Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
Skellinton says… closing, who should I use?

I am just sick, I have been using since I got my first digital camera and they are closing the 3rd of January.
I don't know who to use, I don't like our Costco, so that is out, who all do you use?



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  1. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    I am just sick, I have been using since I got my first digital camera and they are closing the 3rd of January.
    I don't know who to use, I don't like our Costco, so that is out, who all do you use?

  2. valerieb
    valerieb says…

    Oh no! I loved their cool different sized photos!

  3. jessi0310
    jessi0310 says…

    oh my. I didn't realize this. I only have used them as well & have been so happy with my pictures!

  4. Brenna
    Brenna says…

    That is too bad I have been using them the last year or so as well. They offered so many fun sizes and the quality was great.

  5. Marti
    Marti says…

    Wow! They just posted that recently b/c it wasn't on there earlier today. I have always had great service with them when I needed different print sizes.
    I have ordered from Mpix recently and was very pleased with the quality and service. I tried them based on some good word of mouth from some of the ladies here. Otherwise, I print at home.

  6. ajmcgarvey
    ajmcgarvey says…

    Seriously...where to print 2x2 or 3x3?!

  7. agomalley
    agomalley says…

    I resize my pics to the size I want them to be then I put them on a 4 by 6 canvas and send them to I've always been really happy with how they turn out. I hate printing at home because the colors always come out wrong. :(

  8. dparries
    dparries says…

    I recently experienced beyond horrendous service from and moved over to I've only placed one order, but they turned out great! I'd recommend giving them a try.

  9. ajmcgarvey
    ajmcgarvey says…

    I refuse to resize unless completely necessary. I don't like to. But I might have to start. :(

  10. ArlaMo (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    ArlaMo says…

    I love scrapbookpictures! I've been ordering from them for years and never had a single problem. I LOVE their varied sizes, especially the 2x2s and 3x3s!

  11. Buffyfan
    Buffyfan says…

    I too love them, mainly for some sizes i can't get locally (12x12 and 8.5x11). I'm sad that they are closing!

    I too am one who started using them less when I figured out how to resize photos onto a 4x6 print. Mostly I order from National Camera Exchange ( and pick them up. As good as home printing but using no ink. :-)

    I have heard good things about Mpix.

    I don't like Shutterfly.

  12. kathleen (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    kathleen says…

    OH NO! I'm so sad!!! I'm too challenged to resize my own photos, lol!

  13. jenkinkade
    jenkinkade says…

    boo :( that is so sad! i love using them for my instagram pics and my digital layouts!!!

  14. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    The size thing is a bummer, but I hated their quality.

    I am very picky about color, printing and especially PAPER (why I won't use Snapfish). Therefore, the only place I do online printing is If you do your own color correcting, their prints are only .19/print.

  15. christap
    christap says…

    Well, that's too bad. I too loved their different sizes available.
    I used mpix recently and really loved their quality. I'm fairly picky too and have gone through a few different places, but for now settling on Mpix.

  16. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    ugh that is sad news - they are my favorite! :(

    i ditto mpix... i do some canvases through them and they've always done a great job. they have a metallic finish as well and aren't too pricey.

  17. juleshollis
    juleshollis says…

    I love Persnickety Prints! They have fabulous service and quality. They also hand check everything, flat rate shipping, and fast turn around time.

  18. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    Thanks for the info, I think I will give Persnickity a try. I just wish there was some way to have all the photos I have stored at transferred there! This is going to be a huge transisiton, and I am going to miss the quality and different size options they had.

  19. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    Has Karen Russell mentioned anything about this? She's the first person that comes to mind with scrapbookpictures. She loved them and I think she uploaded all her photos to store there. I wonder what she'd recommend doing now that she also has to make a change.

  20. corneliaK
    corneliaK says…

    I use anyone who has a sale, and just print on 4x6 and use photosheet (free downloaded program) to make my photos smaller (2x2, 3x2)

  21. corneliaK
    corneliaK says…

    I just read a lot of the comments and I really think this program would help some people so I will add the link

    I've been using it for months and have had no problems (checked it for spy stuff and no ads) super easy, you drag you photos to the program and chose which size paper and what LO you want (3x3, 2x2, 3x2) and then click DO and it makes a file! The photos come out great, there is no sign that you used a program (like less clear photos)

  22. SarahA (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
    SarahA says…

    Another mpix vote here! I love their metallic & the quality is great. I've ordered lots of sizes from wallets to 16x20 and they have always been great!

  23. ajmcgarvey
    ajmcgarvey says…

    I like Mpix for quality printing in normal sizes, but they don't offer smaller odd shaped. (2x2 3x3) that I use. I guess I'm going to have to resize and print. :(

  24. Skellinton (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Skellinton says…

    I read Karen's blog this morning, but she didn't mention it. I wonder if she even knows? I only found out on Two Peas- I wasn't planning on making my Christmas order until Wednesday and if I had it would have been too late. I think a lot of people will find out when they go to print pictures, unfortunately.

    I will miss being able to pick up my orders, is Persnickity pretty quick?

  25. charmer (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    charmer says…

    Oh man this just ruined my night. :( I get all my pics printed there and I've always had great service from them. Crud. Thanks for the other suggestions...That's where I get my 8.5x11 prints printed (for a really reasonable price). Crud.

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