itsmeamanda says…

Disney Tips?

I am thisclose to talking my husband into going to Disney World in a few short months. For those of you who have been before, do you have any tips to share? Favorite places to stay, eat, or things to do?



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  1. itsmeamanda
    itsmeamanda says…

    I am thisclose to talking my husband into going to Disney World in a few short months. For those of you who have been before, do you have any tips to share? Favorite places to stay, eat, or things to do?

  2. AmyBugCrafts (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    AmyBugCrafts says…

    The biggest thing that was most helpful to us was having prior knowledge of how the fast passes work. I really worked that system while we were there helping us not to have to wait in long lines for rides.

  3. jacobmommy
    jacobmommy says…

    Oh my stars...where do I start?!?!
    My family loves Disney, we travel there often.
    My biggest recommendation - stay on property! We have stayed at Coronado Springs and Pop Century - either of which was fine, really.

    I could go on forever about Disney!

  4. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    How exciting! If you are staying in Disney the bus system is great, worth staying in Disney for!! Also make sure to check all of the hours for the parks you wanna go to (again if you are staying in Disney) so you can take advance of extra park hours. Almost every day there is a different park with earlier or longer hours, so you will want to optimize that when planning which park to visit when. Also, check the calendar for extra "live entertainment, parades and show times" each day. ;) Make sure if it is your first time there that you get a "first visit pin" you can ask at the hotel desk or even at information booths in the park. It makes it extra special if you wear them, as park attendants and characters will give you well wishes to enjoy your "magical day" and treat you even extra nice! Lastly, trading pins!!! Go on ebay or something and buy an assortment of disney trading pins - especially if you have kids. Get them a lanyard to pin them on and throug out the day while in any park or resort there are attendants that also have pins. You can ask to trade any pin they have for a pin of yours and you can score some better pins then what they start with, but it gives them a starting place. Buying pins while there for this purpose would be expensive and then they also wouldn't want to trade them. It is really fun for the kids! But be warned there are some VERY extremely serious adult traders too!!! LOL!! I am sure there are many more things that I just can't think of at the moment. Good Luck! :D

  5. penny (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    penny says…

    We went in October, and our best friend was "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World Book." Great tips for not wasting time in long lines. They're part of, which also has a great app for judging wait times and park crowds. If you own the book, you get a discount on their newsletter or the app. I forget which. The newsletter has a ticket discount code monthly also.

    We used the app like crazy while we were there. The wait times were often more accurate than the ones posted at the park.

    Good luck talking your husband into it!

  6. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    When are you going Amanda? We're going in March.
    We've done all the parks... we try to keep it down to 1 or 2 each trip since we go every year. We stay about a mile from Disney.

    Free fun - Old Town and Downtown Disney.
    Mini golf - grab the coupon books in the cabinets along the road (on Orlo Bronson 192)... go before noon and it's half price.
    All waterparks are pretty much the same price.
    Animal Kingdom closes early.

    Hmmm... what else?

  7. theelfqueen
    theelfqueen says…

    Pick up the book The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

  8. NicoleS
    NicoleS says…

    If you really want to make the most of your visit, avoid lines, and have some time to read up and research beforehand, consider joining the Tour Guide Mike website. It's like $20 and was the best money spent on our Disney vacation. :) You give him your dates and you'll find out which days to go to which parks (to avoid crowds), what order to tour the park in, when to grab fast passes, etc. It's a lot to read over and study and you'll get back how much time you put in. But it's well worth it in my opinion. We went in December 2010 and hardly stood in any lines the whole week we were there. It made our days go soooo smoothly and we saw everything we wnated to without rushing.

  9. MonicaBrown (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    MonicaBrown says…

    The best time to go to Disney is mid-jan thru mid-feb. that is when most of the parks are empty and our weather is the best. Also, if you are going to Magic Kingdom, take the resort monorail. The line is usually shorter and it takes you to the exact the same place. Check out the movies at Fort Wilderness. They do them free every night outside. You can buy a s'mores pack and cook them over the nightly campfire.

  10. sillypea
    sillypea says…

    Ditto on what Nic said - Tour Guide Mike was the best investment ever for Disney.
    Learned everything I needed to know about using passes, when to pull them and toured the park like a pro and avoided lines. My family is so spoiled, they have no idea what a long wait is. LOL

    Have fun!

  11. invisimom
    invisimom says…

    For our trip in September I planned according to TourGuideMike - that's how I scheduled which parks to go to on each day. It was awesome. Crowds were low. We breezed through lines with hardly any wait. I was worried, taking four kids, that it would chaotic and hard, but being in the right parks (low crowds) each day made all the difference! We had gone 6 years ago too, but I didn't plan at all and it was not as enjoyable... and i only had the two boys then!

