LisaMack says…

Update on Project Life kit Subscriptions!

Hi ladies! I know there have been so many questions and lots of you wondering if/when you will be pulled from the waiting list and thrown into the land of Project Life subscribers :) If you go to your dashboard, take a look at the date that it says you



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  1. LisaMack
    LisaMack says…

    Hi ladies! I know there have been so many questions and lots of you wondering if/when you will be pulled from the waiting list and thrown into the land of Project Life subscribers :) If you go to your dashboard, take a look at the date that it says you joined the Project Life waiting list. If it says you joined ON OR BEFORE 12/13/2012, we can guarantee that you will receive a February kit as your first month subscribing. There WILL be more from dates after 12/13, but I am not certain on those quantities yet. So, do not give up hope :) We will update you as soon as we have more info on that!

  2. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    @Lisamack. I just looked on my dashboard and it says I joined 12/20/12. Now, I know I joined long before that and my kit is being delivered today. I also received the "welcome" e-mail a long time ago. Just curious why the date I joined is wrong???? Any input ??

  3. LisaMack
    LisaMack says…

    @nailgirl Did you join the waiting list multiple times? Definitely send us an email at so we can check into it.

  4. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    Thanks lisa, will do!

  5. lifeinprint
    lifeinprint says…

    Lisa I am the same way, I asked to be on the wait list in Dec but it shows me as Joined 1-9-2013, what does that mean?

  6. beckynoelle
    beckynoelle says…

    mine is the same way, i joined the first day it was announced and i'm getting my kit today but it says on my dashboard that i joined on 12/20/2012 so i sent an email :)

  7. agtsnowflake
    agtsnowflake says…


    i think the 12/20 date was when those that made the cut for the jan kit were switched from being on the waitlist and the actual subscription was created. Mine shows the same and i received my jan kit on monday

    the 12/13 date mentioned above must be for those that didn't make the jan cut and are still on the waiting list

  8. LisaMack
    LisaMack says…

    The date you are looking for will look like this:

    If you already have a subscription, this doesn't apply to you :)

  9. audmac
    audmac says…

    I'm hoping I have shot at February however I signed up the end of December. I guess it would be a long shot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the update Lisa! I'll be checking for more.

  10. nailgirl
    nailgirl says…

    Thanks Christie that sounds right!

  11. piecesofme (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    piecesofme says…

    Woo HOO! Mine says active now! Thanks Lisa!

  12. ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    ginny says…

    thanks for the update :) probably looking like march for me, i signed up waaayyy late, but that was my own fault. i should have known i couldn't resist :)

  13. andiunfold
    andiunfold says…

    i'm active now too!! yaaayy!!!!

  14. Taniesa (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Taniesa says…

    For the ladies that haven't got in on the kit yet.... there is a whole lot you can do with the printables that are in the shop.... I wont receive my kit till mid month at the earliest so I did my first week primarily with the block party printables and some patterned paper i had that went well with the colors. its at least something until your sub comes though :D

  15. angeljade
    angeljade says…

    Mine's active now too ... can't wait! I'm so excited!

  16. JustMel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    JustMel says…

    Thanks for the update Lisa! Fingers crossed that I get the Feb kit.

  17. Thumper
    Thumper says…

    I signed up 12/14. So I am gonna keep my fingers crossed that I make the extras list for February.

  18. twinsmum
    twinsmum says…

    Bummers :( I didn't discover this fabulous site until the end of December and signed up as soon as I figured the whole thing out. Crossing my fingers that they have enough inventory for all of wait listers this month!

  19. JJBrooks
    JJBrooks says…

    A few questions....not sure if this the correct place to ask or not. :)

    If I just signed up today does that mean I'm on the waiting list every month?
    How do you know if you are going to get the kit each month?

    Also is there any way to get the kit from Jan?

  20. stinkydudette (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    @JJBrooks: There was a preorder for the PL kit back in December, and pretty much based on a first-come-first-served basis and will fulfill orders accordingly. I think they didn't expect for the demand to be such, and I believe they have since increased the numbers for the kits to cater to everyone.

  21. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Thank you!

  22. butterflychick
    butterflychick says…

    I got a sub!!! I signed up on December 14...well that was in my time zone, but December 13 in SC's time zone. Super happy dance!

  23. amytangerine
    amytangerine says…

    definitely good to know. congrats on those who got subs!!

  24. Nicki
    Nicki says…

    Oooohhhh... I hope my sub comes through soon. I signed up on the 16th of December. Fingers crossed for Feb but I don't think that looks likely at this stage. Maybe March :)

  25. Nicki
    Nicki says…

    @ Taniesa (or anyone else who knows), Are the 34th street printables the same as the PL cards? So it I buy and download them I can print my own cards at home?

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