True Life Stories

Kelly Noel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
i've seen so many articles recently about the dangers of certain products we use e...
by Kelly Noel at 09/17/14 07:53PM, latest reply: 09/19/14 07:28AM by Elses
21 comments 175 views
So - this is a little embarrassing, but I haven't purchased a new pair of jeans in...
by justem at 09/18/14 05:02PM, latest reply: 09/19/14 06:40AM by Kelly Noel
32 comments 269 views
BranchOutDesigns (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
My little one is 19 weeks old, an d I love reading to her. I am always on the look...
by BranchOutDesigns at 08/11/14 06:17PM, latest reply: 09/18/14 06:42PM by Rachel A
77 comments 182 views
I was in the car running errands today, when I just burst into tears. This was the...
by teabiscuit at 09/15/14 05:49AM, latest reply: 09/18/14 02:07AM by danilouwho
19 comments 463 views

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