daisygirl34 says…

Ikea storage ideas

Any must have's from ikea for scrappy storage? I'm headed there tomorrow for the first time in a few years because it's so far away. I need lots of organization items since I'm moving my scrap space. Thanks!



  1. daisygirl34
    daisygirl34 says…

    Any must have's from ikea for scrappy storage? I'm headed there tomorrow for the first time in a few years because it's so far away. I need lots of organization items since I'm moving my scrap space. Thanks!

  2. lisascraps
    lisascraps says…

    If you are looking for bookshelf type storage the Expedit products work very well. Ikea has numerous baskets that fit perfectly into each cube.

    Another item that has been mentioned by many SCer's is the Raskog kitchen cart.

  3. Characterfan
    Characterfan says…

    I would love a set of Alex drawers, but I just don't have the space for them. I think they'd be great for punches, inks, and such.

  4. stinkydudette (Reward subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    Also, don't forget to measure your space. Would totaly suck if you found the perfect storage system but find it to big for your space. Have fun!!

  5. anandi
    anandi says…

    The new 2013 catalog just came out and there is a gorgeous 3-tiered metal rolling cart in turquoise. I'd love to see it in person but it looks like it could store all sorts of things for scrapping :)

  6. rukristin (Reward subscriber)
    rukristin says…

    The rolling cart!! its called Raskog -- its awesome.


  7. rukristin (Reward subscriber)
    rukristin says…
    Raskog kitchen cart  0154992 pe313176 s4

    here's a pic of the silver/gunmetal one that I have

  8. ChristinaO (Reward subscriber)
    ChristinaO says…

    I would really look at the Alex drawers. I have two stacked on top of each other & it holds so much. Love my Raskog cart too. Have a fun trip at Ikea!!!

  9. aprice3
    aprice3 says…

    ChristinaO, are your Alex drawers the wide ones or the taller/skinnier ones? And, to stack them, do you just not put the wheels on one of them?

  10. stinkydudette (Reward subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    Allison, the castor wheels are optional!

  11. Lcp88
    Lcp88 says…

    I'm itching for an Expedit with the desk attachment. I move in two and a half weeks (eep), so that would be the time to do it, just not sure about the room dimensions yet. Went there about three weeks ago just to walk around and see what's new, but I kept coming back to the bookshelves like the Expedit and Billy. They have a whole section of bins and drawers too, enjoy looking!

  12. Gabbina
    Gabbina says…
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    I have Raskog too... and love it!
    I don't have a scrap room or any room, we just live in a tiny studio, so that's my only option, I store papers and bigger stuff in my closet.... yes, with my clothes. :P
    Anyway, it's a great rolling cart!

  13. Gabbina
    Gabbina says…
    Samla divisorio per contenitore l    79990 pe204092 s4

    The SAMLA line has some great clear boxes too... any sizes. And cheap.

  14. lisascraps
    lisascraps says…

    I forgot but I love the Alex carts too.

  15. Gabbina
    Gabbina says…
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    Aaaaand... Antonius. It's a drawer organizer, it costs (here in Italy) about 2$, and it's perfect to store small pieces (and my PL stuff fits perfectly). Plus, it fits great in the Raskog rolling cart ;)


  16. SwannPrincess
    SwannPrincess says…

    Thanks Gabbina - I'm heading up to my Ikea (about a 2 hour drive) in a couple weeks and I'll look for that Antonius! I'm stalking Ikea and getting that turquoise cart. It's in stock now so hopefully will be in a week and a half when I'm able to make it up there. I'd even take the gunmetal one, but my scrap room is turquoise, black and white. I'm planning to use it for PL storage and keeping little bits that I want to use up in PL and layouts.

    I have an Expedit shelf and it's wonderful! I also bought my desk from Ikea which is great.

  17. hannal
    hannal says…

    I love my Alex cart. Would love to have one more. it is a great way to keep the kits organized and grouped together.

  18. rukristin (Reward subscriber)
    rukristin says…

    I love ikea lol.

  19. ChristinaO (Reward subscriber)
    ChristinaO says…

    @aprice3, I have the wide ones. I just took the wheels off of the top one & stacked it on top of the bottom one. It slides a little so I'm thinking of laying some of that non slip liner for drawers between the two drawers, but seems to be okay now that I have my punches stored in them. I'll try to take a pic later today after work & post it.

  20. Laraco
    Laraco says…

    I have the expedit with the desk attachment with Alex drawers underneath which fit perfectly. Really nice to sit and have everything in reach.


  21. Emkay
    Emkay says…

    In Germany a lot of scrappers have Ikea items. Most the Expedit and Alex drawers. To hold smaller items I use Krus boxes. They come in different sizes, but the catalog shows only two. They have two flexible dividers, so you have three compartments if you want. There is a narrow one which is perfect for washi tape. You find them in the kitchen area.
    This Raskog looks great, but it is much more expensiv here, almost 80 $. Buuuh

  22. MandieLou (Reward subscriber)
    MandieLou says…

    I just bought the Alex drawers to store kits in today! Also have the Raskog cart & LOVE it!

  23. ChristinaO (Reward subscriber)
    ChristinaO says…
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    @aprice3, here are my Alex drawers on top of each other & my Raskog cart next to it :)

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