skubygurl says…

Hexagon Punch?

I thought I saw a fun layout on here that had multiple hexagon ? shapes to copy the look of a quilt.
Again "thought" I saw a punch listed for it -anyone know of such a thing?

I searched but no luck




  1. skubygurl
    skubygurl says…

    I thought I saw a fun layout on here that had multiple hexagon ? shapes to copy the look of a quilt.
    Again "thought" I saw a punch listed for it -anyone know of such a thing?

    I searched but no luck


  2. Mrightley
    Mrightley says…

    I think there have been a few layouts with hexagons. I love them too! I know silhouette has patterns but if you don't have one I remember hearing of a creative memories hexagon punch and I think sizzix has hexagon dies.

  3. skubygurl
    skubygurl says…

    Thank you! It probably was with the silhouette which I don't have YET...on my long wish list.

  4. juleshollis
    juleshollis says…

    I have only seen the Creative Memories one on Ebay.

  5. meganklauer
    meganklauer says…

    I've used my Slice to cut them. One day I'll upgrade to the Cameo! :0)

  6. alaska_laci
    alaska_laci says…

    The month we got the hexagon border stamp I think there was a LO like that in the DT gallery. You might be remembering correctly!

  7. erinm
    erinm says…

    I have a set of the Creative Memories ones. Not sure how long ago they were made. Bought mine for $3 at a Scrapbook Store rummage sale. Good luck on your search!

    If you were really desperate, you could always find a hexagon shape online, print it out and make a template onto heavy cardstock, then trace & cut. A lot of work, though.

  8. kphike (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    kphike says…

    I have the ones from Creative Memories - got them ages ago, not even sure if they still sell them!

  9. manda_m
    manda_m says…

    I asked about this ages ago and haven't been able to find one. I did a layout using lots of hexagons but I cut them with my silhouette - a punch would have been so much quicker!

  10. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    I found an offbrand by googling a bit ago, I think the brand was Stamping Expressions or something odd like that. Christine was looking into it but it was hard to find much info so we never got anywhere. I'm sure the Silhouette store probably has it if you have one of those, but if I am able to come up with the punch I will let you know where!

  11. dailyscrap
    dailyscrap says…

    I have been looking for the same thing myself!!! No luck with punches but Lifestyle Crafts (which looks kind of like Spellbinders dies) has a nesting hexagon die that cuts hexagons 1/2" to 5". Also Sizzix offers a number of sizes through their Westminster fabrics dies - not sure if you can use these in the Sizzix or just the AccuQuilt Go. The Lifestyles Crafts one can be used in you Cuttlebug, Big Shot, and Grand Calibur. I think that is the one I will go with :) I found them on Amazon - hope that helps!!

  12. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    would LOVE a hexagon punch!!!

  13. charmer (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    charmer says…

    Ditto. Would use it way too often. We are having hexagon tiles put in our new house. :)

  14. SusanWeinroth (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    SusanWeinroth says…

    PLEASE LINK ME UP IF YOU FIND ONE!!!!! ps ann marie i owe you email ;)))

  15. dailyscrap
    dailyscrap says…

    Okay - did a bit of searching on ebay & found some of the old Creative Memories hexagon punches - they offered 2 different sets, a large & mini - each have 2 different sized hexagons on them. Here is a link to a page of what is currently listed :)

  16. juleshollis
    juleshollis says…

    I didn't even think of a Sizzix die. off to find one of those. Thanks, DailyScrap!!

  17. hernandm1
    hernandm1 says…

    Ditto on the Hexagon punch!!! Would love it even more if it was a nesting one so I could make negative shapes. Fingers crossed Fiskars sees this thread!

  18. baylorgrad
    baylorgrad says…

    I have both sets of CM hexagon punches, as well as a Sizzix die and a set of dies from Lifestyle Crafts (formerly QuicKutz). The set from Lifestyle Crafts is a nesting set with a bunch of sizes!

  19. thecolster (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    thecolster says…

    I found it pretty easy to find them eBay recently.

  20. juls2000 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    juls2000 says…

    I've been wanting a hexagon punch for ages and never new that Creative Memories had that one... who would have thought?! I think it would be nice if EK or Fiskars made one!

  21. Jackie40
    Jackie40 says…

    Didn't know that there was a punch in circulation, but I got these Sizzix die a few month ago

  22. cassi99 (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    cassi99 says…

    i have the Sizzix Westminster Die 1.5" (i use this the most), the nesting die from Lifestyle Crafts, and lots of hexagon patterns for the Silhouette.

  23. cassi99 (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    cassi99 says…

    it would be awesome if fiskars made a hexagon squeeze punch!

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