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  1. christine_h
    christine_h says…

    Some of you may have heard about what happened in Manila a few days ago—we got hit by a super typhoon and there are over 200 dead and lots of people lost their cars and homes. Much like Hurricane Katrina. My house got flooded—since we live in a one storey house, the water rose up to my chin!! Can you believe. It was crazy.

    God really is good to us—my dad and I got out safe (by swimming to our wall, where our neighbor saved us with a small inflatable raft) and that's all that matters :) My mom and brother weren't home, which is good too.

    We've been cleaning up the past week and boy oh boy is it hard to throw things out. Just imagine, I had to throw away ALL my patterned paper, stickers, rub-ons and cardstock since it was all wet—with muddy flood water! And the past few days we've been trying to save photos. Totally a scrapper's nightmare, losing stash PLUS precious photos!

    But this is the part where it gets funny. :) In my panic, while the flood was rising, I tried to throw things to a higher shelf. Guess what was arranged on the floor at that time that I tossed to higher ground? All my SC kits in ziplock bags!! So now my stash is gone (save for my stamps—whew) and all I have are SC kits! :) Since the flood has left me feeling all zen-y and minimalist, I think I'm going to stop scrap shopping elsewhere and I'm going to live off SC kits starting today ;)

    Will have to rebuild my scrap book library though—lost my fave Ali books! But losing material things really puts things into perspective. Things are just things, and can be replaced. We've been so touched by our neighbors and friends who've helped us slowly clean up our house—some neighbors were affected themselves, and still made an effort to help. Plus, it's also a good albeit sad way to start anew. I'm oddly pretty excited about how I'm going to start over :)


    - CH 

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  2. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    I'm so sorry to hear about all the damage to your home but I'm happy to hear that you and your family are okay, and I think it's great that you found the silver lining.  Ziploc to the rescue! 


  3. ScrapperJenn
    ScrapperJenn says…

    Wow! So glad that you and your family are have such a good view of things! SC kits really are all a girl needs to be scrap-happy! :) I will be thinking about you and yours and praying that you can get everything cleaned up!

  4. abbsparks
    abbsparks says…

    Wow.  That is some story.  Glad you are safe and you have such a positive outlook. 

  5. snowbirds
    snowbirds says…

    Oh Christine, my heart goes out to you, this must be a nightmare but as you say, it's only material.  This made me think of the story of this woman a short while ago (there is a video to watch on the right side) - what the scrapbook industry did for her is amazing.:

    I don't think you'll have a problem living only on SC stuff.... that's what I have been doing since last year.  SC is my one-stop shop now. 

    ((HUGS)) Good luck for the rest.Wink


  6. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    Oh man, wow. I would be most upset about the photos... but your attitude is refreshing. Many thoughts coming your way.

  7. micheleomega
    micheleomega says…

    most importantly: i'm so glad you are all safe!!! and your attitude will definitely help you as you face clean-up and replacing. and if there's anything you need, let us know!!

  8. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    Wow, Sylvie, I'm not sure I'd want to ever, ever admit that I likely have 10K invested in scrapbooking supplies. But that husband sure rocks to a) support that and b) get that involved in fixing it! 

  9. JennO
    JennO says…

    I'm so happy to hear that you and your family are safe and totally echo Dav about Ziploc to the rescue!!

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  10. elisa
    elisa says…

    Glad that you and your family are safe, must have been the scariest thing in the world! TG for good neighbours and friends.

     I am sorry for all your scrap supplies, but with a few SC kits & stamps left, you can do world class scrapbooking, no doubt.

     Love your attitute, you could be moaning and complaining, look what I lost, bwaa, and instead you're saying, looking what I saved.

     Big hugs to your and your family.

  11. jessi0310
    jessi0310 says…

    WOW. It's great you are safe! The pictures would upset me too but at least you are safe. How scary for you & your family!!!!!!!!!

  12. dmbd
    dmbd says…

    wow...........glad you are safe.  Been hearing about all that devastation on the news. 

  13. scrap2day
    scrap2day says…

    You are so strong and have such a great attitude through this tragedy. I'm so thankful you and your family are safe.

