scrapally says…

Now that CHA Sneaks/Reveals are in full swing...

... what lines would we like to see in SC kits/shop that we haven't seen in a while (in other words, this last 6 months we had lots of certain brands - but what have we not seen that we now want to?)

Seemed like Cosmo didn't mesh a lot over the last 6



  1. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    ... what lines would we like to see in SC kits/shop that we haven't seen in a while (in other words, this last 6 months we had lots of certain brands - but what have we not seen that we now want to?)

    Seemed like Cosmo didn't mesh a lot over the last 6 months of kits, but I definitely would love to see some Cosmo coming up - especially for summer kits with the bright warm, variegated colors of Summer Love.

    I'd also like to see more Jillibean papers. I think some of the really fun ones get passed over, but I think as a pop of color or pattern to a kit, they'd be great!

    We rarely see Webster's Pages, but I'm guessing with the addition of Allison Kreft's lines, we'll get some of that and you won't see me complaining at all!

  2. TamiG
    TamiG says…

    I would like some Websters and some Glitz in kits, also maybe some I lowe scrap and more from Elle's studio

  3. RhondaN (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    RhondaN says…

    I would to see I lowe scrap and more Sodalicious!

  4. qldscrapper
    qldscrapper says…

    I would like to see just a general mix up of manufacturers. There are so many out there yet we see the same handful every month and for a few months running too.

  5. JMValder (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    JMValder says…

    I think you're right, Ally. I think we'll start to see some more Webster's now that Alison has designed some lines for them. Cosmo looks to be interesting as well. I don't scrap very "theme-y" and some of the new collections have me twitching a bit (boy/girl/western/nautical etc) so I'm interested to see the full reveals of all the collections.

  6. tonyadirk
    tonyadirk says…

    I also would vote for Glitz!

    Haven't been a fan of Cosmo for a while now, and I used to really like them. Their colors are just to blah for me...and I don't do western. :)

  7. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    I like the Simple Stories Vintage Bliss :) so so so pretty!
    just saw the Pinwheel line by Lily Bee, like that one too. Hmm Sweet shoppe is cute too!

  8. Kiwifarmer
    Kiwifarmer says…

    I am really loving the look of the new lines by fancy pants as well

  9. bronte124
    bronte124 says…

    i like simple stories new bright happy travel line, i think it wold work for the SC kits.
    The Allison Websters looks good too
    the new divine ILS looks stunning, doesnt it?
    Echo park's volume one looked good (i think that was the name, another bright and happy one)
    i love that new colourful glitz one, now that people have pointed me to glitz sneaks! yum!

    Personally I adore Amy Tan's lines and hope they are still a big contributer to the relevant SC months, same with the Dear Lizzy line, they both make fun versatile stuff. I havent felt too much like the kits are all the same stuff, since it has all been product I really like. The new MME by Jen allyson looks terrific, I think there are just some companies who are 100% reliable about producing beautiful stuff every show.

  10. Dani
    Dani says…

    I think we are all on the same page here!
    Would love the Allison Kreft papers, Simple Stories....etc.!

  11. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    Ruth, you make a good point. But I would love to see a mix up this go-round!

    Tonya, you crack me up! I am soooo all over the Western themed stuff! Great for trips to the farm, horseback riding, being out in the country... and with my Cowgirl, well, I neeeeeed that! ;)

    Jessica, I think what SC was sooooo good about is that their kits are not "themey" at all. But I think a pop of a paper that leans to the theme mixed with all the neutrals makes for fun and different kits. For example, when a map paper shows up in a kit, that's from a travel theme line, but it doesn't make the kit travel themed. Or when ruler paper shows up, it's often from a school themed line. I think SC does a pretty good job of taking those products and mixing them in a way that leans away from a theme.

    I can think of so many fun ways to add a bandana print with other neutrals. Or, the fork/spoon/knife print from Jillibean's new line (Uhm, I am IN LOVE with that kitchen/cooking/gardening themed line)! Or from the same line, the fun seed packet paper. Pop that in with some grids and other general patterns and it allows for more dimension in the use of the kit :)

  12. redsoxgrl
    redsoxgrl says…

    I hope we continue to see lots of bright kits like Jan. I see a few muted collections in sneaks and hope they don't show up in kits.

  13. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    I haven't look at sneaks yet... other than I lowe.... and I'd LOVE to see that in the kits. :)

  14. JMValder (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    JMValder says…

    Ally I agree completely. I love the bits and pieces (and when I saw the utensil paper I thought "well that would be fun in a kit"). I just can never imagine buying a whole collection of anything. SC is definitely my place to be.

    Love all the other ideas on here too. Oh I love CHA!

  15. BethanyLYake
    BethanyLYake says…

    Glitz - this is the first I've ever loved from Glitz!

  16. Rebmnmny
    Rebmnmny says…

    Simple Stories.
    Carte Bella.

  17. tonyadirk
    tonyadirk says… can have all of my western stuff...unless there ever is a real life cowboy, I may have to keep that! ;)

  18. JulieCampbell (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    JulieCampbell says…

    I can't wait to see it all in person! I haven't looked at too many of the sneaks yet. I agree with a lot of you guys - Cosmo Cricket looks good this time. I also love i lowe 's sneaks. What was that other company that we use to get paper from overseas sporadically? It might have been a French company? I always loved their stuff.

  19. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    Julie, I'd like I lowe's sneaks too if so much of it wasn't a blatant copy of other's work.

  20. sweetie
    sweetie says…

    I've not been keeping up with the sneaks ... I trust SC kits will blow me out of the water as usual!

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