justem says…

pinterest photos not showing up?



  1. justem
    justem says…

    Does anyone else have issues with things pinning, but the photos not showing up on their boards?  I have pinned a bunch of stuff from SC...some shows up...some does not. It's weird.  For example...

    if you look at my board...do you see three blank SC pins in a row? (2 tina, 2 dani)?  my scrap board

    Am I doing something wrong??  

    Thanks! :)

  2. ginny (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    ginny says…

    That happens to me sometimes as well, I don't know what the problem is.

  3. clickclick
    clickclick says…

    I *think* that happens when the orginal person who pinned the photo (from the original blog) deletes the first pin.

     Does that makes any sense??

  4. justem
    justem says…

    it does...except that i was the one that pinned them ;) ;)

  5. rachelanderson (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    rachelanderson says…

    pinterest is glitchy for me. A LOT. that happens to me all the time. Yell i kind of just expect it to some degree now. the search funtion doesn't work half the time for me, either.

    oh, the other thing is that sometimes if i repin from the app on my iphone, it either never shows up or does that, where there is a pin but no image. so what I do is just "like" things when I'm on my phone and then repin them when i get home. i use my "likes" as kind of a temporary holding zone on pinterest.

    Rachel (California)

  6. stinkydudette (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    stinkydudette says…

    Once I pin something, I check if it appears on my board. If it shows up blank, I wait for a few minutes cos sometimes it does take time. If it doesn't, I repin it. Sometimes, if a pin shows up blank on your board, the whole image shows up when you click that particular pin, and it's just that pin on the page. (Does that even make sense?? lol..)

    I just don't fancy seeing blanks on my boards cos thouh it takes li'l effort to check the actual pin, I'd rather see them grouped together.  

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