True Life Stories

Adow (Reward subscriber)
Happy Easter my SC Family ve put together a list of my favourite crafty podcasts y...
by Adow at 04/18/14 07:33PM, latest reply: 04/19/14 06:49AM by dpayne
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A couple of weeks ago, I made 2 lasagnas - per directions from my husband who said...
by Dani at 09/05/13 10:37AM, latest reply: 04/19/14 06:25AM by kathyb
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juls2000 (Reward subscriber)
I know we have a lot of people here from all over the world and I'm curious what h...
by juls2000 at 04/19/14 05:07AM, latest reply: 04/19/14 06:07AM by pipapo
2 comments 30 views
carissawiley (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I have a confession, I haven't updated my iPhone. I am still running on version 6...
by carissawiley at 04/18/14 05:21AM, latest reply: 04/19/14 03:39AM by gmcwife1
12 comments 138 views
cccjenn (Reward subscriber)
Since I came on here and vented about our plumbing woes last week, I wanted to inc...
by cccjenn at 04/18/14 11:20AM, latest reply: 04/19/14 02:32AM by cccjenn
2 comments 23 views
marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Right now I have a serious craving to unplug everything and just hibernate and be ...
by marcypenner at 04/17/14 05:37AM, latest reply: 04/19/14 01:59AM by btsoi
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