True Life Stories

just g (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
We get to go camping this weekend, and I'm putting together a shopping list. What...
by just g at 07/22/14 03:14PM, latest reply: 07/22/14 04:28PM by Mish
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Monica B
I went to my first Scentsy party tonight, and fell in love with it! I ordered the ...
by Monica B at 10/20/12 07:48PM, latest reply: 07/22/14 02:42PM by Casey
58 comments 726 views
neroliskye (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I'm sitting here watching sex and the city for the millionth time and I never get ...
by neroliskye at 07/19/14 08:40PM, latest reply: 07/22/14 10:54AM by lovemyboys
30 comments 133 views
melanie louette (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Sitting outside in the evenings, mosquitos and all, going to the pool every night ...
by melanie louette at 07/21/14 10:11PM, latest reply: 07/22/14 10:27AM by andidirks
13 comments 68 views
I'm headed to the west coast with dh next week and I would love some recommendatio...
by Flo at 07/19/14 10:10PM, latest reply: 07/21/14 11:22PM by Monica B
22 comments 98 views
ania-maria (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
Are you fans? I love So you think you can dance since forst season, I would like t...
by ania-maria at 07/21/14 04:45AM, latest reply: 07/21/14 10:46PM by Msaula
7 comments 33 views
just g (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
I saw some pillows at IKEA recently. They were teal blue. They were squishy. Th...
by just g at 07/14/14 01:28PM, latest reply: 07/21/14 09:02PM by redpaper
39 comments 381 views

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