  12. kelbre
    kelbre says…

    I don't know if it's still there, but in 2007 I used s website called "all ears net" com and I found a ton of info on the Disney resorts, meal plans reviews, packing tips, money saving tips, and tons of other stuff!!
    We stayed at the Pop Century resort and it was fine:))
    Have fun!!! And for me the planning is half the fun:))

  13. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    ditto monica....once you get into march-april (spring break time), the parks are packed! february is a great time to go, as is late april and may before school gets out. i'd avoid the summer at all costs...orlando is HOT and HUMID like you've never seen before. lol. plus in the summer months, the parks are packed.

    definitely stay on site...the disney hotels are great. we love the port orleans riverside, it's reasonably priced, a quick bus ride to everything and we love the food court area there for access to food pretty much anytime.

    we have passes, so feel free to shoot me an email if you have any specific questions :)

  14. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    just logged into pinterest and this was the first pin. hope this helps!

  15. invisimom
    invisimom says…

    The message boards at are a huge wealth of info. It can take awhile to get your bearing there. There are a lot of boards and then subboards... but the info is great.

    We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside this last September and it was very scenic and nice. When we went in 2006 we stayed at POP Century and it was fun too. You can't go wrong staying on Disney property. :)

  16. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    I was going to say that another really good time to go is right after your Thanksgiving, if you wait til just the first week in December you get to see all the lovely Christmas decor! Port Orleans is nice and so is Caribean Beach

  17. SarahWebb
    SarahWebb says…

    Go for meals a little early to avoid crowds (11:30 for lunch instead of 12). Be at the park for rope drop. A great resource is

    Have fun!

  18. itsmeamanda
    itsmeamanda says…

    Thanks everyone for the information! We're planning on going at the end of April (hopefully), so I am hoping to miss a ton of crowds and have decent but not scorching weather!

    Any must-try restaurants?

  19. Siggy (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Siggy says…

    oh my love Disney!!!
    The Canadian one is great! My kids are little so they like all the character ones. We always try to go to the one in the Castle - the food is great! We get the Meal Plan and that works in all the restaurants and it always works out cheaper for us

  20. Siggy (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Siggy says…

    In terms of staying I have stayed at the Animal Kingdom, Polynesian, Contemporary and the Beach Club. The Beach Club is by far the best for me. Although the Polynesian and Contemporary have quick access to the parks, The Beach Club has an amazing pool and is newer. Its walking distance to Epcot which is great and it's not that complicated to get to the other parks!

    Staying onsite is a must -there are so many perks and it helps with enjoying the park more.
    early access to the parks and the shopping facility are a great thing!!!

  21. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    Amanda, my boys love eating at T. rex cafe in downtown disney. It's always busy though and I don't think you can make a reservation, so we like to get there early to avoid a long wait. My hubby and I also loooove Fulton's (also downtown Disney), but it's more of an adult place and a good place to go without the kids if you can.

  22. invisimom
    invisimom says…

    T-Rex cafe does take reservations! I ditto that recommendation - it is by the same company that does the Rainforest Cafes, but this one is all prehistoric and dino themed. So much fun. Their gift shop has build-a-dino by the build-a-bear workshop. T-Rex was our last hurrah before our journey back home. :)

    If your kids like characters, doing the character dining is a GREAT way to spend time with them and get pictures done without having to wait in long meet & greet lines. We absolutely loved every moment of Crystal Palace (Pooh characters at Magic Kingdom) and Tusker House (classic Mickey characters at Animal Kingdom).

  23. lmillson
    lmillson says…

    The Character Breakfast at Cape May's is amazing!

  24. jlhufford
    jlhufford says…

    loving this thread! we are hoping to go in may right after school ends. we went 4 years ago (when jordan was 6 months and jonah was 2- yes i am crazy) and looooved it. but of course now we have to go again so they actually remember it :)

    we went in mid september last time--- wonderful time to go. smack dab in the middle of the wine festival at epcot :) we loved eating at chefs de france in epcot and the canadian restaurant is awesome too. need to book reserv there WAY in advance.

    have fun!

  25. Oleksak5
    Oleksak5 says…

    our favorite resturaunt is the 50s Prime time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. You have to book ahead of time (as you do with most of the talbe service resturaunts) you can book online or call WDW dining. We just went in November. for walk up service in Magic Kingdom we found a place near Pirates of the Caribean that had the best value for the money. It was your typical burgers, chicken and taco salad but you could do your own toppings and such at a salad type bar...unfortuneatly I can't think of the name off the top of my head. For character dining Chef Mickey's for breakfast...pricey but good and fun.

    Defenitely stay on property. If you or your husband are military the Shades of Green is wonderful and where we stay (it is military only though). It is on Disney property and has a bus system but also a short walk to the Polynesian and you can hop on the monorail from there.

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