True Life Stories

IAmMikki (Reward subscriber)
My heart goes out to those effected in Nepal. Do we have anyone here near Nepal? M...
by IAmMikki at 04/27/15 10:44AM, latest reply: 04/27/15 08:24PM by 1craftychkn
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ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I couldn't resist it. As much as I love to use patterns & colors in scrapbooking i...
by ginny at 04/27/15 02:31AM, latest reply: 04/27/15 07:06PM by justem
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Kelly Noel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
how old was your child when they were allowed to have a phone? jackson is going to...
by Kelly Noel at 04/27/15 11:14AM, latest reply: 04/27/15 06:51PM by jade.lavery
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eklante (Reward subscriber)
My hubby wants to do a day trip to Chicago (without the kids!)... So much to do in...
by eklante at 04/21/15 05:24PM, latest reply: 04/27/15 08:50AM by eklante
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How is everyone doing? Our month of April has been a whirlwind and my creative goa...
by Square at 04/27/15 06:51AM, latest reply: 04/27/15 07:38AM by amyscalze
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My husband and I are having one of those days where we are reminiscing about life ...
by Carson at 04/26/15 08:37PM, latest reply: 04/27/15 07:04AM by katemac08
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