True Life Stories

marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I'm on a mission to add more quotes into my planner. So, let's have it... what ar...
by marcypenner at 05/22/15 12:37PM, latest reply: 05/25/15 04:16PM by AliEdwards
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gluestickgirl (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
we're traveling to portland, the OR coast and california soon - and while we're se...
by gluestickgirl at 05/20/15 09:39AM, latest reply: 05/25/15 04:15PM by supertoni
33 comments 196 views
My oldest daughter will be turning 16 July 1st. I want to make it special. We don'...
by Jhenry4 at 05/23/15 09:21AM, latest reply: 05/24/15 11:50AM by Katestamps
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Kadian (Studio Calico Staff Member)
If you're wondering what in the world "TBT" stands for, you're just like me until ...
by Kadian at 05/21/15 01:27PM, latest reply: 05/23/15 03:21PM by Brenna
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