Davinie says…

Elf on the Shelf - a fiasco

So Evie was laying on the big tub of holiday popcorn this morning, ready to spy on the kids, when I opened and shut the refrigerator, causing her to leap off and land in a face plant on the floor in my kitchen. Morgan was standing right there and squeale



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  1. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    So Evie was laying on the big tub of holiday popcorn this morning, ready to spy on the kids, when I opened and shut the refrigerator, causing her to leap off and land in a face plant on the floor in my kitchen. Morgan was standing right there and squealed in horror.

    I couldn't leave our little girl face down on the floor like that, but know you aren't supposed to touch her.... so after blanking out for a minute, put my hands in my sleeves and gently lifted her, not touching her face, and turned her over, assessed damages, and set her in the windowsill to recoup.

    When Morgan checked on her later, she had a bandaid on her forehead.

    This afternoon, Payton asked about the bandaid. Would Evie take it off? I told her that sometimes we need bandaids on for a day or two until the booboo was better, and that she'd take it off when she felt better.

    Payton then discussed the dilemma Evie faced... because she doesn't have any hands. How will she get off said bandaid?

    Oh my. The evolution of the elf.

  2. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    This leads me to a question. The fun photos of the elf in flour, wreaking havoc in the bathroom, etc. If you aren't supposed to touch the elf, what do you do with it? Leave it there all day? A friend pinned a photo of an elf bathing in the bathroom sink in a bath of marshmallows. Cute but..... how long is she supposed to bathe there? She'll get wrinkly if she's bathing all day right (insert winky emoticon here)? Well, Evie won't.... Evie doesn't have hands.

    So, Elf Mama's, how do you do the pranks if the elf isn't supposed to be touched? Leave it there all day? Or do you let the kids see it, and then when they leave the room, help your elf clean up and relocate?

  3. stephanie_howell

    Turtle the elf still has flour on his outfit from 2 days ago. He also smells like syrup from today's shenanigans. . Haaaa! The sitter had to move him from the game of candy land he was playing on Saturday bc Lucy got a hold of him and ate his hat. Harper and sadie decided it was okay to move Turtle since he was in danger of physical harm. Snicker!

    Side note: Harper named turtle when she was 18 months old. Hence the randomness.

    Side note 2: your story made me laugh out loud. Heeeeee. A bandaid? Hahahaha

  4. stephanie_howell

    Also- I told the girls that mrs Santa Claus washed turtles outfit after the flour angel. Just say the bandaid will get taken off when she visits the north pole!

  5. justem
    justem says…

    You guys are cracking me up! Luckily Mirielle is two and the fact that elf moves at all amazes her. I probably won't have to get too creative until next year! ;)

  6. dpayne
    dpayne says…

    I leave my elves in their mischievous spot all day and then when they relocate during the night I clean up "their mess" :)

  7. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    The house is in too much holiday preparation disarray to do flour tonight. The dog might eat it, lol. But first thing in the morning she may try the popcorn container again, and may cause a bit of a mess with a few stray kernels. Still trying to decide.


  8. jessi0310
    jessi0310 says…

    Yeah, this elf thing isn't as much fun as I thought because of all the complicated lies. LOL! I keep thinking if it falls I'm just going to have to leave it there! It's a constant worry. One day my husband moved it during the evening while we were upstairs & my daughter got all freaked out that it was moving around while she was awake. She started frantically looking around & almost started crying thinking it had left & wouldn't come back. She found it but then acted all weird like she just saw a ghost. She is taking this elf thing really seriously. Talking to it and thinking it is moving things in the house while she isn't looking. She's also wanting to give it food and drinks all the time (milk & cookies or candy). So not only do I have an elf in a strange place then I have to find someplace to put the various things she wants to give it. And I really dont' want to be leaving food out all day. LOL! I totally feel for your stress!

  9. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    I just started laughing. I can just picture my dog messing with the flour and how much the kids would freak out if they saw him walking around the house with Evie in his mouth. He doesn't chew things up, he just likes to carry things around, especially shoes, but I know he'd be tempted by our little nymph. lol.

  10. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    lol this is hilarious!!! note to self: get an Elf for next year!!

  11. stephanie_howell

    Sounds like your dog and Lucy are very similar. :)

  12. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    Haaaa. That made me laugh Jessica. My nephew is freaked out by her too. He said " I think she thinks I'm on the naughty list" and poked her with a stick when she was reachable. That's why she was on the chandelier the other day and on top the fridge this morning. Resist the temptation to touch her. I don't know what I'd say. haaa.

