clickclick says…

Coupon Code for Answering Survey Question

Ok, so I answered the survey about the stamp class. Got my coupon for Trendsetting. Now when I go to checkout, it does not give me my discount. Is this because I already get my subscriber rewards (or whatever it is called) or this is a mistake?



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  1. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    Ok, so I answered the survey about the stamp class. Got my coupon for Trendsetting. Now when I go to checkout, it does not give me my discount. Is this because I already get my subscriber rewards (or whatever it is called) or this is a mistake?

  2. Characterfan
    Characterfan says…

    Same here. I sent an email about it. Just a moment ago.

  3. MissMeghan
    MissMeghan says…

    Same for me, I was just looking for Lori's email so I could send her a screen shot.

  4. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    I am thinking it is because we already get one discount, that we might not be eligible for a second??

  5. lilash
    lilash says…

    I've the same problem! It comes up on the side as $5 off, but doesn't deduct any money.

  6. tb8282
    tb8282 says…

    I already registered for the class, any way to get the discount credited to our account?

  7. amystuart18 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    amystuart18 says…

    I was wondering the same thing.

  8. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    tb8282 - from past experience, no. Usually when they offer some sort of 'deal' (coupon, last call, etc) they wont refund any money from what you've previously purchased. It may change for this, but in the past it has always been no.

  9. Lorie
    Lorie says…

    We are looking into this right now....

  10. crkopp
    crkopp says…

    Me either!!!! I really want to sign up. In the past I've been able to use my subscriber discount plus the coupon code. Hope they get this resolved.

  11. LisaMack
    LisaMack says…

    It should be working now :) Go ahead and try again!

  12. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    yep! its working now!

  13. PaperAddict
    PaperAddict says…

    Before I was annoyed, now I'm definitely perturbed!
    I got the email for the survey and thought, Good! They realize that Summer Stamp School was a big disappointment for many, and are going to make amends (with the coupon) and make improvements (by getting feedback). But not so much, seeing as the coupon is good only for the Trendspotting Class. Why on earth, after having wasted my money on SSS, would I hand over even more money for another class and risk further disappointment?!? SC, I love your products, but give me some credit for not being a total sucker.
    If you really want to make it right and redeem yourselves, then give Trendspotting free to all the bummed out SSS students, or give a discount for something we know we'll like: product! Or at least a shipping discount (and not just for subbers either, as not all fans & customers sub all the time).
    I'm sorry to sound harsh, but I don't like feeling I've been swindled, and on top of that, insulted with that class coupon, inviting me to be swindled again. (Not that I'm a fan of Judge Judy, but the gal was onto something when she said, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." )

  14. ScrappyMimi (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    ScrappyMimi says…

    I did not received the invitation for thé survey but took the class. Could it be sent to me, I am considering that class too.tks

  15. mrsnosab (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
    mrsnosab says…

    Worked for me... happy I waited to sign up =)

  16. Scrapbookprincess

    Me too... $11 thrills!!

  17. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    Paper Addict - I totally get what you are saying. I was not impressed with the stamp class. Thankfully I did get the stamps so it kinda makes up for it.

    I have taken other classes from here before, and had no issues. In fact, I loved Maggies class I took. And the Sketchbook classes. So I am hoping this is a fluke. I have taken a class from Lisa over at 2Peas and thought she did a great job, so I am thinking she will do awesome at this one as well.

  18. JulieCampbell (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    JulieCampbell says…

    Worked for me! What an AWESOME deal! Can't wait for the next class!

  19. Lorie
    Lorie says…

    If you have already registered for the Trendspotting class, we will honor the $5 credit...just shoot me an email at

  20. mrsnosab (Pink Rewards Subscriber)
    mrsnosab says…

    clickclick- agreed! loved Lisa's class at 2peas and thats what made me want to sign up for this one!

  21. Characterfan
    Characterfan says…

    I signed up for the stamp class with very low expectations. It would be heard to put together a great class with the stamp set at that cost. For my first ever online class it might not have been a great choice, but I got a cool stamp set out of it.

    I'm considering the trendspotting class, but worry since my first ever class wasn't really any experience at all. The discount does help. I just have to decide.

  22. MissMeghan
    MissMeghan says…

    I'm in the same boat ladies, I was excited for the stamp class (my first online class) but feel like all I got out of it was a stamp set. I hate saying it because I don't want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I feel I need to be honest too, it was a big letdown. I'm hesitant to sign up for another class. Have those of you that have taken other SC classes liked them and learned from them? With our discount it makes it affordable but I hate to waste any money if I’m going to be disappointed again

  23. jebred
    jebred says…

    I too am very nervous about taking another class, but the free digi products might be nice.

  24. lilash
    lilash says…

    I disagree, characterfan, I don't think it would be hard at that cost. The draw of the stamp set pulled in a lot of folks that might not have necessarily signed up otherwise, meaning they had a better turn out, meaning more $$. Also, simply providing video tutorials to go with the techniques and pacing the class out instead of all-in-one would have been sufficient enough to pick it up a little, two things that would have been quite easy to do.

    Not sure where I stand on Trendspotting, I'm very interested in it, the format looks better, but as they say: once burned, twice shy! Still debating, but I'm glad for the coupon code nonetheless :)

  25. listgirl
    listgirl says…

    I agree. I was slightly disappointed in the stamp class because I thought there was going to be more step-by-step photos and instructions. I also thought there was going to be videos. I have to admit that the stamp set really drew me in though. I would not have taken the class if there were no stamp set, LOL. So I'm still happy with the stamp set, but didn't learn very much with the class.

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