     I lived through Hurricane Katrina and while my house didn't flood, I had a huge tree in my house and that was enough for me to deal with.  But you're so right, things are are just things and can be replaced.  Though, having been through it on a smaller scale, know it's going to take LOTS of TIME to get things back to normal. So pace yourself, it's not a race. You have more frustrating days ahead of you than you can imagine.  Hang in there!!  It sounds like you are very lucky and have so much to be thankful for.  Cling to that.  

    And you can live on SC kits alone. :) I don't have a local store here, so it's my only source and I couldn't be happier!

  14. christine_h
    christine_h says…

    Thanks guys :) I know posting about it will make me feel better. It really is a blessing that we're okay! Cleaning up is tedious and long, but it's got to be done—slowly but surely, right? :) Was blessed to find my scrapbooks safe on top of my bed (which was floating hahaha) so at least I have my completed pages. Mental note: gotta scan them all and at least have digital copies!

    Wish all mags would have digital copies as options too! I lost six years worth of CK. Hahahha :) Frustrated that my signed copy of Life Artist was soaked, I ripped out the first page with Ali's dedication and signature. Imagine ripping up an Ali book! LOL :)

    OMG Sylvie, what a story! Thank God my stash isn't worth $10k :) 

  15. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    Christine, I am soooo happy for you that you have some completed albums safe! That must have been a shining moment realizing the little things that made it through the flood. 

  16. walesk
    walesk says…

    I'm glad that you and your family are safe and yay! for your SC kits :)

    I admire your attitude. You are so right. Stuff is stuff and it can be replaced. That's what hubby always tell me when I freak out about the fires here...

    talking to myself

  17. valerieb
    valerieb says…

    So glad to hear that you and your family are ok!! Prayers going out to you and your home recovery and I know it was awesome to find at least some of your scrappy goodness intact!!

  18. snowbirds
    snowbirds says…

    I agree with Ally, thank god you were able to save your finished work!  I am sure that alone is a big relief in your scrapbooker's life.  But everybody beeing safe is the main thing.Smile

    And Ladies, just to let you know, you would be AMAZED to know how much your scrapbook supplies are worth.... I had started to register all my purchases since I started in 2003, and I stopped counting at $7500 about a year ago because I found it too depressing.  And BELIEVE ME, I don't have that much stuff If you look at my little corner...Embarassed

  19. scrapally
    scrapally says…

    LOL - Oh Sylvie, I know darn well I likely have twice that, I just wouldn't ever want that admitted publicly - on the news. 

  20. reyasunshine
    reyasunshine says…

    Oh, I'm so sad that you had to go through that! SO glad you're okay! And I'm so impressed and inspired by your new thought process and minimalist thinking. LOVE that. I'm SO in that groove right now. Good for you! Looks like your spirits are up, which is good right now. Keep smiling. :D

  21. lifelovepaper (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    lifelovepaper says…

    that is a nightmare but atleast you and family are safe! look at it this get to start your paper stash again. that's always fun!

  22. snowbirds
    snowbirds says…

    LOL Ally.... I see what you mean.... publicly on SC is as far as I wil go...  but you know, I sort of was doing that for insurance purposes, what if something like a fire or flood would happen?  How would I justify claiming such an amount for supplies? I don't know if my insurance should be advised of the approx. value of my stash?Undecided

  23. mammascrapper
    mammascrapper says…

    wow - such a great attitude - so glad your family is safe - and that you have your SC kits to keep you going!

  24. chris_dodaj
    chris_dodaj says…

    Oh my God, I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    So many people here at SC were very generous to my family when a massive tree destroyed my house last April, and I would like to pay if forward by sending you some scrapping supplies to get you started again.

    Please send me your address, and when you think a good time would be to send a package your way. I would really like to make your day like so many girls here made mine.

    Stay well!


  25. mlepitts
    mlepitts says…

    christine, i'm so grateful you and your family are safe. it breaks my heart to hear just how horrible the devastation was. i think your attitude is perfect though. may God continue to be with you.

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