KellyPurkey says…

how do you store mister huey's

post-CHA my collection has grown... and my living space has shrunk. HELP! how do you store your mists in a compact way?



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  1. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    post-CHA my collection has grown... and my living space has shrunk. HELP! how do you store your mists in a compact way?

  2. HollyH
    HollyH says…

    I use a container that I got from the dollar store. They are stackable tupperware type things, the Mr. Hueys are the perfect height and the lids still close.

  3. karenmalloy
    karenmalloy says…

    i have mine in a vintage stamp spinner but i have run out of room. i need storage ideas too!

  4. TamiG
    TamiG says…

    I have a vintage spice rack, but it is full already! I guess I need two, since I see many new misters headed my way soon :)

  5. stephanie_howell
    17732992252301758 mvizoibs f

    in old card catalog drawers.
    kelly, if space is tight, i'd think the only way to go would be up? tiered baskets? something on the wall or hanging from the ceiling?

  6. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    i think my question is really - how do i store them and still see what color they are? ;)

    holly, i might go the tupperware route i think!

    steph, the problem with going up (and same for your suggestion with my clothes ;)) is that my apt is so small that too much on the wall will make it seem even smaller. it's really small in here! i've got shelves to put up so they'll probably end up somewhere on the shelf.

  7. stephanie_howell

    ahhhh gotcha! and it wasn't me that made the up w/ clothes suggestion that would just be super busy!
    i'm hoping we get to see pictures of your apartment soon i'm so excited for you!

  8. samanthalanday
    samanthalanday says…

    Holly, do you have a picture of the storage containers you use?

  9. MrsJennyG
    MrsJennyG says…
    Sterilite flip top storage box 3272918

    These are flip top. You could lay them in there and then sit the whole box on the shelf. You can still see the colors from the bottom. It's not a pretty container but it could work? Found them at Target. The company is Sterilite..

  10. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    thanks, steph! it's a DISASTER - hence the desperation for organization tips!!!

  11. MrsJennyG
    MrsJennyG says…
    Stackable mesh filing crates

    Or this? It's in the office section at Target.

  12. slhamby (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    slhamby says…

    I still love having mine in the Bygel basket. super-cheap too.

  13. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    I store mine in the stop tier of the coveted spinner from Harbor Freight.

  14. MrsJennyG
    MrsJennyG says…
    Img 7039

    This is my personal storage. They are Antonius plastic storage bins from Ikea.

  15. kinsey
    kinsey says…
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    i have mine in a spinner rack but i also sprayed each one onto white labels and then circle punched and put them on the lids so i don't have to pull them out to see what color they's a crummy pic of them but you can kinda see the round labels on the caps :)

  16. Ursula
    Ursula says…

    I'd get the harbor freight turn about and store by color in a section

  17. amystuart18 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    amystuart18 says…

    I have mine on my spinner rack like Kinsey's. I love having them close at hand. (just like Ursula said) :)

  18. btsoi (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    btsoi says…

    Kinsey! That is to die for! Pinning immediately!

  19. kphike (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    kphike says…

    2 words: Harbor. Freight! (See Kinsey's post above!!!)

  20. kinsey
    kinsey says…

    :) thanks! i found out about the harbor freight spinners from shanna and she spray painted hers- SO CUTE! i ended up covering mine in woodgrain because the plain black wasn't doing it, ha!

  21. shawnamw
    shawnamw says…

    I use the Harbor Freight thing as well. I love that thing!

  22. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    Kinsey! Brilliant!

  23. ChristinaO (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    ChristinaO says…

    I have my mists on RIBBA picture ledges from Ikea. Their inexpensive & don't take too much room on the walls yet hold 2 rows of mists...about 36 bottles of mr hueys & that's for the smaller size shelf.

  24. SuzMannecke
    SuzMannecke says…

    I store mine the same way as Kinsey. :)

  25. KellyPurkey
    KellyPurkey says…

    what's it called at harbor freight? tried to search spinner rack and no luck.

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