  13. Davinie
    Davinie says…

    Yes, Steph. Poor Harper and Sadie. SAVE Turtle from the babies !!!!

  14. stephanie_howell

    Last year jimmy put turtle in the oven. The girls FLIPPED out when they saw him sitting on the shelf and peeking through the window. I was just so happy I didnt have to cook!

  15. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    Jessica: my daughter would freak out like yours, hence why i'll leave Elf for another year.

  16. stephanie_howell

    Look how little h was in this video!!!

  17. NicoleS
    NicoleS says…

    oh my gosh, that is hysterical!

    I try to plan out places to set our elf where he can sit there all day. There was once when he fell off the picture frame ledge onto the floor and was lying there in the middle of the kitchen that I had to pick him up and move him. The kids were freaking out until I came up with the idea to use a pair of grilling tongs. THat way I wasn't actually touching him, the tongs were. They agreed that that would be perfectly legal in the elf world and so now if i have to move him, I make sure to use my tongs. :)

  18. christap
    christap says…

    I have to plan places that Jed can sit all day too. I thought of a sink, bath, etc., but what in the heck do I do when I need those things?!! Lots of sitting on the floor, corner of the counter and down at the basement bar!

    We don't have dogs and babies so Jed's life is a little less "dangerous"!!

  19. mernin (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    mernin says…

    We told my daughter that adults don't make the magic disappear - just kids and that Santa said we could move Christine if she wanted to get moved. Some days she stays where she is, others she gets moved. Tomorrow is a flour angel, and she'll get moved at some point during the day...

  20. ibrokeitmommy
    ibrokeitmommy says…

    I'm not 100% sure my kids believe the elf is real but they love to look for it each morning. Megan is dying to poke him to find out if he's alive or not, she is constantly telling people that come over that she thinks he's fake. Our elf stays where he is all day which is causing creativity issues! I like that adults can move him if he's in harm's way.

    lol at Lucy :)

  21. KarenSImes
    KarenSImes says…

    OMG Stephanie...that is such a cute video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  22. marias (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    marias says…

    LOL. I thought about the little bathtub, in the bathroom..but I can't put Elfie in the bathroom, my girls would keep talking about "privacy" and how would they cover their privates in the bathroom since Elfie was there... Oy. So far, Elfie has been well behaved. Hanging out on bookshelves and Christmas decorations. He did sit atop the bar one night. Wonder if he hit the sauce at all? Can't tell with that little smile every day. I think he's going to visit baby Jesus and friends in the nativity scene tonight. After that, it's time to start playing with some toys!

  23. PARobin
    PARobin says…

    I try to come up with scenerios where the Elf doesn't have to move all day so kinda out of the way. He did a flour angel the other day and just satyed on the countertop all day. I knew we didn't have much going on in the kitchen so I wasn't too worried. I don't want to start having to move him and start that whole conversation--I can only imagine especially after the tag fiasco! Today our elf drew on her school picture hanging on the wall with a dry eraser marker. I stuck him behind the frame with the marker on top. She made me erase it because she thought she looked like the devil and it scared her. I drew glasses and horns on her! Didn't know the devil was nearsighted! Trying to think of something for tomorrow. We alternate between simple and more complicated days.

  24. btsoi (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    btsoi says…

    Haha, I definitely need to get an elf next year!!

  25. Scrappydo
    Scrappydo says…

    oh your elves are having sooo much fun!!

    We're having some issues with shouting and not listening that are driving me bonkers and it is just a drag ...so today I decided I'm not waiting for the official one that my SIL is sending to me, and found a really cute *other* option. I boxed him up, addressed it with "Santa Mail", wrote a letter from Santa explaining that the elf was his helper and had been sent to keep an eye on the Mr's because he had heard stories that might mean he has to shift their names to the Naughty list.....

    I deposited it their room, banged the window open and closed a couple of times then called out "what was that...??" they came upstairs to find the box and were all excited because Santa had arrived.....until they read the note.... Mr7 is most concerned that he might be shifted (it is his older brother that is being *challenging*). When I explained the letter said they just had to be good and that the elf was there to remind them to be good, they got the idea.

    Like magic, I've had angelic boys tonight. :D

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