True Life Stories

just g (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
My daughter is a sweet girl. She really is. But not if you're the one who's waki...
by just g at 10/22/14 09:01AM, latest reply: 10/22/14 03:35PM by Cabrady93
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I've been hearing/seeing a lot about body wraps, specifically those for the tummy ...
by PaperAddict at 10/20/14 12:21PM, latest reply: 10/22/14 01:17PM by spagirl
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marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
The last The Walking Dead episode had my thinking of Bob and Sasha's "The Good in ...
by marcypenner at 10/22/14 09:30AM, latest reply: 10/22/14 12:09PM by TamiG
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clickclick (Reward subscriber)
Oh Lordy. Scott Foley (from Scandal) is on the View and man. He is hot. Anyone ...
by clickclick at 10/20/14 08:41AM, latest reply: 10/21/14 04:24PM by StephWashburn
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