marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
marcypenner says…

TV vs. movies

My Dad has owned a video store for about 25 years. My childhood and earlier adulthood was spent watching movies... over and over and over again. I could quote you the entire script of "Clue" if you wanted me to. ;)
But for the last ten years or so I'v



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  1. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    My Dad has owned a video store for about 25 years. My childhood and earlier adulthood was spent watching movies... over and over and over again. I could quote you the entire script of "Clue" if you wanted me to. ;)
    But for the last ten years or so I've been a TV junkie. Don't know why. Maybe TV got better? I don't know.

    So, how about you? Are you a TV-viewer or movie watcher?

  2. HollyH
    HollyH says…

    I flip back and forth. I have my favorite movies I love to watch over and over, and I have shows that I know each line from several seasons.

    I do think TV shows have more followings now, people who watch them every week.

  3. JenniferT
    JenniferT says…

    Both. Couldn't pick one if I had to!

  4. TaraElias
    TaraElias says…

    I watch Friends. That's pretty much it! I do love movies, but don't watch them that often.

  5. Rachel_Z
    Rachel_Z says…

    TV! I can't sit still long enough for a movie. I LOVE dateline, 48hours, etc.

  6. CarolineHancock
    CarolineHancock says…

    We flip back and forth, i love movies but i just dont think there are as many out i love that i used to KWIM
    Love watching shows, though that only happens when Gary home, we get snuggled up in bed and catch up on what we miss when he off shore

    ETA most of the movies i do watch are old repeats

  7. valerieb
    valerieb says…

    Both! :)

  8. JMValder (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    JMValder says…

    Both...I love movies and have most of my classic favorites and I have a bunch of shows that I love to watch. However, the best of both worlds...watching TV seasons on DVDs. Something I've seen a million times (like Friends, West Wing, Psych to name a few) and end up quoting most of the episodes while I'm scrapping.

    Good question!

  9. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    I think I get really invested in characters when I see them every week. :)

  10. Briana
    Briana says…

    I watch way more TV. DH loves movies...funny that you said you can quote "Clue" Marcy-DH can, too! What is it with that movie?

  11. Ursula
    Ursula says…

    I'm a movie person, but even that I do pretty sparingly. I am hooked on Downton Abbey though.

  12. noraraa
    noraraa says…

    TV-shows for sure! I love trashy reality and series, everything from crime to comedy to girly drama :) I don't have a TV at home but I watch online.

  13. NicoleS
    NicoleS says…

    TV... I rarely have time to sit and watch a whole movie. I like the faster paced tv shows. :)

  14. ellesgould
    ellesgould says…

    I like movies if I'm watching them in the theater, but I cannot watch an entire movie at home. They're so long and they always get so boring in the middle when things in the storyline slow down. I love TV, it moves much faster for my tastes...but I generally only listen to it when I'm scrapping, so I guess I still don't "watch" TV. LOL

  15. rukristin (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    rukristin says…

    TV has definitely gotten better! we just had this discussion at home two nights ago.

    I also love that the internet has made it a lot easier to watch entire runs of TV shows with Netflix, Hulu, etc --

    But there are some movies that are still pretty awesome -- umm kind of obsessed with Pitch Perfect right now.

  16. Jen_Jockisch
    Jen_Jockisch says…

    tv has definitely gotten better, and I think at the same time that really good adult movies have gotten worse. much worse.
    loving tv lately. :)

  17. lisascraps
    lisascraps says…

    We don't have TV service so I don't watch too much (a bit online). My hubby, however, is BIG into movie watching. We currently own 570 movies either on DVD or through iTunes. This is especially awesome ~ he buys movies & I buy scrappy supplies.

  18. marcypenner (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    marcypenner says…

    Briana - I have three copies at home. One DVD, two VHS. "Dah dah - dah dah - dah - dah... I am the singing telegram... BANG"

  19. Rockermorsan (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    Rockermorsan says…

    Neither really, but when I do watch something it is a movie. I rarely watch something just to be doing something. If I see a movie it's because it's a special movie I have been wanting to see. The movies I've seen in the last few years are Hunger Games, Let me in (Swedish version) and ofcourse The Hobbit.

  20. amystuart18 (Gold Rewards Subscriber)
    amystuart18 says…

    I have never been a tv person, but my hubby has gotten me into a few shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Justified and The Walking Dead) Love these shows, but typically I've always been a movie girl. I think the reason I am into the television shows that I am is due to them being available on Netflix streaming and being able to DVR the new ones.

  21. megan28 (Studio Calico Staff Member)
    megan28 says…

    Definitely T.V.! I don't have a lot of time to sit and watch movies.

  22. MeganR
    MeganR says…

    Both. I love movies, but there are so many good tv programmes on now too.

  23. MaryJo
    MaryJo says…

    I have to say that Clue to me is one of the best comedies of all time. The cast is full of comic geniuses. And they were so serious and deadpan when delivering their lines, it just made it funnier :)

  24. SuzMannecke
    SuzMannecke says…

    Books. Books are always best! ( I realize that wasn't the choice but am adding it in). Still love to see a good movie once in awhile. Love Downton Abbey and Biggest Loser on TV minus the "Get off you _ss!" remarks by JM and BH.

  25. KellyNoel (Studio Calico Creative Team Member)
    KellyNoel says…

    TV for me, but i think that's mostly because i don't get out much to the movies anymore and i much prefer to watch movies in the theater rather than at home. with that being said, i don't really watch much TV either though. i have a handful of shows....grey's, parenthood, breaking bad

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