the % of subs...
by AmandaM at 07/01/15 10:43AM, latest reply: 07/01/15 08:28PM by Erinaaaa
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RobBoye (Studio Calico Staff Member)
I did my best everyone. I’m sure there are many more questions. I need to eat lu...
by RobBoye at 06/18/15 08:07AM, latest reply: 07/01/15 04:36PM by NinaChow
1137 comments 26010 views
We’re pretty excited for Reveal tomorrow here at SC! I have now been at Studio Cal...
by KelsiA at 06/26/14 02:33PM, latest reply: 05/27/15 09:07AM by SandyTracy
42 comments 1812 views
chancejordan1 (Reward subscriber)
I noticed that in the reveal photo the stamp set is different to the one pictured ...
by chancejordan1 at 07/01/15 11:10AM, latest reply: 07/01/15 09:33PM by icequeen
20 comments 350 views
Ackkkk! We can no longer see past add ons!?!? I used the past kits all the time t...
by Joelaw at 07/01/15 02:50PM, latest reply: 07/01/15 09:19PM by teabiscuit
16 comments 215 views
chancejordan1 (Reward subscriber)
What are your predictions or hopes? I'm hoping that some of the add on cards that...
by chancejordan1 at 07/01/15 06:17PM, latest reply: 07/01/15 08:59PM by anniefb
9 comments 171 views
chancejordan1 (Reward subscriber)
Now that they're live and we've been able to play around with it I've been wonderi...
by chancejordan1 at 06/29/15 07:29PM, latest reply: 07/01/15 08:12PM by ISing
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Is this a new alpha die or is it the one that was with the letterpress alpha?
by Joelaw at 07/01/15 01:48PM, latest reply: 07/01/15 07:54PM by Msaula
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rowie (Reward subscriber)
Si I went to check a 4x6 paper pad out and its going to add $6 bundling handling t...
by rowie at 07/01/15 06:57PM, latest reply: 07/01/15 07:09PM by anniefb
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