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  1. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    so... i'll have a cameo in my hands by the end of next week. YAY!

    what are your favorite shapes??? i'm thinking i need to download a few..  gotta be ready. =) 

  2. ibrokeitmommy
    ibrokeitmommy says…

    I don't know how to show images from my library. I use these all the time:

    I use the 3 pinked circles (pinked circles of any size you could ever want ahhhhh!!!! :) )

    There is one that has 5 cloud shapes. I have used that one instead of buying the fiskars punch.

    I also have a ton of stars and hearts.


  3. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    ah. pinked circles?? will NEED that!!! thanks for the tips!

  4. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    Emailed you!  ;)

  5. gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    gluestickgirl says…

    you rock, marcy. thank you!! so many i need. =)

  6. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    I haven't been watching things too closely, but I want those pages made for the DD.  That tempted me.  :)

  7. dpayne
    dpayne says…

    Oh, pinked circles, I'll definiely need those!

  8. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    Oh Marcy! - sounds like you need to share that list with me too! Laughing Pretty please!

  9. dpayne
    dpayne says…

    Yeah, I'm curious about your list too...

  10. tenmylove
    tenmylove says…

    I am in love with everything Lori Whitlock makes. I also type "bubble circles" into a search and find everything my <3 desires (big circle lover here!)



    Oshkosh, WI


  11. tonyadirk
    tonyadirk says…

    We all want to see Marcy's list! :)

    My favorites are the background shapes. 

  12. ShannaNoel (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

    I LOVE the pinked circles!! When I got them I thought of you Lisa! :)

    I have only had my SIL for a couple days but here are my faves so far! :)

    Of course anything with a bunting... I am sorry I still love these things!


    I LOVE typeography (as any SCer would tell ya!) and there are so many to choose from! I made a card from this and its LOVELY!


    LOVEEEEEEEEEEE these!!!!!


    Seriously? HOW FUN!!!!


    And these may seem boring but I LOVE them for my minis!!!!!


  13. jenjeb (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    jenjeb says…

    I am another one who wants to know the infamous list ;)

  14. lorimancini
    lorimancini says…

    OK girls your killing me....

     How to get rid of my Cricut so I can get an expression!

  15. elisa
    elisa says…

    Please please, me too!

  16. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    ack!  sold sold sold!  I wasn't sure I NEEDED one, but those shapes are fab and to be able to use them for school projects for my kids too, oh my.  Sold. 

  17. Ursula
    Ursula says…

    Right now, my very faves are the ones I am making myself.  I am so excited that I can create my own shapes!  But after that, I love the tabbed frames by Lori Whitlock!




    Serving Jesus in Tucson, AZ

    My Blogs: Under Scarlet Bird's Wing and Transparent Me

  18. ShannaNoel (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

    ursula you have to show us what you have been creating!!! please? ;)

  19. picki56 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    picki56 says…

    Yes Marcy! Please share your list with me too!

  20. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    Still trying to figure out how to get the images here.  :(

  21. patricia
    patricia says…

    We all like the same shapes. My favorite are those nested pinking circles.

  22. Betsy_Gourley
    Betsy_Gourley says…

    Could you put the list on your blog Marcy and direct us there?  Also, if its not too much trouble, could you list where you got each shape?

  23. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    I'll do that Betsy.  Thank you.

  24. KimberLeigh (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    KimberLeigh says…

    you guys are KILLING me ;)

    thinking i need to add the cameo to my christmas wish list...and sell my cricut. 

  25. Ursula
    Ursula says…

    I will Shanna.  One of them is the butterfly that has shown up on a couple of recent layouts.  I did the frames also, on another layout, nothing fancy there though.  

    I need to figure out file hosting and then I can sell them! 

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