celinenavarro says…

Flying to the US tomorrow - YAY!

I'm leaving for the US tomorrow! YAY! Will be landing in LA then off to Vegas, and Grand Canyon! :D I've never been there!

Ooooh how I miss the US...

Does anyone know if it's better to book Cirque du Soleil tickets online or directly in Vegas? Any d



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  1. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    I'm leaving for the US tomorrow! YAY! Will be landing in LA then off to Vegas, and Grand Canyon! :D I've never been there!

    Ooooh how I miss the US...

    Does anyone know if it's better to book Cirque du Soleil tickets online or directly in Vegas? Any discounts possible you think?

    Any scrapbook stores in Vegas also? :)

    We'll be in Anaheim late on Friday and CHA on SAturday - can't wait to see familiar faces, hug friends and meet new ones! :D

    Hugs to you all!

  2. sbookinshay29 (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    sbookinshay29 says…

    Yayyyyy can't wait to see you!

  3. debduty
    debduty says…

    I don't know anything about Vegas tickets, but I'm excited that you're going to the Grand Canyon. It's amazing. You will love it! And wow, you're going to have lots to scrap about! Can't wait to see what you make from this trip!

  4. tenmylove
    tenmylove says…

    Regarding Cirque tickets... they usually have discounted ticket booths in Vegas but they are typically for B/C rated shows. They have the A rated shows too but not really at a discount. I have always used Travelzoo.com to get my Cirque tickets because they'll usually have discounts there. Which one do you want to see?!

    Have fun!

  5. smultringunn
    smultringunn says…

    Cool!! Grand Canyon must be gorgeous this time of year!

  6. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    Heathyr - we wanna see 'O' ! Will check the website your recommend! thank you! :p

  7. ShannaNoel (Silver Rewards Subscriber)
    ShannaNoel says…

    Can't wait to meet you sweetie!

  8. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    I can't wait to meet you all :D

  9. clippergirl
    clippergirl says…

    Have fun Celine! Can't wait to see all your pics :)

  10. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    No discount on the 'O' show on Travelzoo...i'll keep looking! ;)

  11. Jen_Jockisch
    Jen_Jockisch says…

    WAH!! Wish I was coming to Cali to hang with you!

  12. AllisonWaken
    AllisonWaken says…

    Yay! Can't wait to see you! You'll be coming my way to the Grand Canyon too - have fun!

  13. aniamaria (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    aniamaria says…

    lucky girl :)

  14. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    Where are you Allison?!

  15. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    Oh Jen! I wanna come to CHA Summer just for you! :-)

  16. LilithEeckels
    LilithEeckels says…

    Ah je viens avec toi! Une petite place dans ta valise??????
    I'd love to go back to the USA one day! HAVE FUN !!!

  17. StephWashburn
    StephWashburn says…

    Have SO much fun, Celine! I wish I was going to CHA this year!

  18. aggiebonfire00
    aggiebonfire00 says…

    We were in Vegas last month and saw Le Reve. OMG. It was amazing.

  19. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    Oh i am so jealous, Las Vegas is on my list, hopefully in the next 2 years

    One of my best friends from school is in La Reve, she is AMAZING, they performed on Americas got talent for one of the result shows, i was super proud

  20. sweetsierra
    sweetsierra says…

    I can't wait to meet you, Celine! Your profile pic is SOOO pretty! :)

  21. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    Sierra - cant wait to meet you too! :-)

  22. celinenavarro
    celinenavarro says…

    Oh I've never heard of Le Reve - gotta check itout!

  23. BelXSar (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    BelXSar says…

    If you're a big rubber stamp fan (especially of collage, people, steampunk, and kooky sayings/designs/humor stamps), then I'd recommend checking out Viva Las Vegas Stamps. It's not a huge nor glitzy/shiny store, but there's a lot of unique stamps and craft stuff packed in the little place, and some great bargains! Stampo, the owner, is a nice guy too: even though I got to his store near closing time (and without an appointment), he was willing to stay open later for me to take my time browsing through his store when I mentioned he must be closing soon. (He has dogs with him behind the counter that may bark, though he'll shush them, so be warned if you're scared of dogs). The store is at 1008 East Sahara Avenue, so if you're a good walker (and especially if you're staying in the northern half of the Strip), it's walkable, though you can also take public transit or cab it if you don't have a car rental. Their website is at: http://www.vivalasvegastamps.com/ , the page with location details and how to get there is at: http://www.vivalasvegastamps.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=70 .
    Oh, and if you're into Thai food, there's what's supposed to be a really great Thai restaurant approximately across the street from them called Lotus of Siam (apparently touted as one of the best in the U.S.). Please post if you visit either or both and let us know how they were! :) Safe and smooth journeys, and have a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it! =)

  24. Dawn_McVey
    Dawn_McVey says…

    Travel safe, Celine!! And have a ball while you're here in the US! Wish I was gonna get to meet you finally! :)

  25. JenRitchie
    JenRitchie says…

    I am arriving thursday from Hong Kong!! Would love to meet anyone for coffee or a chat.. I am heading there solo and afraid I will be lonely! Pretty nervous about it actually.

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