scrappingirl79 says…

Becky Higgins New Project Life Revealed

Will studio calico be getting any of these to out in our kits?
Loving them but I can't buy them all....LOL

Her reveal is over on her facebook page.



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  1. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Will studio calico be getting any of these to out in our kits?
    Loving them but I can't buy them all....LOL

    Her reveal is over on her facebook page.

  2. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Love the Kraft Edition, Jade Edition and Honey Edition.

  3. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    I am loving the looks of Honey!

  4. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    and the Midnight Edition! :D

  5. Stephanie_Russell

    I love them all! But my favourites are Jade, Midnight and Kraft editions.

  6. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    WOW - loving Kraft, Midnight and Honey. Not sure I can choose just one.

  7. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    I don't know how to choose one either and they look to all be coming out around the same time.

  8. Djuna
    Djuna says…

    Wow, is that an actual Star of David on one of the holiday cards? Be still my heart. I love the Midnight set--I will be getting that one for sure.

  9. dawnnikol
    dawnnikol says…

    I love PL and these new editions look fabulous. But, holy cow Project Life overload.

  10. kelbre
    kelbre says…

    I love the honey and jade and really like the rain too but I think I would tire of it quickly, it LOVE the colors in honey & jade. Definately lots of options for people!!!

  11. scrappychar
    scrappychar says…

    I don't think I can choose just one they are all great!!

  12. BethanyLYake
    BethanyLYake says…

    thank goodness for digital so we can have a little of all of it!

  13. KimberLeigh (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    KimberLeigh says…

    i like lots of what i see! curious to see if all that will also be available via amazon.

  14. StephBaxter (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    StephBaxter says…

    WOWZER. I am speechless. SO much goodness!! How is anyone going to choose just one?! I know I want them all!!!!!

  15. lisascraps
    lisascraps says…

    Midnight edition is my fave for sure. Great job on all the lines.

  16. tenmylove
    tenmylove says…

    I loooooove the Midnight edition that Liz designed; I think that is the only one that is catching my eye :) Now if only it didn't have the rounded corners... I'd be set! :)

  17. viji
    viji says…

    Midnight, honey,jade! Love them!

  18. Taniesa (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Taniesa says…

    omg i need them A L L!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dawn_McVey
    Dawn_McVey says…

    Love Honey, Midnight and Kraft but Cinnamon is super classy and elegant!

  20. scrappingirl79
    scrappingirl79 says…

    Does anyone know if SC will be getting any of these to include in our PL kits?

  21. maryboys
    maryboys says…

    love midnight....

  22. rossana (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    rossana says…

    my favorite: honey, midnight, kraft.
    well done Becky!

  23. ShellyJ (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    ShellyJ says…

    Wow! Completely amazing! Awesome job, Becky :)

  24. allieH
    allieH says…

    Midnight is my favourite - love everything that Liz designs. Will have to get them in a digital format.

  25. mernin (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    mernin says…

    Wow is right. There are lots of choices for everyone! I'll have to pick a few up but I think I'll get them digital.

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